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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Baby blanket is woven in a windowpane check and then some of the squares are embroidered with flowers.
HANDWOVEN Nov-Dec 1982 (v.3#5) pg. 47, 86

A trio of baby blankets to weave.
HANDWOVEN May-Jun 1984 (v.5#3) pg. 50, 96

Baby blanket, 37"x46", is woven in four-harness plain weave with inlaid overshot areas woven Italian style. Edge is worked in an Eskimo lacing stitch.
HANDWOVEN Jan-Feb 1986 (v.7#1) pg. 43, I-6

Two baby blankets. Both use four-harness patterns. The first has a row of lace blocks alternating with a row of plain-weave blocks. Each block is separated by fine stripes. The second is woven with boucle yarn in M's & O's.
HANDWOVEN May-Jun 1986 (v.7#3) pg. 74, 75, 91

Baby blanket is woven in a six-shaft weave with warp- and weft-float blocks on a plain weave ground.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1987 (v.8#2) pg. 45, I-7

Baby pillow case is woven on a four-shaft twill threading. The body of the case is in plain weave. The hem has an inlay woven in half-dukagang with a motif of two angels and "Welcome Littlest Angel." Trellis hemstitching sets off the border.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1987 (v.8#2) pg. 50, I-8

Diagonal lace baby blanket woven in a six-shaft huck lace pattern. The plain-weave border is edged with a scalloped crochet trim.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1992 (v.13#2) pg. 65, 87

Plaid baby blanket has alternating blocks of six-shaft huck and plain weave.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1992 (v.13#2) pg. 65, 88
Correction HANDWOVEN Sep-Oct 1992 (v.13#4) pg. 80

Overshot baby blanket woven in a four-shaft traditional pattern.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1992 (v.13#2) pg. 66, 88

Twill-block baby blanket, woven on eight shafts, alternates warp- and weft-faced blocks.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1992 (v.13#2) pg. 67, 89

Rosebud baby blanket, woven in an eight-shaft combination of plain weave and basket weave, has ribbon threaded through floats along the edges. Corners are accented with silk rosebuds.
HANDWOVEN May-Jun 1993 (v.14#3) pg. 66, 88

Blanket for a baby woven in four-shaft overshot uses four bright colors separated by white for both warp and tabby. The colors cross each other to form squares.
HANDWOVEN May-Jun 1993 (v.14#3) pg. 67, 89

Pastel chenille baby blanket in plain-weave is pieced from 13"-wide strips of fabric.
HANDWOVEN Mar-Apr 1994 (v.15#2) pg. 56, 84

"Buttercup" baby blanket is woven in 3-block crackle using summer & winter treadling.
HANDWOVEN Sep-Oct 1994 (v.15#4) pg. 40, 83

"Paper Dolls and Hearts" baby blanket (36"x38") woven in eight-shaft summer & winter.
HANDWOVEN May-Jun 1996 (v.17#3) pg. 72, 92

Mint squares double weave changing or crawling mat for a baby and matching carrying case. Includes instructions for both four- and eight-shaft weaves.
HANDWOVEN Jan-Feb 1999 (v.20#1) pg. 51, 69

A huck lace border. How to design huck lace motifs. Instructions for a six-shaft pillowcase with huck border, a three-end huck sampler runner, a Celtic cross table runner and an eight-shaft huck baby blanket with crocheted edging.
HANDWOVEN May-Jun 1999 (v.20#3) pg. 54, 65, 68, 70

Christening blanket woven in two-block spot Bronson.
HANDWOVEN Nov-Dec 1999 (v.20#5) pg. 66

Baby blanket is woven in a six-shaft variation of goose-eye twill.
SCANDINAVIAN WEAVING MAGAZINE (VavMagasinet) 2/1990 pg. 22

Handwoven baby blanket and matching wall hanging to hold powder, pins, etc.
SHUTTLE, SPINDLE & DYEPOT #44 Fall 1980 (v.11#4) pg. 26

Four weaves for baby blankets and afghans. (1) Swarthmore check, (2) Rosepath Variation, (3) Small Point Twill, and (4) 8-Harness Twill. Threading and treadling for each included.
SHUTTLE, SPINDLE & DYEPOT #48 Fall 1981 (v.12#4) pg. 50

Extra-soft baby blanket handwoven in a silk-wool blend.
SHUTTLE, SPINDLE & DYEPOT #76 Fall 1988 (v.19#4) pg. 10
Correction SHUTTLE, SPINDLE & DYEPOT #77 Winter 1988-89 (v.20#1) pg. 68

"Peace Fleece" baby blanket. Three-year-old "Peace Fleece" project that involves marketing a wool yarn that is an equal blend of Soviet and American wool is described.
SHUTTLE, SPINDLE & DYEPOT #77 Winter 1988-89 (v.20#1) pg. 40

Baby's christening blanket is handwoven from handspun yarn.
SPIN-OFF 1980 (v.4) pg. 60

Blanket (47"x77") is woven in a 4-harness windowpane check.
SPIN-OFF Fall 1995 (v.19#3) pg. 44

Handwoven baby blankets: (1) Summer and Winter threading. (2) Plaid 2/2 twill. (3) Basket weave.
WEAVER'S JOURNAL #18 Fall 1980 (v.5#2) pg. 43

A soft cotton baby blanket with a large plaid. Can be woven on a two-harness loom.
WEAVER'S JOURNAL #28 Spring 1983 (v.7#4) pg. 80

How to weave cotton receiving blankets. Includes ideas for designing a unique one.
WEAVER'S JOURNAL #42 Fall 1986 (v.11#2) pg. 35