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Knitted shoulder pads for sweaters.
CAST ON #29 Holiday 1990 (v.9) pg. 33

Making shoulder pads.
HANDMADE #12 Jan-Feb 1984 pg. 30

How to match shoulder pad shapes to sleeve styles. Includes instructions for making custom pads.
HANDWOVEN May-Jun 1989 (v.10#3) pg. 57

Tip: How to make shoulder pads for clothing.
THREADS #4 Apr-May 1986 pg. 8

Tip: Pattern for a shoulder pad with a pleat built into the armhole edge. This allows the pad to be machine-sewn to the garment seam allowance without flattening the pad.
THREADS #9 Feb-Mar 1987 pg. 10

Tip: Weights in the front points of covered shoulder pads keep a neckline from shifting.
THREADS #11 Jun-Jul 1987 pg. 8

Tip on preventing shoulder-pad show-through.
THREADS #14 Dec 1987-Jan 1988 pg. 12

Tip: Use polyester fleece and nonwoven interfacing to make machine-washable shoulder pads.
THREADS #24 Aug-Sep 1989 pg. 10

Tip shows how to remove shoulder pads and alter the shoulder line in a garment with raglan sleeves.
THREADS #43 Oct-Nov 1992 pg. 8

Tip shows how to make shoulder-pad pockets for reversible jackets.
THREADS #45 Feb-Mar 1993 pg. 12

Shoulder pads, in or out? How to achieve a flattering shoulder shape regardless of the current style.
THREADS #47 Jun-Jul 1993 pg. 38

How to make a knitted shoulder pad.
THREADS #55 Oct-Nov 1994 pg. 22

How to use shoulder pads to alter contours and positions. Includes pattern for a fleece cover that can be used to customize a shoulder pad for rounded or square shoulders.
THREADS #59 Jun-Jul 1995 pg. 22

Setting in a jacket sleeve. Adjust ease, insert sleeve head and shape shoulder pads like a professional. Drawings show how to create personalized shoulder pads.
THREADS #61 Oct-Nov 1995 pg. 40
Correction THREADS #66 Aug-Sep 1996 pg. 12

How to make a shoulder-pad pocket.
THREADS #71 Jun-Jul 1997 pg. 12
Added Info THREADS #74 Dec 1997-Jan 1998 pg. 6
Added Info THREADS #75 Feb-Mar 1998 pg. 8

How to make a shaped shoulder pad.
THREADS #83 Jun-Jul 1999 pg. 16

Tips on installing shoulder pads.
WOMAN'S DAY Sep 11 1984 (v.47#15) pg. 25