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Setting jointer knives.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER Sep 1985 (v.1#3) pg. 29

Jointer knife setting gauge you can make.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER Sep 1985 (v.1#3) pg. 54

Simple jig for sharpening planer and jointer blades on a belt sander.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #12 Jan-Feb 1990 pg. 8

Using an ohmmeter to determine when the edge of a planer or jointer knife is touching the knife gauge.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #36 Jan-Feb 1994 pg. 22

Using an ordinary magnet to hold jointer knives during setting.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #44 Apr 1995 pg. 26
Added Info AMERICAN WOODWORKER #45 Jun 1995 pg. 10

How to modify jointer and planer blades to reduce grain tear out on highly-figured hardwoods.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #50 Feb 1996 pg. 12

Technique for grinding planer and jointer knives uses a simple jig and a small (5") grinder.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #50 Feb 1996 pg. 24

Square of plate glass with magnets glued to the underside becomes a jig for setting jointer knives.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #65 Apr 1998 pg. 32

How to set jointer knives without using a jig.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #73 Jun 1999 pg. 16

Simple jig for sharpening jointer or planer knives on a drill press using a cup grinder wheel.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #77 Dec 1999 pg. 20

Shop-built jointer knife gauge to make sure that all knives are set at exactly the same height.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Jul-Aug 1999 (v.22#9) pg. 12
Added Info CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Oct 1999 (v.23#1) pg. 10

Jointer pointers. Tips on table alignment and installation of sharpened knives.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1984 (v.7#10) pg. 50

Sharpening knives for a jointer or thickness planer. Several techniques shown.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1985 (v.8#9) pg. 41
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Nov 1985 (v.9#2) pg. 6

Time to sharpen. Similarities and differences in sharpening various wood-cutting tools.
CHIP CHATS Mar-Apr 1996 (v.43#2) pg. 108

Tip: Use a radial arm saw or table saw to sharpen jointer blades.
FINE WOODWORKING #11 Summer 1978 pg. 21

The jointer. How to adjust, sharpen and use this basic machine. Included is the use of a router to sharpen the blades without removing them and a jig to convert the jointer into a thickness planer.
FINE WOODWORKING #19 Nov-Dec 1979 pg. 92
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #27 Mar-Apr 1981 pg. 8

Sharpen jointer knives on a drill press using this sharpening jig.
FINE WOODWORKING #23 Jul-Aug 1980 pg. 15

Tip for setting jointer knives (adjusting the outfeed table).
FINE WOODWORKING #26 Jan-Feb 1981 pg. 34

Improved fixture for sharpening jointer knives on a drill press.
FINE WOODWORKING #27 Mar-Apr 1981 pg. 14

Two jigs for sharpening jointer or planer knives on a table saw.
FINE WOODWORKING #30 Sep-Oct 1981 pg. 14

On jointer maintenance. Powermatic tool company gives advice on proper maintenance of jointers. Includes correct method to remove and replace knives.
FINE WOODWORKING #30 Sep-Oct 1981 pg. 72

Tip: Replace only one jointer knife at a time as nicks develop.
FINE WOODWORKING #32 Jan-Feb 1982 pg. 14

More jointer-knife sharpening jigs. Use with table saw, radial arm saw, or drill press.
FINE WOODWORKING #34 May-Jun 1982 pg. 14
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #36 Sep-Oct 1982 pg. 4

Tips on setting jointer knives and knowing when to discard them.
FINE WOODWORKING #34 May-Jun 1982 pg. 32

How to replace reground knives in a jointer quickly and accurately.
FINE WOODWORKING #41 Jul-Aug 1983 pg. 12

Simple wooden jig for honing two jointer knives at the same time.
FINE WOODWORKING #53 Jul-Aug 1985 pg. 14

Jointer talk. Getting along with home-shop machines. How to sharpen blades, install blades, feed the stock, etc.
FINE WOODWORKING #55 Nov-Dec 1985 pg. 72

Jig for sharpening jointer knives on a bench grinder.
FINE WOODWORKING #76 May-Jun 1989 pg. 12

Simple gauge is used to quickly and accurately measure knife height when replacing jointer knives.
FINE WOODWORKING #83 Jul-Aug 1990 pg. 14

Tip on using a magnetic knife strip as a band saw rip fence, for holding jointer blades during replacement, etc.
FINE WOODWORKING #93 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 20

Setting jointer knives. All you need are a few simple tools and an inexpensive dial indicator.
FINE WOODWORKING #103 Nov-Dec 1993 pg. 86
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #105 Mar-Apr 1994 pg. 6

Honing knives into perfect alignment after they are sharpened and reinstalled on a jointer.
FINE WOODWORKING #109 Nov-Dec 1994 pg. 24

Simple jig for setting planer or jointer knives to the proper height.
FINE WOODWORKING #127 Nov-Dec 1997 pg. 32

Portable grinder sharpens jointer knives while still on machine.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1964 (v.121#3) pg. 188

Magnetic jig for aligning jointer knives.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1972 (v.137#6) pg. 162

Jointer blade sharpening jig for use on a table saw equipped with a grinding wheel.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1982 (v.157#3) pg. 66

Jointing with accuracy. Tips on adjusting the machine, depth of cut, jointing end grain, surfacing, grinding knives on a drill press or disc sander, making a pusher hold-down, shop built magnetic knife resetting jig, etc.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #105 Nov 1998 (v.18#5) pg. 16

Changing and adjusting jointer knives requires only a straightedge and some patience.
SHOPNOTES #12 Nov 1993 (v.2) pg. 14

Low-speed grinding jig for sharpening jointer knives and plane irons attaches to the table on a drill press. Carriage that slides back and forth under the stone allows a consistent angle to be maintained. Micro-adjustable stops allow fine tuning the position of the knife. Grinding stone is mounted to an arbor adapter that's chucked in the drill press.
SHOPNOTES #31 Jan 1997 (v.6) pg. 16

Tuning up a jointer. Adjusting tables, setting knives, honing knives, etc.
SHOPNOTES #48 Nov 1999 (v.8) pg. 20

Hollow-grind sharpening. How to put a razor-sharp edge on your chisels, plane irons, jointer knives, and lathe chisels. Includes instructions for building a jig to precisely control the removal of steel from the cutting edge.
WOOD MAGAZINE #11 Jun 1986 (v.3#3) pg. 67
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #13 Oct 1986 (v.3#5) pg. 7

Save money by sharpening your own jointer and planer knives using your drill press and this jig.
WOOD MAGAZINE #24 Aug 1988 (v.5#4) pg. 74
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #28 Apr 1989 (v.6#2) pg. 11

How to install jointer knives.
WOOD MAGAZINE #52 Jun 1992 (v.9#4) pg. 56

How to offset nicks on planer or jointer knives so a project can be completed before knives are pulled for sharpening.
WOOD MAGAZINE #62 Aug 1993 (v.10#5) pg. 12

Poor man's dial indicator is used to accurately set jointer knives.
WOOD MAGAZINE #123 Apr 2000 (v.17#3) pg. 12

Tip on using a putty-like adhesive to temporarily hold the knives while replacing jointer knives.
WOODSMITH #70 Aug 1990 pg. 5

Simple method for sharpening the knives of a small jointer involves placing the jointer on the table of a drill press and chucking a sharpening wheel in the drill press.
WOODWORK #24 Nov-Dec 1993 pg. 16

Build a jig to set the blades in a combination jointer and thicknesser.
WOODWORKER May 1994 (v.98#5) pg. 38

Setting jointer knives. How to build a jig to save time and ensure accuracy.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1996 (v.20#2) pg. 16

Tuning a jointer. How to balance, sharpen and install the knives. Includes a shop-made jig for holding a jointer knife while sharpening.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1997 (v.21#1) pg. 32

Sharpen jointer knives on a table saw using this simple jig.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1985 (v.41#1) pg. 30