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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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xx   TABLE

Outdoor cafe table (38" diameter, 30" tall) is built entirely from wood (Australian jarrah or white oak). It features three feet for stability and a large turned pedestal support. Est. cost: $450.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #73 Jun 1999 pg. 44

Circular picnic table features a pedestal consisting of four 4"X4" vertical posts attached to the "X" base. Table is 48" diameter and 29" tall.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #80 Jun 2000 pg. 74

Patio table can be either rectangular or circular. Top is built of redwood 2x4s. Legs consist of braced frames that are hinged together.
APARTMENT LIFE Aug 1980 (v.12#8) pg. 32

Photo shows picnic table made from two saw horses with 1x2s for the top. Est. cost: $21.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1971 (v.49#7) pg. 52

Photo shows patio bench and table made from railroad ties with redwood 2x4s for the top. Est. cost: $33.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1972 (v.50#7) pg. 56

Photo shows a small patio table made from redwood lath. Top measures 16"x22" and table stands 15" high. Est. cost: $6.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1974 (v.52#7) pg. 50

Photo shows how to make a patio table with permanent seats that are made from 6x6 posts topped with metal tractor seats.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1975 (v.53#6) pg. 55

Photo shows how to renew the top of an old picnic table with mosaic tiles. Est. cost: $36.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1976 (v.54#7) pg. 84

Photo and sketch show how to build a 10-ft. long picnic table that is hung from the support posts of a patio roof. Separate benches with "X" legs provide seating on each side. Construction is all from 2x6s.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1977 (v.55#6) pg. 108

Photo and sketch show how to construct a patio table and bench combination. Tops of both are made from 1x2s. The bench, a portion of which has a backrest, is built along the edge of a patio.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1977 (v.55#6) pg. 109

Patio table built from plywood and redwood is attached to a wall and can fold up flat against the wall when not in use. Est. cost: $67.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1978 (v.56#7) pg. 76

Take-apart backyard table is built from one piece of 3/4" exterior plywood. The four seats are attached to the 36" square table by crosspiece supports. Est. cost: $30.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1978 (v.56#7) pg. 106, 148

Patio umbrella table from pine. Table has a circular top and X-shaped legs. Store-bought umbrella is painted with flower shapes. Est. cost: $37.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1979 (v.57#7) pg. 57

Take-along picnic table is built from one sheet of plywood. Collapses to fit into car trunk. Seats four.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS May 1980 (v.58#5) pg. 59

Tip: Patio coffee table planter is built from 1x2's. Base is a 16" clay pot. Estimated cost: $37.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1980 (v.58#7) pg. 62

Low-slung patio table has a diagonally-slatted top.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1986 (v.64#7) pg. 40

Weatherproof, tile-topped tables, 33"x33"x30"-high, for outdoor use. Est. cost: $90.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1988 (v.66#7) pg. 37, 41

Simple deck table, 30"x30", and chair. Table has trestle base. Table top, chair seat and back feature 2x6 planking that aids drainage. Dimensional sketch furnished. Full project plan can be ordered.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS May 1989 (v.67#5) pg. 62

Picnic table made from 2x4s, 2x6s, and 2x12s.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1964 (v.54#1) pg. 50

Rolling wonder. A convenient, portable workbench that can double as an outdoor entertainment cart.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP May 2000 (v.23#7) pg. 38

Shade maker. Splayed legs give this diminutive umbrella table (16"x16"x25" tall) a sturdy stance.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP May 2001 (v.24#7) pg. 36

Outdoor game table is built from ceramic tiles and cedar. The table rotates on a Lazy Susan bearing.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Oct 2001 (v.25#1) pg. 41

Elegant outdoor table (31"x71") features cedar construction, Shaker-inspired styling and two matching benches. Tapered pegs in a contrasting wood are used to join slats to ends and legs to skirts.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Summer 2002 (v.25#9) pg. 24

Patio furniture set consists of: (1) Umbrella table. (2) Bench seats. (3) Patio chair. Construction of 2x4 and 2x3 pine studs. Est. cost: $65 for table. $25 for bench seat. $35 for patio chair.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1980 (v.3#9) pg. 8

Two L-shaped benches and a picnic table. Built from pine. The L-shape benches have a small end table built right into them (at the corner). Estimated cost: $100-$185.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1980 (v.3#11) pg. 7

Sturdy cedar chaise, umbrella table, and bench.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1983 (v.6#9) pg. 14
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1983 (v.6#10) pg. 23

Sturdy patio furniture built from cedar. Includes a bench, two patio tables, and a window box with holds three potted plants.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1985 (v.8#7) pg. 18, 28

A child size picnic table features a 21"x36" top and two attached benches.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1985 (v.8#9) pg. 18, 28

Six-sided picnic table with benches attached to the legs.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1986 (v.9#10) pg. 32

Fold-away picnic table is build from cedar 2x4s. Top measures 36"x48".
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Mar 1987 (v.10#6) pg. 11

Pizazz for the patio. A trio of wooden patio furniture designs are finished in white lacquer. Includes a table, love seat, and arm chair.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1987 (v.10#9) pg. 20

Octagonal picnic table with attached bench. Built mostly from 2x4 and 2x6 stock.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1988 (v.11#8) pg. 20

Patio party table. Low outdoor table (16" tall) features slatted top (30"x30") and two slatted drop leaves (30"x14").
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1990 (v.13#10) pg. 40

Summertime picnic table built mostly from 2x4s. The table and two benches are bolted to base rails.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1991 (v.14#8) pg. 37

Cedar two-seater patio table. This 30" square table has two stools attached to the central cross support in the table base.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Mar 1997 (v.20#6) pg. 32

Collapsible lawn chair and matching table. Chair has slatted back and seat that fit together and support each other but come completely apart for storage. Table has a slatted top and inter-dependent crossbars.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1997 (v.20#8) pg. 34

Summer Place picnic table has an 84"x35" top and attached benches. Built from 200 linear feet of cedar decking stock.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul-Aug 1997 (v.20#10) pg. 36
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1997 (v.20#11) pg. 10
Correction CANADIAN WORKSHOP Oct 1997 (v.21#1) pg. 10

Backyard dining set is made from wood and features elegant styling. The square table (47"x47") features a mitered frame supporting a center of wooden slats (to shed water). The low-back armchairs feature slatted seats and backs. Traditional mortise-and-tenon construction adds to the strength of these pieces.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1998 (v.21#8) pg. 54

Diagram of a traditional picnic table made from 2x6 and 2x4 stock.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1990 (v.74#2) pg. 57

Fold-up beach table is 26"x17"x11" high.
FAMILY CIRCLE Jun 26 1979 (v.92#9) pg. 72

Indoor/outdoor serving cart that becomes a table when you raise the leaves. Closed, the cart is 29" square. Open it is 41" square.
FAMILY CIRCLE May 19 1981 (v.94#7) pg. 88, 163

Circular table is built around the trunk of a mature tree. Diameter is 6-ft. Built of garden redwood. Stands on its own legs. May be removed from around tree.
FAMILY CIRCLE May 19 1981 (v.94#7) pg. 91, 163

Anything table. Square wooden table on a pedestal base features four plastic dishpans which fit into the top. Removable slatted covers go over each dishpan so you can have a table top when you need one.
FAMILY CIRCLE May 19 1981 (v.94#7) pg. 92, 164

Barbecue pit pedestal with concrete slab table for top.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #86 Jun 1965 (v.15#3) pg. 28

How to build a patio bench that converts to a table that is 72" long and 32" wide. Can be built from 1x4 tongue-and-groove boards or plywood.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #164 Jun 1975 (v.25#5) pg. 42

Plans for a picnic table and matching benches.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #208 Apr 1980 (v.30#4) pg. 16

Deck table has a 48" square top built from 2x6's. Top rests on a rectangular frame.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #208 Apr 1980 (v.30#4) pg. 18

Picnic table with attached benches.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #209 May-Jun 1980 (v.30#5) pg. 28

Building furniture with PVC plastic pipe fittings. Includes plan for lounge chair, side table, and roll-around serving cart. Very suitable for outdoor use.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #221 Sep 1981 (v.31#7) pg. 30

Redwood furniture set. (1) Chair and ottoman feature wooden frame covered with stretched canvas. (2) Umbrella table. (3) Chaise lounge.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #238 Apr 1983 (v.33#4) pg. 114

Designer's picnic table. Cedar picnic table with separate benches features a "trestle" table design, rounded ends, and seating for eight. Est. cost: $100-$125.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #239 May-Jun 1983 (v.33#5) pg. 91, 94

Triangular picnic table for a deck. Built from 2x6 and 2x4 lumber. Rolls on three casters. Est. cost: $135.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #249 May-Jun 1984 (v.34#5) pg. 32

Pennsylvania Dutch style table and bench set for your patio. Contructed of redwood.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #258 Apr 1985 (v.35#4) pg. 90

Gateleg table designed for use on your patio or deck is made from redwood. Features a circular top 42" in diameter.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #259 May-Jun 1985 (v.35#5) pg. 98

Build this pair of handsome garden benches that quickly flip back to form a full-size picnic table.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #288 Apr 1988 (v.38#4) pg. 100

Outdoor table with a slatted top and one (foldable) leg is supported on the other end by the barbecue grill.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #299 Jun 1989 (v.39#6) pg. 80

Pedestal picnic table. Stylish octagonal picnic table seats 8. Top measures 60" across. Eight separate benches provide the seating.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #299 Jun 1989 (v.39#6) pg. 86
Correction FAMILY HANDYMAN #301 Sep 1989 (v.39#8) pg. 22

Two classic picnic tables to build. (1) A-frame table with built-in benches on both sides. (2) Round or octagonal pedestal table designed to be used with store-bought lawn chairs.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #330 Jul-Aug 1992 (v.42#7) pg. 59
Correction FAMILY HANDYMAN #334 Jan 1993 (v.43#1) pg. 12

Classic Mission style outdoor furniture that even a beginner can build. Arm chair, loveseat and table have slat sides. Table top, seats and backs are built from cedar boards.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #339 Jun 1993 (v.43#6) pg. 58

Removable wheels make it easy to move a picnic table around the yard.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #346 Mar 1994 (v.44#3) pg. 92

A-frame picnic table will seat 8-10 people. Built from 2x6, 2x8 and 2x10 construction-grade lumber.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #358 May 1995 (v.45#5) pg. 90

A trio of handcrafted wooden outdoor furniture (chair, bench and table) are built from cedar with slatted seats, backs and tops. Parts are joined with dowels, glue and screws hidden by wood plugs. The wood is stained a weathered gray.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #377 Apr 1997 (v.47#4) pg. 65

Circular (48" diameter) outdoor table is supported by four square pedestals attached to an "X" base.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #399 Jun 1999 (v.49#6) pg. 62

Fold-down table attached to the railing of a narrow porch or deck stores out of the way when not in use.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #401 Sep 1999 (v.49#8) pg. 133

Handcrafted table for the woodland garden has a top slab of Tennessee sandstone and a pedestal of weathered locust stumps.
FINE GARDENING #52 Nov-Dec 1996 pg. 54

Picnic table and bench set. Table and bench tops are made from 2x4s joined with threaded rods.
FLOWER & GARDEN Apr-May 1988 (v.32#3) pg. 74

Outdoor fold-down table mounts on a wall or fence. The semi-circular top is supported by two lower quarter-rounds.
FLOWER & GARDEN Jun-Jul 1993 (v.37#3) pg. 64

How to build a combination bench-table around a tree.
HANDY ANDY May 1978 (v.2#8) pg. 31

The perfect picnic table. Construction details for a 36"x90" table with attached benches.
HARROWSMITH COUNTRY LIFE #135 Jul-Aug 1997 (v.21) pg. 56
Added Info HARROWSMITH COUNTRY LIFE #136 Sep-Oct 1997 (v.21) pg. 6

Picnic table with built-in benches.
HOME CRAFTSMAN Mar 1963 pg. 38

Children's backyard furniture. Canvas sling chairs with both fixed and adjustable back and a folding slat-top table.
HOME MECHANIX #685 May 1985 (v.81) pg. 110

Portable picnic table has folding legs. Top is slatted and measures 32"x21". The unit is about 15" tall when setup. It is similar to a serving tray for use in bed.
HOME MECHANIX #686 Jun 1985 (v.81) pg. 73, 79

Wall-mounted fold-down outdoor work table. Slatted top measures 24"x18". Hinged shelf brackets support shelf when open. Est. cost: $15.
HOME MECHANIX #687 Jul 1985 (v.81) pg. 63

Deck tables. (1) Banquet table. Rectangular table (34"x96") and matching benches (13"x96") feature diagonal slats on the tops. (2) Umbrella table features a circular top (48" diameter), round pedestal base, and an optional umbrella.
HOME MECHANIX #723 Jul 1988 (v.84) pg. 44

How to build a sturdy, weather-resistant picnic table. Uses pressure-treated lumber. A traditional style 6-ft. long table with attached seats.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO #6 Summer 1977 (v.2#2) pg. 44

A deck table, 19" high and 24" square, is built from 2x4's.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1980 (v.5#3) pg. 52

A patio table to build with PVC framing and a redwood top.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Jul-Aug 1980 (v.5#4) pg. 54

Easy to build outdoor furniture. (1) Deck chair with wood frame & canvas sling seat. (2) Patio lantern (candleholder). (3) Octagon-shape picnic table and 8 matching benches.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1981 (v.6#3) pg. 58

Man-sized garden table from scrap 2x4s.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #418 Mar 1963 (v.59) pg. 110

Trestle type picnic table is permanent, with movable bench.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #441 Feb 1965 (v.61) pg. 93

Redwood picnic table and bench set with optional wheels.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #446 Jul 1965 (v.61) pg. 84

Pedestal lawn table with sundial mounted on the top.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #446 Jul 1965 (v.61) pg. 86

Picnic table for $10. Matching benches included.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #484 Sep 1968 (v.64) pg. 80

Portable wooden picnic table and benches assemble by matching slots. No small parts to get lost. Pieces stack flat on the 24"x48" top.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #517 Jun 1971 (v.67) pg. 80

Circular patio table separates into three triangular, arc-shaped tables capable of seating up to 15 people. Straight plans are also given.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #530 Jul 1972 (v.68) pg. 72

How to straighten a warped redwood table top.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #542 Jul 1973 (v.69) pg. 75

Heavy duty, circular, permanent picnic table is set on top of a large post which is embedded in the ground. Permanent benches are erected on top of smaller posts buried in the ground.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #565 Jun 1975 (v.71) pg. 58

Take-along picnic table is a knockdown design built from one 4x8-ft. sheet of plywood and an 8-ft. length of 12" wide fir. The nine pieces can be stacked to fit in the back of a station wagon. Table has attached benches and seats four.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #610 Mar 1979 (v.75) pg. 98

Roll-around outdoor table is 6-ft. long and 4-ft. wide with wooden wheels on the legs. Unit is built from redwood.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #612 May 1979 (v.75) pg. 80

Outdoor furniture. Make it from traditional redwood or PVC plastic pipe and canvas. Includes plans for redwood table, redwood chair and redwood lounge (both with adjustable backs) plus PVC lounge, chair and table.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #634 Mar 1981 (v.77) pg. 62

Hexagon-shaped picnic table with six attached stools. The frame is steel tubing and the top and seats are wood.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #82 Jul-Aug 1983 pg. 134

Traditional style picnic table requires only five different cutting patterns for the wooden pieces.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #82 Jul-Aug 1983 pg. 136

How to build a rustic wood bench, table and an arm chair from rough sawn boards and poles cut from saplings.
ORGANIC GARDENING Sep 1977 (v.24#9) pg. 176

Patio table with built-in lazy susan, rolls around on wheels. Four benches included.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1964 (v.121#6) pg. 137

Swing-down patio table. A 3x6-ft. table is hinged to the wall so that it can fold up for storage. Three wooden benches provide seating.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1967 (v.128#2) pg. 132

Hexagon-shaped picnic table with a metal frame and redwood top and seats.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1968 (v.129#5) pg. 131

Octagon-shaped picnic table made from redwood.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1968 (v.129#5) pg. 131

Fold-flat picnic table has sawbuck-type legs that are braced by hinged supports.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1971 (v.136#2) pg. 130

How to build a picnic table, matching benches and a slatted-top coffee table from chimney blocks and redwood 2x6s.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1973 (v.139#6) pg. 76

Picnic-style table with a large top and two attached benches folds up into a space only 2x5-ft. for storage. Built of redwood or pine, it has eighteen pivot points for folding. Est. cost: $75.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1975 (v.143#4) pg. 116

Two stowaway tables for your next outdoor table. One is styled similar to a conventional picnic table, with built-in benches. The other is styled similar to a gate-leg table.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1976 (v.146#2) pg. 100

Build an add-on barbecue table. A hexagon shaped table with a hole in the middle to surround your portable grill.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1977 (v.147#5) pg. 107

Low table is built from scrap 2x4s in a butcher-block style.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1977 (v.148#1) pg. 97

Patio table and chairs set is built from fir with a natural finish. Table top and stools are hexagon shaped.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1979 (v.151#5) pg. 142

Build a sturdy outdoor table and matching benches from outdoor (treated) wood. The legs are 6x6 timbers sunk into the ground. The top is laminated 2x4s. Do the cutting with a chain saw.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1981 (v.155#4) pg. 162

Build a picnic table for summer fun. Features slotted joints and dowels for quick and easy assembly. Built from exterior plywood and 2x6 and 2x8 pine or fir.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1981 (v.155#6) pg. 107

Build your own "park bench" furniture. Build benches, chairs, and tables which have legs made of steel strap, and seats, backs and tops made from wooden slats.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1981 (v.156#2) pg. 94

Two picnic tables. (1) Traditional sawbuck table. (2) A designer table with side rails that hold down the tablecloth and bench covers in wind.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1983 (v.160#2) pg. 70

Six outdoor classics in redwood. (1) Barbecue cart. (2) Chaise longue. (3) Telephone caddy. (4) Planter box. (5) Beverage serving tray. (6) Table.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1984 (v.161#7) pg. 94

Build English garden furniture. Solid teak outdoor furniture includes a bench, arm chair, and table. Uses mortise and tenon joints extensively.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1985 (v.162#3) pg. 110

Mahogany deck furniture. Folding chair and table are reproductions of those used on the world's great ocean liners.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1985 (v.162#7) pg. 92

A classic redwood outdoor table and two matching benches feature slatted tops. Table overall dimensions: 29"x66"x28" tall. Bench overall dimensions: 15"x66"x17" tall.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1993 (v.170#5) pg. 51

An elegant red cedar table (50" diameter) and slatted chair set for outdoor dining.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1999 (v.176#4) pg. 120

Patio furniture in redwood. Part 1.
POPULAR SCIENCE May 1964 (v.184#5) pg. 147

Patio furniture in redwood. Part 2.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1964 (v.184#6) pg. 120

Built-in barbecue pit under your picnic table.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1964 (v.185#1) pg. 116

Outdoor snack table, shaped like an artist's pallet, is held upright by means of a single leg being inserted into the ground.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1967 (v.190#4) pg. 177

Outdoor furniture built from "Ferro-Cement", a thin mortor slab over wire reinforcement. Step-by-step photos show a table being built. Other ideas given.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1968 (v.193#3) pg. 185

Circular patio table built from redwood 2x6s includes inset ceramic tiles and a lazy susan.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1970 (v.196#3) pg. 105

This 4-in-1 plywood rocker flips over to become a picnic table or a playhouse. On its side it becomes a snack bar. Collapses for storage.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1970 (v.197#1) pg. 77

Terrace table has a plastic drainage pipe for legs. Open ends of pipe serve as glass holders, ashtray holders or compartments for other small objects. Top is plastic laminated particleboard.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1973 (v.202#6) pg. 110

Bench table folds for picnic travel. A 2x4ft. table top with two attached benches (picnic table style) folds up for carrying. Est. cost: $30.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1973 (v.203#1) pg. 94

Picnic table that knocks down for storage is built of half-notched tongue-and-groove decking. Built-in seating for four plus room for four more on folding chairs.
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1973 (v.203#4) pg. 119

Fold-up table and bench unit mounts on the outside wall of your house. Especially useful for decks which are narrow and without room for a permanent table.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1975 (v.207#1) pg. 114

A collapsible, portable picnic table is built from just one sheet of 3/4" exterior plywood.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1977 (v.210#1) pg. 100

Tip: Mount a picnic table on wooden runners to make it easy to move for mowing, etc.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1979 (v.214#6) pg. 128

Convertable pair of picnic tables to build. This two-piece unit can be a pair of lawn benches, a 16" wide table with attached bench, or a regular picnic table with a 32" wide top and two benches.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1979 (v.215#1) pg. 112
Added Info POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1979 (v.215#4) pg. 6

Patio table and four chairs are built from two sheets of plywood. Chairs have triangular sides and solid seats and backs. The table top is 40" square. A PS/APA Plywood Project Contest winner.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1979 (v.215#2) pg. 84

Picnic table (bench table) that collapses for storage or to take along in the car. Top measures 30"x42". Make from plywood. Winning design in plywood project contest.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1980 (v.217#2) pg. 96

Add wheels to one end of a picnic table to make it easier to move around on your outdoor patio.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1981 (v.219#3) pg. 29

Outdoor circular table is built from 2x4 lumber. The doughnut-shaped table has a hole in the middle to hold a large potted plant.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1982 (v.221#1) pg. 98

Make concrete lawn furniture using "Sakrete" packaged dry mix. Includes instructions for building the forms to cast the furniture. Two styles shown.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1986 (v.229#2) pg. 96

Redwood outdoor table (85"x36") and matching benches feature ribbed (slatted) tops that shed rainwater quickly.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #60 May 1991 (v.10#6) pg. 36

Deck furniture (chair, child's chair and table) is made from standard lumber sizes and readily available hardware. All of the joints are made with a router or miter saw. The seats, backs and table top are slatted using 1"x2" boards (on edge).
POPULAR WOODWORKING #80 Sep 1994 (v.14#2) pg. 33, 36, 37

Portable dining set. Table with slatted top (36" square) and screw-in legs (28" high) can be rolled up for a go-anywhere design. Simple folding stools with canvas seats complete the set.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #96 May 1997 (v.17#2) pg. 52

Beach table. A slat-top table with folding legs is designed to be portable and keep food above the sand. Overall dimensions: 36"x14" with 14" folding legs.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #103 Jul 1998 (v.18#3) pg. 46

Greene & Greene garden table or coffee table. A mahogany companion piece for the garden bench in issue #96. Features extensive use of cloud lifts (a signature Arts & Crafts detail). Overall dimensions: 48"x24"x18" tall.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #109 Jul 1999 (v.19#3) pg. 34, Insert

Picnic table with built-in planter box.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS #217 May 1963 (v.34#5) pg. 105

Sturdy picnic table and matching, free-standing benches. Each end assembly is made up of a pair of legs held together with a rail at top and bottom. End assemblies are joined by a pair of top rails with cross-supports and by a bottom stretcher. Table top (36"x72") has a mitered frame that surrounds several wood planks. Bench tops (15"x72") have a mitered frame around a single plank.
SHOPNOTES #27 May 1996 (v.5) pg. 10

Two styles of picnic tables you can build. First is the traditional A-frame table, second has an H-frame.
SUNSET Jun 1977 (v.158#6) pg. 94

Two versions of a sturdy table you can build. Outdoor version has a top of redwood slats that sits on top of an X-shaped base made from redwood 2x6s. The formal version for indoor use has a smoked glass top resting on a base made of cherry.
SUNSET Jun 1977 (v.158#6) pg. 122

5-ft. plate glass top buffet table for a patio has a trestle base build of redwood. Complete construction details furnished. Est. cost: $120.
SUNSET Sep 1977 (v.159#3) pg. 92

Easy-to-build table and benches for inside or outside use. Built entirely of 2x4s. End supports are an open frame with plank tops. Est. cost: $50.
SUNSET Jun 1979 (v.162#6) pg. 108

Sturdy redwood tables with trestle bases can be knocked down for storage. One design has a rectangular top, the other is circular.
SUNSET Jul 1979 (v.163#1) pg. 86

Finnish table and stools are built from 2x4's, 4x4's and 1/2-inch dowels. Est. cost for table and 4 stools: $65.
SUNSET Apr 1981 (v.166#4) pg. 104

Patio cocktail table with redwood frame and marble top adjusts to dining table height with add-on leg extensions.
SUNSET Aug 1987 (v.179#2) pg. 100

Outdoor coffee table, 15" high, 27" wide and 54" long, has ends shaped like the back of an Adirondack chair.
SUNSET Jun 1989 (v.182#6) pg. 134B

Sturdy picnic table with separate benches is constructed from 2x4, 2x6, and 4x4 stock securely bolted together.
SUNSET Jun 1991 (v.186#6) pg. 98

Simple, strong base for a coffee table is built from 2x4 and 4x4 stock. The top can be a heavy flagstone paver (for outdoor use) or edge-glued 2x12 stock (for indoor use).
SUNSET Jul 1993 (v.191#1) pg. 93

Tip shows foldaway deck buffet (27"x84") hinged to the wall of the house.
SUNSET Jul 1994 (v.193#1) pg. 85

Sturdy slate-top table is built from slate tiles, fir poles and redwood.
SUNSET Jul 1995 (v.195#1) pg. 100

Folding patio table features slatted top and curved "X" legs. A companion piece to the two-part patio chairs shown in issue #14.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #15 May 1990 (v.3#3) pg. 22

Redwood drop table has a slat top. One side attaches to a wall and table folds flat against the wall when not in use.
WOMAN'S DAY Jul 10 1978 (v.41#12) pg. 101, 122

Build a sandbox on a deck that converts to an outdoor coffee table with the addition of a top.
WOMAN'S DAY Jul 10 1978 (v.41#12) pg. 104, 122

Tire-rims table. Table pedestal made by welding 4 tire rims together. Circular top made from plywood. Est. cost: $73.
WOMAN'S DAY Jun 15 1982 (v.45#11) pg. 86, 152

Pint-sized picnic table. Durable child-sized picnic table is made from four 16-ft. 2x4s. Top measures 48"x20".
WOOD MAGAZINE #5 Jun 1985 (v.2#3) pg. 56
Correction WOOD MAGAZINE #7 Oct 1985 (v.2#5) pg. 12

Redwood patio table. Hexagonal table includes six sturdy pull-out benches that hide away when not in use. Includes provisions for a table umbrella.
WOOD MAGAZINE #6 Aug 1985 (v.2#4) pg. 50

Teak table and director's chairs form a fashionable outdoor furniture set.
WOOD MAGAZINE #23 Jun 1988 (v.5#3) pg. 65

Mahogany outdoor furniture. Part 2. Elegant dining table (48" square) has a slatted top framed by 7" wide edging that is mitered at the corners.
WOOD MAGAZINE #43 Jun 1991 (v.8#4) pg. 64

Fun-in-the-sun outdoor furniture. Part 2. Table and chair. Arm chair's seat and back are contoured and surfaced with oak slats. Side table (19"x14"x21" high) has a slatted top of white oak within a mitered frame of mahogany.
WOOD MAGAZINE #61 Jun 1993 (v.10#4) pg. 48
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #69 Apr 1994 (v.11#3) pg. 12

Picnic table with separate benches is built from 2x4, 2x6 and 2x8 stock with slots between adjacent boards. Decorative heart-shaped openings are cut into the legs of both table and benches.
WOOD MAGAZINE #71 Aug 1994 (v.11#5) pg. 58

Apple-motif outdoor furniture set. Patio table with 4 benches is constructed from 2x4 and 2x6 cedar which is squared up using a planer. The table is 44" diameter. Apple motifs are scroll sawn into the legs of the table and benches.
WOOD MAGAZINE #88 Jun 1996 (v.13#4) pg. 38, Insert

Apple-motif outdoor furniture set. (1) Planter (20"x20"x24" high) has slatted sides and an apple-shaped cutout in the center slat on each side. (2) Chair-side table (18"x24"x21" high) has apple-shaped cutouts in the center slat on each end.
WOOD MAGAZINE #106 Jun 1998 (v.15#4) pg. 40

Picnic table. Light-weight, sturdy table folds up flat for storage. The top features a redwood frame with cedar slats and measures 64"x36".
WOODSMITH #27 May-Jun 1983 pg. 4

Octagonal patio table features a two-direction pattern of wooden slats inside a mitered frame. The table is supported on a four-leg pedestal. Construction involves lap, mortise-and-tenon, and splined-miter joints. Overall dimensions: 48"x48"x29" tall.
WOODSMITH #75 Jun 1991 pg. 6, 16

Garden furniture. Rustic garden table and chair. Held together with mortise and tenon joints that are locked via wedges. Removing the wedges allows the furniture to be completely "knocked-down" for storage.
WOODWORKER #1012 Mar 1978 (v.82) pg. 122

Garden table and chair in afrormosia, an African hardwood. The design uses slats for table top and chair seats, over a simple framework. Could be worked in other wood. Table top measures 29" square.
WOODWORKER #1037 Apr 1980 (v.84) pg. 212

Three furniture projects for the garden. (1) Folding director's chair with canvas seat and back. (2) Portable picnic table with slatted top. Top measures 750mm x 500mm (30"x20"). (3) Folding deckchair complete with canopy and leg-rest.
WOODWORKER Jul 1987 (v.91#7) pg. 596

Conventional picnic table is slightly redesigned to improve strength and stability. Frame is built of 2x4 stock. Seats and top are 1x3 stock.
WOODWORKER Apr 1989 (v.93#4) pg. 316

Cross-buck picnic table with separate benches. Table top measures 60"x29". Bench top measures 60"x12".
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1977 (v.1#3) pg. 7

English-garden furniture set. (1) Slatted-top table (30"x37") features a collapsible base. (2) Garden chair with arms and slatted seat. (3) Planter box (17" square by 20" tall) features frame-and-panel sides. Construction features mortise-and-tenon joinery and teak wood.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1990 (v.14#3) pg. 36

Folding deck table (serving table) features scissor-style legs and a slatted top that divides in two when folded.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1990 (v.14#4) pg. 37

Traditional A-frame style picnic table with attached benches. Constructed of 2x4 and 2x6 stock.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1992 (v.16#3) pg. 40

Front-porch breakfast table and chairs. Elegantly-styled outdoor furniture features sculptural curves (cut from flat stock) for legs, curved slats for chair seat and back, and a slatted table top.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1995 (v.19#3) pg. 44

Round outdoor table is fabricated from Spanish cedar. The top is divided into three framed segments which are filled in with individual slats. Separate matching benches complete the unit.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1999 (v.23#3) pg. 26, Insert

A simple patio table built from plastic-laminate counter top and four triangular wooden legs.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1966 (v.22#4) pg. 27

Hexagon-shaped picnic table with individual seats and a built-in lazy susan.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1968 (v.24#4) pg. 18

Outdoor trestle table, benches and chairs.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1970 (v.26#2) pg. 37

Folding workbench or picnic table that can be transported in a car trunk.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1970 (v.26#6) pg. 10

How to make a 52" square wooden patio table that is actually four triangular tables that can also be used separately. Can be built from redwood, cedar or pine.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1975 (v.31#5) pg. 26

Cube-shaped stools and simple outdoor table are built from 1x8 and 2x4 outdoor wood. The stools may be used as low tables. Table top measures 42" square and sits on a large square pedestal.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1980 (v.36#3) pg. 32

Build (or modify) an RV (recreational vehicle) table so that it is pedestal mounted for both inside use and outside use. The table is an extension table which can expand from 27"x29" to 50"x29".
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1985 (v.41#3) pg. 41

Children's picnic table is made from stock 1" lumber.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1986 (v.42#4) pg. 68

Sturdy redwood table and bench set for your yard. The 95" long table top is made from twenty-six 2x4s laid on edge and bolted together. Each bench top is made from twelve 2x4s. The legs are 4x4s. Requires only an electric drill and socket wrench to build.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1987 (v.43#4) pg. 40
Correction WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1987 (v.43#5) pg. 24

Outdoor serving table with a slatted top folds flat for storage.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1987 (v.43#4) pg. 66

Festive outdoor furniture built from pressure-treated and untreated Southern Pine. (1) Lifeguard chair. (2) Dining table. (3) Wing chair. (4) Coffee table. (5) Step table. (6) Star table. Complete instructions included.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1990 (v.46#3) pg. 48
Added Info WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1990 (v.46#4) pg. 4
Added Info WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1990 (v.46#5) pg. 6

Build a permanent outdoor table from steel-reinforced concrete.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1990 (v.46#5) pg. 34

Portable grill caddy. This covered grill cart opens into a handy counter and picnic table for three.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1994 (v.50#3) pg. 40

Combination outdoor plant stand (low table) and firewood storage rack. A simple slatted-top table with a curved apron is turned upside down to store a load of firewood (the curved apron and long legs act to contain the wood).
WORKBENCH Dec 1994-Jan 1995 (v.50#6) pg. 52

Round patio table (48" diameter) and separate curved benches are made from redwood.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1995 (v.51#3) pg. 36

Children's picnic table with slatted top and built-in seats.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1996 (v.52#3) pg. 16

Trestle-style picnic table and separate benches. Overall dimensions (table) 34"x72"x30" tall, (bench) 15"x72"x17" tall.
WORKBENCH #254 Jul-Aug 1999 (v.55#4) pg. 54