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xx   PAPER

Octopus beanbag is a paperweight or child's toy made from cotton scraps with ribbon legs.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1971 (v.49#9) pg. 70

Naval paperweight for a boater is made from a boat propeller.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1972 (v.50#12) pg. 71

Heart shaped paperweight made from clay.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1980 (v.58#9) pg. 97, 154

Paperweight made from a decorative doorknob and 3" square or round piece of wood. Est. cost: $5.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1984 (v.62#2) pg. 73

Paperweight/pen holder combination is made from marbles.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1964 (v.54#6) pg. 52

How to make a snowstorm paperweight.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1975 (v.65#11) pg. 41

Tip on how to make a carved wooden paperweight with a weighted bottom.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1976 (v.66#12) pg. 52

Convert a flat, smooth stone (shaped like a footprint) into a "moccasin" paperweight by painting it with an Indian design.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1994 (v.84#11) pg. 55

Beanbag angel is made from ribbon, wooden bead, paper doily, pipe stems, etc. Use as a decoration or a paperweight.
CRAFTS Jan 1994 (v.17#1) pg. 18

Rainbow paperweight is cast from plaster in a juice can mold.
CRAFTS Mar 1995 (v.18#3) pg. 74

Tips on making one-of-a-kind paperweights using glass domes and dried flowers or miniature scenes.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #107 Oct 1985 (v.9#11) pg. 22

How to get the most out of your seashells. Instructions for making a towel holder, a shell nightlight, shell bookends, shell paperweight, and a sea urchin nightlight.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Jul-Aug 1979 (v.10#6) pg. 94

Stenciled 4" paperweight blocks. Est. cost: $5.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 26 1982 (v.95#15) pg. 98

Paperweight or door stop is made by covering a brick with fabric.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 25 1983 (v.96#15) pg. 96, 144

Tip: How to marbleize rocks for use as paperweights.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 23 1984 (v.97#15) pg. 116, 190

Painted rock paperweights. Patterns for rabbit and strawberries included
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Jul 1978 (v.187#1) pg. 145, 232

Desk accents. Marbleized paperweight made from a rock, stamp canister and sponge-painted box.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Oct 1988 (v.33#7) pg. 46, 68

Personal intrusion detector. Lets you know when someone has gone through your important business or personal belongings without authorization. A tell-tale LED will flash whenever this "paperweight" is lifted or moved.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Jan 1989 (v.6#1) pg. 52
Added Info MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1989 (v.6#3) pg. 7

A wooden paperweight carved in the shape of a clamshell.
NATIONAL CARVERS REVIEW Fall 1978 (v.9#3) pg. 39

Barnaby Bird paperweight is made from hosiery container covered with feathers.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1979 (v.2#3) pg. 42, 54

Rocky Pet paperweight is a fur covered stone critter.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1979 (v.2#3) pg. 42, 54

Plaster paperweights shaped like hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades.
WOMAN'S DAY Sep 1 1978 (v.41#14) pg. 92, 155

The executive paperweight. Decorative knob-shaped paperweights are turned from solid or laminated wood.
WOOD MAGAZINE #18 Aug 1987 (v.4#4) pg. 64

Wooden weights. How to make decorated paperweights from a variety of woods. Several design ideas covered.
WOODTURNING #73 Mar 1999 pg. 29

Turned paperweights are made from branches or logs about 2"-3" in diameter.
WOODWORK #3 Fall 1989 pg. 72

Laminated-wood pencil holder and paperweight set.
WOODWORK #7 Fall 1990 pg. 60

Decorative wooden frog serves as a paperweight and note holder.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1980 (v.4#3) pg. 10

Cornstarch clay paperweight features the paw print of your favorite cat.
WORKBASKET Oct-Nov 1995 (v.61#1) pg. 54