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Jig for making finger joints on a table saw.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Dec 1998-Jan 1999 (v.22#3) pg. 16

How to cut finger joints on a table saw using a dado blade and a simple jig.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1985 (v.9#3) pg. 70

Box joint jig for table saws.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1990 (v.13#12) pg. 14

Jig for cutting finger joints on a table saw.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Nov 1995 (v.19#2) pg. 14

Answers to common questions about table saws. Tips on adjustments and saw blade selection. Includes instructions for making push stick, featherboard and push shoe. How to make finger joints.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #339 Jun 1993 (v.43#6) pg. 33

Box or finger-joint jig for a table saw uses the rip fence as a guide (instead of the miter gauge).
FINE WOODWORKING #20 Jan-Feb 1980 pg. 13

Decorative joinery. Variations of finger joints and dovetail joints which use light and dark wood to form decorative exposed joints.
FINE WOODWORKING #28 May-Jun 1981 pg. 72

Cutting box joints on the radial arm saw. Build this sliding jig to move work piece into blade for safe, precise cuts.
FINE WOODWORKING #28 May-Jun 1981 pg. 76

Cutting finger joints on the band saw.
FINE WOODWORKING #39 Mar-Apr 1983 pg. 14

The laminated wood ribbon. A laminated joint (actually a finger or box joint) which is used in sculptural furniture.
FINE WOODWORKING #41 Jul-Aug 1983 pg. 34

Method for making finger joints that minimizes cumulative error.
FINE WOODWORKING #72 Sep-Oct 1988 pg. 12

Decorative, stacking wooden storage boxes for 35mm slides feature finger joint corners and a removable top. Includes a jig for cutting finger joints on a table saw.
FINE WOODWORKING #84 Sep-Oct 1990 pg. 74
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #86 Jan-Feb 1991 pg. 4, 32

Techniques for avoiding tearout when sawing box joints on a table saw.
FINE WOODWORKING #88 May-Jun 1991 pg. 28

Blade guards are incorporated into table saw jigs for cutting box joints, tenons, crosscutting, mitering, resawing, and cove cutting.
FINE WOODWORKING #104 Jan-Feb 1994 pg. 56

Finger-joining small boxes. Simple table saw jigs improve speed, accuracy and safety.
FINE WOODWORKING #106 May-Jun 1994 pg. 40
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #108 Sep-Oct 1994 pg. 6

How to make box joints (finger joints) using a dovetail saw and chisel.
HOME MECHANIX #705 Jan 1987 (v.83) pg. 16

Short course in wood joinery. Covers (1) common mortise and tenon joints, (2) drawer corner joints, (3) wedged mortise and tenon joints, (4) box joints, (5) concealed and regular lap joints, (6) lock joints. Plans for a tenoning jig included.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1972 (v.137#4) pg. 156

Spacing jig for a table saw is used to cut perfect-fitting box or finger joints.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1976 (v.146#2) pg. 94

How to master fine wood joinery. Part 3. The dovetail joint and the fingerlap (box) joint.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1982 (v.157#1) pg. 98

Modified finger-lap jig, used for cutting boxed-joints on a table saw, features a renewable kerf backup board that eliminates splits when cutting the joints.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1982 (v.157#6) pg. 98

How to make fingerlap joints.
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1970 (v.197#4) pg. 94

Finger joints. Homemade pedal-actuated saw table designed specifically for cutting finger joints. Est. cost: $50 (plus motor).
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1987 (v.230#2) pg. 98
Added Info POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1987 (v.231#1) pg. 8

Making box joints on the table saw. Step-by-step instructions.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #40 Dec 1987-Jan 1988 (v.7#4) pg. 38

Making finger joints. Includes plans for wooden magazine boxes with finger joints on all four corners.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #94 Jan 1997 (v.16#6) pg. 30

Box joint jig for table saw or router table features a micro-adjustment system.
SHOPNOTES #8 Mar 1993 (v.2) pg. 6

The accurate box joint jig for use on a table saw. Each revolution of a handle moves the work piece exactly 1/16".
WOOD MAGAZINE #27 Feb 1989 (v.6#1) pg. 48
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #29 Jun 1989 (v.6#3) pg. 8

Decorative reinforcements (keys) for miter joint, box joint, edge joint, etc. How to fabricate corner keys, dovetail keys, box keys, rounded-finger keys, and bow tie surface splines.
WOOD MAGAZINE #75 Dec 1994 (v.11#9) pg. 50, Insert

Finger-joint router bits. A seven-step process for gluing boards end-to-end using the special finger-joint.
WOOD MAGAZINE #98 Aug 1997 (v.14#5) pg. 32

Box joint jig for a table saw and the secrets of setting it up precisely so "fingers" of a box joint line up regardless of work piece width.
WOOD MAGAZINE #104 Mar 1998 (v.15#2) pg. 6

How to make snug, good-looking box joints.
WOOD MAGAZINE #104 Mar 1998 (v.15#2) pg. 12

Box joint jig for use on a table saw has micro-adjustability and interchangeable indexing pins. Includes an explanation of how to use it.
WOOD MAGAZINE #108 Oct 1998 (v.15#6) pg. 44, Insert
Correction WOOD MAGAZINE #110 Dec 1998 (v.15#8) pg. 8
Correction WOOD MAGAZINE #115 Jun 1999 (v.16#4) pg. 9
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #117 Oct 1999 (v.16#6) pg. 6

Table saw techniques. Making a box joint. Dado blade and a simple jig make quick work of these joints.
WOODSMITH #2 Mar 1979 pg. 4

Step-by-step instructions for making the box joint (finger joint). Includes plans for slide-top box, chest of drawers and drawer construction which use the box joint.
WOODSMITH #17 Sep 1981 pg. 12

Cutting box joints (finger joints). Includes instructions for cutting angled box joints.
WOODSMITH #35 Sep-Oct 1984 pg. 14

Box joint jig. How to cut perfect box joints using a table saw or table-mounted router.
WOODSMITH #42 Nov-Dec 1985 pg. 16

Dealing with the dado blade dilemma when cutting box joints. How to eliminate chipout and how to get flat, square slot bottoms when cutting box joints using a dado blade.
WOODSMITH #42 Nov-Dec 1985 pg. 20

Tip: Use a band saw to clean up box joint slots made with a dado.
WOODSMITH #44 Apr 1986 pg. 3

Making box joints. Includes a jig for cutting box joints on a table saw or router table.
WOODSMITH #78 Dec 1991 pg. 27, 24

How to make box joints. Includes instructions for building a jig to use with a table saw.
WOODSMITH #104 Apr 1996 (v.18) pg. 22

Make a table saw finger-joint jig and then using it to cut finger joints.
WOODSMITH #110 Apr 1997 (v.19) pg. 14

Tip on how to plug voids created by the groove at the bottom of finger joint boxes.
WOODSMITH #110 Apr 1997 (v.19) pg. 19

Difference in finger joints made by crosscut and rip blades noted.
WOODSMITH #110 Apr 1997 (v.19) pg. 19

Tip on making a simple step-and-repeat jig for cutting finger joints on a table saw.
WOODWORK #15 May-Jun 1992 pg. 18

Jig for cutting box joints on a radial arm saw.
WOODWORK #18 Nov-Dec 1992 pg. 16

Let your fingers do the jointing. Two novel ideas for cutting comb joints (box joints) by machine. (1) Router jigs. (2) Band saw jigs.
WOODWORKER Jan 1989 (v.93#1) pg. 9, 13

Jig for cutting box joints (finger joints) on a table saw.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1977 (v.1#5) pg. 16

The beginning woodworker. All about box joints.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1982 (v.6#6) pg. 20

Cutting box joints on a table saw using a simple jig and the dado head.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1989 (v.13#3) pg. 17

Super box joint jig for use with a table saw. It combines versatility with accuracy and ease of use. A system of brass keys lets you cut finger joints in 1/16" increments from 1/8" up to 1-5/16".
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1993 (v.17#5) pg. 44

How to make and use a box joint jig for a table saw.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1996 (v.20#2) pg. 57

Build a jig to take the guesswork out of making a finger joint (box joint) on a radial saw.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1966 (v.22#5) pg. 8

How to use a table saw to make six common cabinet cuts: (1) cope cuts, (2) mitering, (3) box joints, (4) taper cuts, (5) half-lap joints and tenons with true shoulders, and (6) cutting duplicates from a long strip.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1971 (v.27#1) pg. 31

Table saw "extras", a few simple jigs and set-ups. Jigs for making coves, box joints and tapers, how to use a stop and how to make a feather board.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1978 (v.34#4) pg. 39

Adjustable jig for cutting finger joints on a table saw.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1981 (v.37#6) pg. 91