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Norman Lathrop Enterprises, a compiler and publisher of specialized indexes and bibliographies, was founded by Mary Lou and Norman Lathrop.
Their flagship product, the Index to How To Do It Information (1963-1999), is available to browse or search online at
In addition, the Lathrop Report on Newspaper Indexes is available for the first time in electronic format at
From September 1963 through 1971, the Lathrops were engaged in the indexing of the Flint Journal daily newspaper (Flint, Michigan), the production of the Index to How To Do It Information, and other specialized indexes.
Between January 1972 and September 1976, the Lathrops worked for the Micro Photo Division of the Bell & Howell Company in Wooster, Ohio, where they were responsible for the formation and operation of the Newspaper Indexing Department. Starting with four titles in 1972, the Indexing Department steadily expanded to the level of indexing eleven major newspapers: Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Washinton Post, Detroit News, Milwaukee Journal, Houston Post, San Francisco Chonicle, American Banker, National Observer (1962-1968) and Wall Street Journal (pre-1958).
In October 1976 the Lathrops reactivated Norman Lathrop Enterprises for the production of index-related products. These include the Index to How To Do It Information (1963-1999) and the Lathrop Report on Newspaper Indexes. In addition they have indexed the St. Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Press daily newspaper (1981-1996) and the Current Digest of the (Post-) Soviet Press weekly periodical (1984-2009).
Norman M. Lathrop holds a degree in library science from the University of Michigan. Mary Lou Lathrop holds a degree in journalism from Kent State University. Please direct further inquires to:
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