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Adirondack pack basket (15"x9"x22" tall) is woven from reed. The base and back are flat while the sides and front bulge. Cloth straps are added so the basket can be worn as a backpack.
BASKETMAKER #27 May 1991 (v.8#1) pg. 28

How to select and pack a backpack.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1976 (v.54#9) pg. 58

Child's denim backpack with bandanna wings. Estimated cost: $6.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1981 (v.59#7) pg. 68, 115

Child's backpack is decorated to look like the front of a truck or bus. Est. cost: $13.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1984 (v.62#2) pg. 38, 56

Backpack, 11"x12.5"x4" deep, is sewn from tie-dyed squares and rectangles. Includes instructions for dyeing the fabric. Est. cost: $30.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1989 (v.67#7) pg. 83, 100

Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus features, cut from fun foam, are added to a child's backpacks.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1998 (v.76#9) pg. 292

A shoulder pack bag.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1963 (v.53#11) pg. 67

A hip strap helps pack and packframe loads ride easier.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1967 (v.57#10) pg. 47

Keep your backpack and gear dry with a backpack cover made of polyethylene plastic sheeting.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1967 (v.57#10) pg. 47

How to make a backpack from canvas, muslin, or nylon.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1969 (v.59#6) pg. 48

Cornhusker pack frame is made from aluminum tubing, webbing straps and nylon rope.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1970 (v.60#8) pg. 47

How to make a mountaineer pack frame. Lightweight frame, contoured to fit your back, is made by laminating thin strips of wood.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1972 (v.62#6) pg. 34

How to make an insulated backpack from a picnic chest.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1972 (v.62#9) pg. 70

How to make a tumpline, a headband and strap that fastens to a backpack to take some of the weight off back-carried loads.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1973 (v.63#3) pg. 20

How to make a belt pack, a small knapsack that is carried on your belt.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1973 (v.63#10) pg. 50

A 17-ounce aluminum pack frame you can build.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1976 (v.66#7) pg. 56

How to pack a balanced backpack.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1978 (v.68#6) pg. 72

Tips on choosing the right sleeping bag, tent and pack for winter camping.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1979 (v.69#1) pg. 15

Tips on packing a backpack.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1984 (v.74#8) pg. 43

Tips on the maintenance of your backpack.
BOYS' LIFE May 1985 (v.75#5) pg. 72

Suggestions for the proper order and weight distribution when packing a backpack for a lengthy trip.
BOYS' LIFE May 1994 (v.84#5) pg. 24

Advice on how to select a backpack with features matched to planned uses.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 1996 (v.86#9) pg. 24

Selecting and loading a school backpack.
BOYS' LIFE Sep 2000 (v.90#9) pg. 16

How to pack a large backpack correctly when hiking cross country.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 2002 (v.92#11) pg. 36

Knitted backpack features multi-colored straps and side panels.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #99 Jun 1984 (v.9#3) pg. 36

How to crochet a backpack.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS May 1978 (v.9#4) pg. 70, 60

Wooden backpack rig for carrying a bundle of shingles up a ladder to the roof.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #78 Dec 1992-Jan 1993 pg. 28

Child-size backpack looks like a giant strawberry. It is crocheted in single stitch, with occasional puff stitches to simulate seeds. The red pouch has a green drawstring top and green shoulder straps.
FLOWER & GARDEN [CRAFTS EDITION] Aug-Sep 1996 (v.40#4) pg. 8

Crocheted lion backpack for a child. Paws from front and rear legs are attached to the shoulder straps. Head with yarn mane and embroidered face is stuffed. Body of lion serves as carrier. A long, tasseled tail hangs down from the body.
FLOWER & GARDEN [CRAFTS EDITION] Oct-Dec 1996 (v.40#5) pg. 6

A guide to buying and caring for backpacks.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Sep 1980 (v.191#3) pg. EC8

Quilted canvas knapsack can be used as a backpack or converts to a shoulder bag. Can also be made from leather.
HANDMADE Fall 1982 (v.2#3) pg. 40, 63

Soft sacks (soft luggage) you can sew. Includes a roll bag and a two-part, original-design backpack.
HOME MECHANIX #688 Aug 1985 (v.81) pg. 83

Modify a backpack to safely carry a kite while bicycling, hiking, etc. Lets you carry kites with spars up to 3.5-ft. in length.
KITE LINES Winter 1988-89 (v.7#2) pg. 23

Get that pack off your back. Converting a 30 gallon plastic garbage container into a handy traveling pack equipped with wheels. Use it to tote your rock-hound supplies to the site and to carry out your finds. Includes a checklist of equipment to take when on a prospecting trip.
LAPIDARY JOURNAL May 1990 (v.44#2) pg. 73

Leather backpack for a school-age child.
LEATHER CRAFTERS & SADDLERS JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1999 (v.9#5) pg. 26, Insert

Make your own pack frame from aluminum tubing and canvas.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #528 May 1972 (v.68) pg. 122

The basics for backpacking. Tips on selecting hiking boots, a pack with frame and a sleeping bag.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #567 Aug 1975 (v.71) pg. 66

Custom-make your own backpack. A two-pack unit for rockhounds is illustrated. Tips on designing one to serve your special needs.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #576 May 1976 (v.72) pg. 82

Make an Alaskan packboard and all-purpose packsack.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #86 Mar-Apr 1984 pg. 50

A summary of backpacking equipment and techniques. Insert describes how to make an Alaskan packboard with canvas cover and wooden frame.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #100 Jul-Aug 1986 pg. 84

Raccoon-face backpack for a child.
NEEDLE & THREAD Jul-Aug 1981 (v.1#3) pg. 41

Backpack is sewn from a stripped fabric and decorated with a mountain landscape scene appliqued to the back.
NEEDLE & THREAD Jul-Aug 1983 (v.3#4) pg. 39, 51, 35

Two designs for needlepoint backpacks. (1) Skunk with flowers. (2) Turtle.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1981 (v.4#3) pg. 18

Sew a denim backpack with zippers and pockets.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1984 (v.7#3) pg. 17, 33-34, 46

Backpack frame is made of aluminum angle and pop rivets.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1969 (v.132#2) pg. 161

Tips on selecting the correct backpack for your needs.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1976 (v.145#3) pg. 110

Packboard uses simple steam bending.
POPULAR SCIENCE Dec 1963 (v.183#6) pg. 112

Sew a knapsack with Olympic Games symbols on the flap. Sixteen designs furnished.
SUNSET Feb 1980 (v.164#2) pg. 76

Child-size backpack or shoulder bag is outfitted with tools of the "junior naturalist's" trade.
SUNSET Jun 1983 (v.170#6) pg. 142

Backpack for a child to use to carry a teddybear is made from an old pair of shorts and suspender-like straps.
SUNSET Jul 1986 (v.177#1) pg. 100

Great bags from scraps. How to turn leftover fabric into a knapsack/backpack.
THREADS #44 Dec 1992-Jan 1993 pg. 60

Create a "pachyderm" backpack with a velcro-lined "trunk" which opens and closes the pack.
WOMAN'S DAY Mar 6 1984 (v.47#7) pg. 85, 132