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How to build a countertop and shelves from hollow-core doors and plywood.
APARTMENT LIFE Aug 1980 (v.12#8) pg. 68, 79

Photo shows a kitchen counter made by cutting a standard 36" square table in half, and attaching each half to the wall. Est. cost: $75.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1984 (v.62#2) pg. 72

Tips on building a stow away countertop. It folds into the wall when not needed.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1985 (v.63#7) pg. 62

Tips on caring for countertops made from plastic laminate, glazed ceramic tile, synthetic marble (Corian) and stainless steel.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Oct 1987 (v.65#10) pg. 28

Four clever backsplashes to fill the area between kitchen countertop and upper cabinets. (1) Embossed tin panels. (2) Ceramic tile with a simple floral motif. (3) Botanical prints. (4) Plaster lath applied on the diagonal.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Apr 1996 (v.74#4) pg. 31
Added Info BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1996 (v.74#7) pg. 39

How to build a concrete countertop from start to finish.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP May 2000 (v.23#7) pg. 43

Tip on making a pattern for a kitchen countertop to fit out-of-square walls.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Summer 2001 (v.24#9) pg. 12

Tip: How to use a sun lamp and Contact Cement solvent to loosen and remove an old arborite counter top.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Mar 1980 (v.3#6) pg. 30
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1980 (v.3#8) pg. 4

How to measure and install preformed countertops in a kitchen.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jul 1981 (v.4#10) pg. 41

Focus on kitchens. Step-by-step instructions for affordable kitchen remodeling. Includes tips on making punched copper (or tin) inserts for cabinet doors, installing a wood countertop, the latest in surfacing materials, etc.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1989 (v.12#4) pg. 27
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1989 (v.12#11) pg. 5

Countertop repair. Tips on repairing burns, gouges, etc. in plastic laminate, Corian, wood, etc.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1989 (v.12#4) pg. 70

How to decide which kitchen countertop material is best for you.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1994 (v.17#8) pg. 49

Tip: Use epoxy paint for darkroom countertop instead of expensive plastic laminate.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY May-Jun 1979 (v.1#2) pg. 14

Tips on a kitchen makeover that involves painting counter tops with Flecstone and the cabinets with enamel accented with a stenciled accent of green vines.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK May-Jun 1995 (v.22#3) pg. 20

Built-in kitchen counter.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #78 Feb 1964 (v.14#1) pg. 36

Easy-to-build snack bar provides extra counter surface around an existing L-shaped counter.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #133 Feb 1972 (v.22#2) pg. 60

A review of the five common countertop materials used in a kitchen. Looks at advantages of each, durability, cleanability, costs, etc. Typical edge finishes are also viewed.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #270 Jul-Aug 1986 (v.36#6) pg. 53

Tip on sealing particleboard countertop to prevent moisture penetration.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #279 May-Jun 1987 (v.37#5) pg. 128

Replacing a kitchen countertop and sink.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #291 Sep 1988 (v.38#7) pg. 29

Countertops. A brief guide to help you choose among plastic laminates, ceramic tile, butcher block, or molded solid material.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #304 Jan 1990 (v.40#1) pg. 42

Tip on cleaning and oiling a slate countertop.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #306 Mar 1990 (v.40#3) pg. 8

How to replace a kitchen countertop.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #321 Sep 1991 (v.41#8) pg. 49

Suggested finishes for solid wood countertops.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #1 Feb-Mar 1981 pg. 6
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #4 Aug-Sep 1981 pg. 9

"Corian" kitchen countertops. How to machine and install this synthetic marble material.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #27 Jun-Jul 1985 pg. 44
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #28 Aug-Sep 1985 pg. 6

Building torsion-box cantilevered countertops which attach to the wall and provide wheelchair accessibility for kitchen, bathroom, etc.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #76 Aug-Sep 1992 pg. 58

Choosing kitchen countertops. Pros, cons and cost of plastic, tile, wood, stone, concrete and steel.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #77 Oct-Nov 1992 pg. 40

Making a solid-surface countertop. Using synthetic materials (Corian, Avonite, etc) that can be worked like wood and polished like stone.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #84 Oct-Nov 1993 pg. 40

Tip on attaching a small countertop (bar top) to a knee wall using a mitered ledger strip.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #86 Feb-Mar 1994 pg. 26

Making concrete countertops for kitchens. Building the forms, casting, installing, and finishing.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #90 Aug-Sep 1994 pg. 86
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #91 Oct-Nov 1994 pg. 6
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #93 Feb-Mar 1995 pg. 6

Tip on using pieces of ice to facilitate moving a heavy stone countertop into position without cracking.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #91 Oct-Nov 1994 pg. 34

Tip on constructing a kitchen countertop so that steam from a dishwasher won't cause moisture problems.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #95 Apr-May 1995 pg. 16

Granite countertops. An experienced fabricator explains the process from the templating to the final setting of the slabs.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #100 Feb-Mar 1996 pg. 68

Tip on using a router equipped with a straight-shank cutter to scribe a countertop to fit an irregular wall.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #112 Oct-Nov 1997 pg. 32
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #113 Dec 1997-Jan 1998 pg. 12

Poured-in-place concrete countertops. Getting a durable kitchen work surface starts with careful form work and the right concrete.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #125 Aug-Sep 1999 pg. 62
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #126 Oct-Nov 1999 pg. 12

Suggestions for non-toxic finishes for a butcher-block countertop.
FINE WOODWORKING #9 Winter 1977 pg. 24

How to finish wooden kitchen counter tops with linseed oil.
FINE WOODWORKING #14 Jan-Feb 1979 pg. 28

Tips on finishing kitchen countertops and chopping boards with either mositure-curing urethane or household paraffin wax.
FINE WOODWORKING #16 May-Jun 1979 pg. 24

Tips on revitalizing countertops covered with teak flooring.
FINE WOODWORKING #63 Mar-Apr 1987 pg. 18

Spiling method for making very accurate patterns for flooring or countertops.
FINE WOODWORKING #81 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 18

Building a Corian countertop. Features a bullnose lip that is cut with a special router bit.
FINE WOODWORKING #84 Sep-Oct 1990 pg. 59

Technique for making a very accurate pattern to allow a complicated countertop to fit perfectly.
FINE WOODWORKING #87 Mar-Apr 1991 pg. 18

Advice on building kitchen countertops from wood and the inherent problems when it comes to waterproofing.
FINE WOODWORKING #101 Jul-Aug 1993 pg. 26

Working with synthetic countertop materials (plastic laminates and solid surface materials).
FINE WOODWORKING #108 Sep-Oct 1994 pg. 64
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #110 Jan-Feb 1995 pg. 6

Tip on stripping and refinishing kitchen (butcher block) work surfaces.
FINE WOODWORKING #111 Mar-Apr 1995 pg. 24
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #113 Jul-Aug 1995 pg. 8

Simple jig and technique for routing a radiused corner on a countertop.
FINE WOODWORKING #131 Jul-Aug 1998 pg. 14

How to repair laminated plastic counters, ceramic tile counters, linoleum counters and wood counters.
HANDY ANDY Oct 1978 (v.3#1) pg. 90

Tip on installing a heatproof insert in a kitchen countertop.
HOME MECHANIX #741 Jan 1990 (v.86) pg. 84

Counter punch. Create custom countertops with decorative snap-on edging. Tips on installing this commercially-available edging.
HOME MECHANIX #748 Sep 1990 (v.86) pg. 62

Cultured counters. What is available in solid-surface countertops and tips on installation.
HOME MECHANIX #754 Apr 1991 (v.87) pg. 44

How to make bullnose trim for a kitchen counter. Included in an article on one design for a multi-function kitchen center.
HOME MECHANIX #762 Feb 1992 (v.88) pg. 64

Three space-saving countertops for dining in the kitchen.
HOME MECHANIX #777 Jul-Aug 1993 (v.89) pg. 60

Building a solid-surface kitchen countertop. Included in a kitchen remodeling article.
HOME MECHANIX #779 Oct 1993 (v.89) pg. 47

Everything you need to know about plastic-laminate and solid-surface countertops.
HOME MECHANIX #789 Oct 1994 (v.90) pg. 41

Design shows how to create a countertop that can be raised or lowered.
HOME MECHANIX #804 Apr 1996 (v.92) pg. 87

Tip: Attach a sheet of stainless steel to your countertop next to a stove to form a resting place for hot pans.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1981 (v.6#3) pg. 106

Tip: Use gun stock oil to finish pine countertops.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Dec 1981 (v.9#12) pg. 283

A look at countertop options for a reproduction kitchen. Plastic laminates, plastic slabs, ceramic tile, linoleum, metal, wood, marble, slate and granite are covered.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1987 (v.15#4) pg. 36

Traditional countertops. A survey of practical countertop options in vintage materials.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1992 (v.20#5) pg. 36

Tip on repairing a damaged kitchen countertop by inlaying a piece of marble.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL May-Jun 1994 (v.22#4) pg. 24

How to build a kitchen countertop using the latest materials. Included in a SPECIAL SECTION on kitchen remodeling.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1990 (v.167#4) pg. 102

Facelift for a butcher-block cutting surface or countertop involves scraping, sanding, and refinishing.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1991 (v.168#8) pg. 63

How to choose a kitchen countertop material.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1996 (v.173#8) pg. 88

How to construct a kitchen counter and corner drawer.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Nov-Dec 1986 (v.1#3) pg. 58

Kitchen countertop materials. A survey of the options, their cost ranges, do-it-yourself possibilities, and wear characteristics.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Feb 1989 (v.4#1) pg. 42

How to resurface a kitchen countertop with Corian, a synthetic marble.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Fall 1979 pg. 88

Tip: How to cut oak 1x4s into two "J" shaped pieces for use as counter top material. Looks like thick butcher-block counter with almost half the weight and cost.
SUNSET Apr 1979 (v.162#4) pg. 142

Tip: Counter-top cutting board lifts up revealing an access hole to a corner cupboard.
SUNSET Oct 1981 (v.167#4) pg. 106

Tip: Use a piano hinge to lengthen a kitchen counter with this fold-out extension.
SUNSET Dec 1981 (v.167#6) pg. 120

Designs of several kitchen counters for working, eating and socializing.
SUNSET Mar 1982 (v.168#3) pg. 112

Tip: A hole in this cutting board countertop leads to a waste container for food scraps.
SUNSET Apr 1982 (v.168#4) pg. 132

Tips on selecting a kitchen counter surface according to how it's used.
SUNSET Mar 1985 (v.174#3) pg. 112

A look at new surfacing materials with the look of granite and tips on installing pre-cut panels.
SUNSET Nov 1987 (v.179#5) pg. 112

Tip: Fold-down counter is held level when open by chains. Magnetic latches hold counter against the wall when closed.
SUNSET Oct 1989 (v.183#4) pg. 144

Solid-surface countertops. How to get the most for your money.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #819 Oct 1997 (v.93) pg. 36

A splash of style. Creative ways to add pizzazz to a kitchen backsplash.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #819 Oct 1997 (v.93) pg. 42

Tips on using Danish oil to finish a kitchen counter.
WOODWORKER May 1987 (v.91#5) pg. 438

Templates for making the joint where two countertops intersect at right angles.
WOODWORKER Sep 1989 (v.93#9) pg. 808

How to make a vinyl surface countertop with backsplash.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1965 (v.21#5) pg. 23

How to install a pressed-tin backsplash in a kitchen.
WORKBENCH Feb-Mar 1996 (v.52#1) pg. 44