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xx   BIRD

Tip: Build a 30" tall, 14" square birdbath from redwood with a 12" square pan for the bath. Estimated cost: $45.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1981 (v.59#7) pg. 70

Backyard bird baths and dust bowls are made from pie tins and garbage can covers.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1970 (v.60#4) pg. 50

Bird feeders, a bird bath and nest-building materials you can make from scrap materials.
BOYS' LIFE Mar 1975 (v.65#3) pg. 48

Stylish birdbath is built from 5/4 cedar decking stock. The square top is lined with a copper pan to hold the water. The bath is supported by a wooden base in the shape of a truncated pyramid.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Jun 2002 (v.25#8) pg. 33
Correction CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Sep 2002 (v.25#10) pg. 8

Create a millpond pastoral. Build a combination fountain/birdbath, with upper and lower level pools, a waterfall, and a miniature mill actually powered by an overshot water wheel.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1988 (v.11#7) pg. 20

For the birds. An inground, drip birdbath (pool) you can build to attract birds to your property.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1989 (v.12#9) pg. 52

A gathering of doves. A greenware birdbath features four ceramic doves perched around the lip of the bowl.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Jan 1990 (v.35#5) pg. 103
Added Info CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS May 1990 (v.35#9) pg. 14

Rambling Rose birdbath. Three terra cotta flower pots are painted in acrylics with roses and stacked to form a birdbath. Bees and a bird are added as accents.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK Jun 1999 (v.26#3) pg. 75, Insert

Tip: How to attract birds by providing a source of dripping water.
FINE GARDENING #4 Nov-Dec 1988 pg. 6

Tip on installing a concrete birdbath closer to ground level so all animals can reach it without causing it to tip and break.
FINE GARDENING #41 Jan-Feb 1995 pg. 8

Suspend a pottery birdbath beneath a pottery bowl filled with water. Water dripping into the birdbath from a small hole in the bottom of the bowl will attract more birds.
FINE GARDENING #43 May-Jun 1995 pg. 8

Tip tells how to use a drip watering system to keep a birdbath full.
FINE GARDENING #63 Sep-Oct 1998 pg. 10

Tip on cleaning out a "slimy" birdbath.
GARDEN GATE #9 Jun 1996 pg. 40

Inexpensive birdbath is made from drainage tile and flower-pot saucer.
GARDEN GATE #12 Dec 1996 pg. 4

Tip shows how to create a bird bath from a tomato cage and a large plastic flower-pot saucer.
GARDEN GATE #14 Apr 1997 pg. 5

Tip offers a nonchemical way to scour a birdbath.
GARDEN GATE #21 Jun 1998 pg. 4

How to create a system that drips water into a birdbath.
GARDEN GATE #22 Aug 1998 pg. 4

Tip: How to repair a broken concrete bird bath.
HANDY ANDY Mar 1979 (v.3#6) pg. 76

Tips on selecting and maintaining a birdbath which will appeal to birds.
HARROWSMITH COUNTRY LIFE #123 Jul-Aug 1995 (v.20) pg. 8

Bird feeders and baths to make from gourds.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #62 Mar-Apr 1980 pg. 172

Tip suggests how to make an aluminum liner for a cement bird bath.
ORGANIC GARDENING Dec 1996 (v.43#9) pg. 58

Unique bird bath cast from colored concrete using a simple mold.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1967 (v.190#4) pg. 184

Bird bath has a simple water jet fountain in the middle, powered by a submersible pump housed in the base.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1972 (v.201#2) pg. 116

Cheap bird bath from drain tile and a tin can bucket lid.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Nov 1964 (v.35#11) pg. 109

Suggestions for simple ways to provide water basins for birds.
SUNSET Jul 1987 (v.179#1) pg. 152B

Basic or fanciful birdbaths. Several ideas shown.
SUNSET Aug 1993 (v.191#2) pg. 74

Splashdown. Four homemade birdbaths. (1) Concrete puddle. (2) Branching bath features a terra cotta saucer supported by a stand made from copper pipe. A broken branch, held by a copper-pipe leg, provides a perch above the saucer. (3) Birdbath landscape. Square covered with indoor-outdoor carpeting and edged with a picket fence made from popsicle sticks has a pie tin birdbath. (4) Glass-and-grout birdbath.
SUNSET May 1997 (v.198#5) pg. 122

The delights of a bird bath and suggestions on how to make one from "found" materials.
WOMAN'S DAY Mar 27 1978 (v.41#8) pg. 84

Apple-motif outdoor furniture set. Birdbath has apple-shaped cutouts in the three splined uprights that support a 20" flower-pot saucer.
WOOD MAGAZINE #106 Jun 1998 (v.15#4) pg. 46

Outdoor bird bath made of wood.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1963 (v.19#5) pg. 8

Concrete bird bath features running water fountain.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1966 (v.22#2) pg. 58

Waterwheel bird bath includes miniature mill house, operating waterwheel and two-level bird bath.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1971 (v.27#4) pg. 38