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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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The entries are in alphabetical order by magazine name and then in chronological sequence.
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Tip on making lens wrappers from the thin foam plastic sheets used to pack computer parts.
CAMERA & DARKROOM Sep 1991 (v.13#9) pg. 8

Super trekking. Advice on carrying camera equipment (both small- and large-format) on your back in a trail pack.
CAMERA & DARKROOM Aug 1992 (v.14#8) pg. 14

Tip on converting an inexpensive "sports bag" into a camera bag.
CAMERA & DARKROOM Oct 1993 (v.15#10) pg. 4

Some suggestions on camera cases and how to pack a lot of equipment and film into the least space with the greatest convenience.
CAMERA 35 Nov 1975 (v.19#8) pg. 14

Description of several carrying cases designed to protect cameras, clothing, and food while automobiling over rough terrain, yet still allow quick access.
CAMERA 35 Sep 1980 (v.25#9) pg. 24

Camera bags that work. Three keys to evaluating hard and soft cases of all types.
CAMERA 35 Sep 1980 (v.25#9) pg. 56

Tip: Use plastic freezer bags to store camera equipment, film, prints, etc. Keeps thing clean and dry.

Tip: Use a foldable luggage dolly to haul around heavy camera equipment. Your tripod can even remain attached to the dolly and serve as the "handle" for towing the dolly.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Mar-Apr 1986 (v.8#2) pg. 14

Tip: Use "Velcro" to keep camera bag strap from slipping off your shoulder.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Mar-Apr 1987 (v.9#2) pg. 20

Tip: Use a styrofoam cooler to store camera equipment in the truck of a car.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1989 (v.11#1) pg. 8

Tip on using a food chiller to store camera equipment and supplies.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1989 (v.11#7) pg. 3

Tip: Use a carpenter's belt instead of a "photographer's vest" to hold your camera accessories.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Dec 1989 (v.11#12) pg. 8

Making equipment travelproof. Use of stock and custom cases to carry equipment.
INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1971 (v.20#9) pg. 30

How to select the right camera bag for your needs.
INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1984 (v.33#7) pg. 24

Equipment cases. An overview of the various cases for transporting and shipping photo equipment. What features are important to consider when selecting cases for cameras and lighting equipment.
INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1990 (v.39#1) pg. 28

Buyer's guide to hard and soft cases for photographic equipment.
INDUSTRIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1994 (v.43#8) pg. 18

Saddlebags for a photographer. Flap and small pouch are carved and border of bags is stamped with a "buckaroo" styling reminiscent of 1890s saddle pockets. Brass conchos with initials cover rivets attaching the flap strap.
LEATHER CRAFTERS & SADDLERS JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1996 (v.6#1) pg. 63, Insert

Custom-made leather camera cases.

Camera case is made from hand-tooled leather and designed to fit a Pentax ME 35mm with a 200mm zoom lens. Construction methods can be adapted to other cameras.
LEATHER CRAFTSMAN Jan-Feb 1990 (v.6#1) pg. 14, 27

How to restore a ragged leather camera case. Resew the seams, stain scuffed leather and polish it all up.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #569 Oct 1975 (v.71) pg. 88

Build your own attache-style camera case from plywood covered with cloth. Est. cost: $10.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #578 Jul 1976 (v.72) pg. 82

Make a cheap metal tool box into a camera case. The fact that it does not look like a camera case may prevent theft.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1973 (v.37#10) pg. 26

Make your own lens compartments for the Kalimar K2560 camera bag.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1975 (v.39#6) pg. 20

Tips on storing photo equipment in your car for traveling, protected from bumps, but ready for use.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1976 (v.40#8) pg. 122

Large plastic storage containers, equipped with silica gel packets, protect cameras and film from moisture.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1976 (v.40#10) pg. 122

Tip: An extra locking shoe attached to the inside of an attache case allows you to carry your camera with you on a business trip.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1977 (v.41#4) pg. 113

Tip: Increase the capacity of your camera bag by attaching accessory bags to the outside with rivet snaps.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1977 (v.41#7) pg. 98

Tip: Convert an army surplus ammunition case into a sturdy camera case.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1977 (v.41#7) pg. 99

Tip: Use an accordian-type briefcase as a camera bag. It holds more equipment and does not look like a camera bag.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1977 (v.41#8) pg. 95

Photos illustrate corduroy pouches for cameras and lenses that use Velcro closure.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1979 (v.43#2) pg. 60

Vest designed for winter sports use holds two cameras ready for action, keeps the batteries warm, and holds the cameras securely to your chest without the need for a neckstrap.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1979 (v.43#11) pg. 114

Make a lens-carrying board for your camera bag. Rivet rear lens caps to a piece of plywood to hold the lenses securly. Smaller lenses can even be stacked (mated) on top of each other for greater storage capacity.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1980 (v.44#2) pg. 112

Tip: Use a plastic bag to protect a pocket camera when carried in pocket or purse.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1980 (v.44#2) pg. 113

How to repair the rubber padding on the leather cushion pad found on the strap of many camera bags.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY May 1980 (v.44#5) pg. 129

Tip: Cloth pouch clips on your belt to hold lens cap, film, pencil, paper, and other camera extras.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1980 (v.44#10) pg. 112

Make a liner from cardboard and tape for your camera case.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1980 (v.44#11) pg. 127

Tip: Use jars full of silica gel crystals (dessicant) to keep your photo gear dry while stored in camera cases.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1981 (v.45#10) pg. 136

Tips on purchasing and using silica gel to keep photographic equipment dry.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1982 (v.46#2) pg. 6

Make custom foam inserts for soft-side camera bags to keep cameras and lenses from banging into each other.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1983 (v.47#2) pg. 80

Tip on making your own lens covers from soft, black upholstery vinyl.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1983 (v.47#3) pg. 79

Tip: Use sweat bands to protect lenses and other gear in your camera bag.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1983 (v.47#8) pg. 79

Tips on adapting a backpack-style bookbag to carry camera equipment.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1983 (v.47#11) pg. 121

Firm up your soft camera bag by adding foam, mailing tubes and cardboard for protective liners.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1984 (v.48#10) pg. 82

Make a travel case for your flash equipment from a discarded attache case.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1985 (v.49#9) pg. 52

Tip: Use snap-apart rings to attach your most used photo accessories to a waist-belt.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1986 (v.50#1) pg. 45

Tip: Wear western-style shirts with large pockets featuring snap flaps. Such pockets are ideal to store lens caps, filters, etc.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1986 (v.50#1) pg. 68

Tip: Use re-freezable "ice packs" wrapped in towels to protect camera equipment in hot weather.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1986 (v.50#3) pg. 52

Color code your camera bag by storing small items in colored plastic soap containers.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY May 1986 (v.50#5) pg. 42

Tip: Attach large (2") metal rings to your camera bag and use them to hold your tripod or monopod.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1986 (v.50#7) pg. 51

Tip: Make your own photo equipment cases from heavy-duty upholstery vinyl.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1986 (v.50#9) pg. 44

Tip: Use a fishing tackle box to store your camera and accessories.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1986 (v.50#10) pg. 48

Tips on converting an Army fatigue jacket into a camera shirt or vest.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1986 (v.50#11) pg. 56

Tip: Use a "high rise" camera holster on your belt to reduce chances of bumping your camera.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1987 (v.51#1) pg. 22

Tip: Use a plastic cooler with a tight fitting lid to protect camera equipment when boating.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1987 (v.51#3) pg. 53

Tip: Use shoe polish on leather camera cases, straps, trim, etc.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY May 1987 (v.51#5) pg. 35

Tip: Use "Velcro" to store small items in your camera bag.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1987 (v.51#8) pg. 56

Customize a backpack to carry all the photographic gear you will need in the field.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1987 (v.51#10) pg. 48

Tip: Use diaper bags as camera bags. The cost less and won't attract thieves.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1988 (v.52#4) pg. 84

Tips on storing cameras for long periods of time.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1988 (v.52#8) pg. 14

Waterproof camera bag is sewn from "Gore-Tex" and lined with Cordura nylon to be completely waterproof. The case hangs from a belt around your waist.
NEEDLE & THREAD Jul-Aug 1983 (v.3#4) pg. 39, 50, 28

How to make a lens carrying belt. Make a leather belt to hold one or more lens cases on snap hooks attached to the belt.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Aug 1978 (v.7#4) pg. 37

Tip: Silica gel packet in a plastic bag will absorb condensation caused by bringing a cold camera or lens indoors during the winter.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Nov 1978 (v.7#7) pg. 119

Tip: Use an archer's quiver to carry a tripod.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Jul 1979 (v.8#3) pg. 100

How to make custom foam inserts for an attache-style camera case.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Apr 1980 (v.8#12) pg. 101

How to make a padded lens case with drawstring closure.
PHOTOGRAPHIC May 1980 (v.9#1) pg. 101

How to convert a waterproof fishing tackle box into a camera case.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Jan 1982 (v.10#9) pg. 41

SPECIAL SECTION on 35mm single-lens reflex photography. Close-up equipment, tripods and camera cases.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Oct 1985 (v.14#6) pg. A (42+)

Soft camera bags. A look at what is available, plus tips on selection and use.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Nov 1985 (v.14#7) pg. 50

35mm SLR super course. Part 8. Close-up equipment, tripods and camera cases.
PHOTOGRAPHIC May 1987 (v.16#1) pg. A

Re:Vision. In quest of the "perfect" photographer's vest. Some tips from one professional.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Oct 1989 (v.18#6) pg. 30

Outdoor field accessories for the photographer. Tips on clothes, tripods, tote bags, etc.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Mar 1990 (v.18#11) pg. 86

Camera bag torture test. A guide to selecting a bag which will meet all of your expectations.
PHOTOGRAPHIC May 1991 (v.20#1) pg. 88

Protecting film and cameras from typical tropical climates. Tips on reducing heat and humidity which can damage film and equipment.
PHOTOMETHODS Oct 1974 (v.17#10) pg. 60

Tips on packing and carrying a shoulder camera bag.
PHOTOMETHODS Feb 1982 (v.25#2) pg. 20

Tip: A foam picnic chest (without ice) will keep film and camera equipment cool in a car.
PHOTOMETHODS Aug 1984 (v.27#8) pg. 16

The right case. Tips on selecting and using camera cases and shipping cases for photographic equipment.
PHOTOMETHODS Nov 1987 (v.30#11) pg. 49

Three ways to make a custom camera bag. Begin with an attache case, a suitcase or a standard camera case.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1974 (v.141#1) pg. 130

Build a custom case for camera lenses and accessories.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1978 (v.149#5) pg. 74

Tip: Convert a plastic fishing tackle box into a camera case.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1980 (v.154#1) pg. 40

Add dividers to a gadget bag to store more equipment in a neater fashion.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1968 (v.63#3) pg. 70

Tips on protecting eyes, film and camera from bright sunlight.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1970 (v.67#2) pg. 67

Tips on transporting lenses in camera bags to reduce the problems of dirt, dust and damage.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1971 (v.68#2) pg. 56

Thirteen tips for carrying cameras, lenses, film, etc. Containers and gadgets that give you a "third hand" in your gadget bag.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY May 1972 (v.70#5) pg. 68

A bicycle rider's guide to safely carrying a camera.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1972 (v.71#2) pg. 57

Cool tips for hot-weather photography. How to protect film and camera from the damage which hot weather can cause.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1973 (v.73#2) pg. 92

Custom-fit an attache case to carry your camera, film, flash, filters, and other accessories. An insert built from corrugated cardboard and tape fits into a standard attache case. Different inserts can be made for different combinations of cameras.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1975 (v.77#5) pg. 122

Ways to carry camera gear without using a camera bag.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Holiday 1976 (v.79#7) pg. 32

How to pack your photo gear protectively when you travel.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1977 (v.80#3) pg. 22

How to keep your cameras, films and chemicals cool when the weather is hot.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1978 (v.83#3) pg. 52

Carry your photo gear more comfortably. Use a backpack, luggage carrier with wheels, clothing with large pockets, and other tips.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1980 (v.86#1) pg. 16

How to plan and layout a carrying case for your motion picture camera equipment.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1981 (v.88#2) pg. 100

How to sew your own camera bag to hold your precise outfit. Est. cost: $20.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1981 (v.88#3) pg. 78

Which camera bag is right for you? A look at various styles, construction, hardware, etc.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1982 (v.89#8) pg. 94

Body-soothing ideas for carrying camera equipment.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1983 (v.90#10) pg. 12

Technique for safely storing cameras and lenses to keep them in good operating condition.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1984 (v.91#1) pg. 12

Enjoy your vacation picture making by learning how to carry your gear comfortably. Some tips.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1985 (v.92#6) pg. 82

Fitting a whole SLR outfit in a small camera bag. Some tips.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1987 (v.94#9) pg. 74

It's in the bag. Sage advice from an experienced pro on protecting your equipment in the field.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1988 (v.95#7) pg. 64

Tips on carrying camera gear while motorcycling.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1988 (v.95#7) pg. 126

Tip: Use beverage can insulators to protect your camera lenses.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1988 (v.95#11) pg. 78

Tip: Recycle old pants into a tripod carrying case.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1989 (v.96#2) pg. 77

Tip: Potato chip containers make inexpensive lens cases.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1989 (v.96#4) pg. 38

A rugged camera case is made from a backpack and foam rubber.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY May 1989 (v.96#5) pg. 38
Added Info POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1989 (v.96#11) pg. 44

Tip: Protecting film and camera from the heat when traveling by car.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1989 (v.96#6) pg. 130
Added Info POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1989 (v.96#9) pg. 77

Various combinations of camera bags and backpacks to handle rough terrain and traveling conditions.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1989 (v.96#7) pg. 28

An overview of camera bag design. Choosing and arranging one to fit your needs.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1989 (v.96#11) pg. 22

Tip on converting an Army ammo case into a durable camera case.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1990 (v.97#1) pg. 24

Convert a case for a portable typewriter into a custom camera case.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1990 (v.97#7) pg. 36

Tip on modifying a foam-lined Zero Halliburton case to make room for film, booklets, and other small items.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Dec 1990 (v.97#12) pg. 43

Tip on adapting a golf bag cart to tote camera bags and tripods.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1991 (v.98#4) pg. 18

Two ways to pack a camera bag. (1) Packing for travel. (2) Packing for responsive shooting.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1991 (v.98#10) pg. 53

How to pick the perfect camera bag.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1992 (v.99#2) pg. 26

Tip on using padded terrycloth wristlets for tennis players as protective sleeves for lenses.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1992 (v.99#7) pg. 69

Tip on using surplus military cartridge belts and accessory pouches to carry camera equipment.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY May 1993 (v.57#1) pg. 81

Tip on using a waist-belt-mounted water-bottle holder as a lens case.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Aug 1994 (v.58#8) pg. 96

Converting an inexpensive student daypack into a custom backpack-style camera bag by installing foam dividers.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1996 (v.60#2) pg. 142

Tips on selecting and packing a camera bag.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1999 (v.63#2) pg. 14

Custom-built cases for cameras.
POPULAR SCIENCE May 1963 (v.182#5) pg. 107

Protecting camera equipment and film from excessive heat, especially inside a closed automobile.
SHUTTERBUG #295 Apr 1995 (v.24#6) pg. 160

Pick a pocket. Advice on selecting a photographer's vest that will fit your needs.
SHUTTERBUG #311 Aug 1996 (v.25#10) pg. 146

Hot weather photography. Advice on protecting cameras and film, especially while traveling in hot and humid climates.
SHUTTERBUG #319 Apr 1997 (v.26#6) pg. 220

Choosing and using small backpacks as your camera bag.
SHUTTERBUG #331 Apr 1998 (v.27#6) pg. 168

How to make your own flight case for photo equipment from a generic hard-sided suitcase.
SHUTTERBUG #343 Apr 1999 (v.28#6) pg. 88

Camcorder bags. A discussion of hard and soft cases, the advantages of each and qualities to look for when selecting one.
VIDEOMAKER Mar 1996 (v.10#9) pg. 110