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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Tip on keeping an oil filter wrench from slipping.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #295 Feb 1989 (v.39#2) pg. 100

How to remove a stubborn oil filter.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #336 Mar 1993 (v.43#3) pg. 99

Preventive maintenance tips for air, oil, and fuel filters,
HOME MECHANIX #738 Oct 1989 (v.85) pg. 38

Tip on using sandpaper to help remove a stuck oil filter.
HOMEOWNER Dec 1989 (v.14#10) pg. 75

How to keep gas, oil and air filters working.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1966 (v.126#5) pg. 168

Cleaning or replacing dirty oil, fuel or air filters.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1972 (v.138#1) pg. 124

A look at various oil filters available and tips on how to pick the best one for your car.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1973 (v.140#2) pg. 172

Tips on the correct way to install new oil filters.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1976 (v.145#1) pg. 22

Home-made oil filter wrench for Dodge Omni or Horizon.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1980 (v.153#5) pg. 64

Tip: Slow oil-pressure rise may be caused by a faulty oil filter.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1986 (v.163#5) pg. 32

Tip: Use plastic wrap to protect exposed parts from oil when removing an oil filter.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1987 (v.164#9) pg. 24

Tip: Improper cold-weather starting can rupture oil filter. A second cause of oil filter rupture is also noted.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1987 (v.164#12) pg. 10

Tip: Use sandpaper to keep an oil filter wrench from slipping.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1988 (v.165#1) pg. 30

Tip: Pre-fill a new filter with oil prior to installation.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1988 (v.165#10) pg. 22

Tips on replacing fuel, oil and air filters.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1989 (v.166#5) pg. 178

Replacing auto filters. Instructions for replacing oil, air, and gasoline filters.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1991 (v.168#6) pg. 82

Auto-maintenance basics. Part 14. Car filters. What to know and how to change them. Covers air, fuel and oil filters.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1977 (v.210#3) pg. 128

Removing stubborn oil filters.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #274 May 1999 (v.23#10) pg. 16