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Drawing table features an adjustable top, sculpted legs, frame-and-panel back, etc. Details given only for certain "new techniques" incorporated into the table.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER Sep 1985 (v.1#3) pg. 57

Drafting table made mostly from wood is adjustable to three different slants. Top measures 38"x48".
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #20 May-Jun 1991 pg. 54

Multipurpose drawing table is made using a 23" stepladder, a 24"x36" drawing board, a frame made from ordinary lumber and C-clamps to secure the frame to the ladder.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE May 1994 (v.11#5) pg. 6A

Tip shows how to make a "stair-step" of flat surfaces from a length of heavy illustration board that can be tacked to a slanted table top. Steps hold writing utensils and other items level so they won't slide off.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Sep 1994 (v.11#9) pg. 7A

Attach L-shaped wooden molding to the edges of a drawing table to catch eraser debris.
ARTIST'S MAGAZINE Jan 1996 (v.13#1) pg. 36

Plans are available for a storage box-based study desk. Two boxes, 24"x24"x18", serve as pedestals. Top with recessed apron makes the unit a desk. Wall-hung bulletin board and fold-down drawing board mount over the desk.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Apr 1971 (v.49#4) pg. 22

Photos show a three-way table that can be a desk, drafting table, (with bulletin board) and a dining table. Desk unit, on trestle legs, measures 52"x32"x29" high. A storage cubicle with a recessed top and shallow drawers is 14"x12"x25" high. Table top opens to create a slanted work surface and bulletin board. Unit is built from 2x4s, particle board and laminate. Plans must be ordered.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Oct 1974 (v.52#10) pg. 54

Multipurpose workshop wall unit features adjustable shelving, adjustable drawing board and storage cupboards. Built from pine and plywood. Est. cost: $150.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Feb 1982 (v.5#5) pg. 34

Drafting table has triangular leg supports and a tilting top. This is an award-winning project from a high-school student.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1986 (v.9#4) pg. 56

Framework converts a drafting board into an adjustable drafting table.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #170 Feb 1976 (v.26#2) pg. 50

Build a drafting table that adjusts. The tabletop tilts to the desired angle and the height may be varied from 35" to 44". Top measures 24"x30".
FAMILY HANDYMAN #254 Dec 1984 (v.34#10) pg. 68

Tip on constructing a simple, temporary blueprint or drafting table for the jobsite.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #107 Feb-Mar 1997 pg. 28

How to make drawers. Includes instructions for making an adjustable drafting table with several storage drawers. Includes three drawer-stop ideas and corner joints other than dovetails which can be used.
FINE WOODWORKING #45 Mar-Apr 1984 pg. 32
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #46 May-Jun 1984 pg. 4

Adjustable drafting table (24"x42") is made from inexpensive lumber and ordinary hardware.
FINE WOODWORKING #52 May-Jun 1985 pg. 64

A knockdown drafting table features torsion-box top (42"x24") and simple joinery. Top adjusts to different angles and large accessory trays provide storage space.
FINE WOODWORKING #123 Mar-Apr 1997 pg. 74

Artful tables. Three wall-hung tables which fold down when not needed. (1) Writing desk with a 40" semi-circular top. (2) Drawing table with a 32"x40" top. (3) Child's desk with an 18"x34" top and painted to look like a playhouse.
HOME MECHANIX #721 May 1988 (v.84) pg. 78

Simple, three-legged desk and drafting board for writers, artists, or speakers (suitable as a lectern) who like to work standing up. The 18"x32" top surface is slanted. Collapses for storage.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1966 (v.126#1) pg. 121.

Hobby worktable features slant-top drawing surface and a storage cabinet on casters which rolls under the drawing table for storage.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1972 (v.138#2) pg. 132

Build a drafting table that folds for easy storage. Three-leg stand is attached to a commercial drawing board. Est. cost: $30.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1977 (v.147#5) pg. 39

Workbench drafting table to build. Basswood drawing board is supported on the top of the workbench by a wooden frame. Pitch can be adjusted by changing the length of the front dowels. Est. cost: $50.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1979 (v.151#3) pg. 126

Projects for a master craftsman's shop. Wall-hung storage cabinet for small tools and supplies also features a built-in drawing board.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1982 (v.157#5) pg. 114

Home hobby center. A cabinet with lots of storage, a concealed workbench and built-in drafting table.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1966 (v.188#2) pg. 158

Drafting clipboard uses 3-hole notebook paper and has a built-in straightedge. Board size is 9-1/2"x12".
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1967 (v.191#5) pg. 156

How to make a map of your own property. Includes instructions for making a plane table (portable drawing board) and an alidade (a straightedge with a pair of sights).
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1974 (v.205#4) pg. 118

Slotted pieces from 1-1/2 sheets of plywood form either a desk or a slant-top drafting table, depending on assembly. Can be dismantled easily for storage. A PS/APA Plywood Project Contest winner.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1979 (v.215#2) pg. 82

Simple desk made from plywood has a top which can be tilted to form a drawing table. Winning design in plywood project contest.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1980 (v.217#2) pg. 98

Art and drafting desk built from 3 sheets of plywood. Winning design in annual plywood contest.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1981 (v.219#2) pg. 74

Artist or designers center has two work levels. A desk-height drawing surface used while sitting down. A vertical, tilting, drawing surface used while standing or with a tall stool. Built from 3 sheets of plywood.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1983 (v.223#2) pg. 92

Folding rack for a portable drafting board holds the board at the desired angle when set on top of another table.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1988 (v.232#4) pg. 115

Fold-down drafting table features a 24"x33" work surface, storage compartment for tools, and a unique shop-made T-square. When closed up, the drawing board folds into a wall-hung cabinet only 4" deep.
SHOPNOTES #41 Sep 1998 (v.7) pg. 16, 15

Convertible table top/drawing top desk is made from birch-veneered plywood. Features a cork-faced board across the back for use as a bulletin board surface. Est. cost: $70.
SUNSET Feb 1978 (v.160#2) pg. 82D

How to build a trestle-leg work table from a hollow-core door surfaced with architectural drafting linoleum. Legs and stringer are built from standard fir lumber. Est. cost: $40.
SUNSET Jun 1979 (v.162#6) pg. 122

Sturdy desk is built from redwood 2x12's and features a top of architectural drafting linoleum.
SUNSET Oct 1983 (v.171#4) pg. 118

Tip: A hinged panel in a section of countertop lifts up to form an angled drawing surface.
SUNSET Apr 1984 (v.172#4) pg. 188

A flat counter becomes an angled drawing board when plywood braces are inserted under a lift-up section.
SUNSET Sep 1984 (v.173#3) pg. 92

Tip: How to make a section of countertop lift up to form a 30"x36" slanted drawing board.
SUNSET Nov 1985 (v.175#5) pg. 163

Solid-core door resting on trestle leg base can function as drawing table or dining table. Carriage bolts join legs to beam so table can be disassembled. Est. cost: $85.
SUNSET Jan 1986 (v.176#1) pg. 84

Dream table for an artist. Large plywood top, covered with plastic laminate, can tilt to several angles, including nearly 90-degrees. Base is made from 2x4s.
SUNSET Feb 1990 (v.184#2) pg. 124B

Contemporary style adjustable desk will raise-or-lower to serve both adults or children. Includes a tilting top which doubles as a drawing board. The top measures 49"x22". Two small storage drawers included. A matching roll-around cabinet has another storage drawer and a file-folder drawer.
WOODSMITH #31 Jan-Feb 1984 pg. 4

Wall-hung drafting cabinet features a drop-down front that forms the drawing board. Overall dimensions: 31"x30"x7" deep.
WOODSMITH #82 Aug 1992 pg. 22

A custom-made drawing board with "all the trimmings". Includes a 1070mm x 810mm adjustable top, two storage drawers and a straight-edge attached with full parallel-motion fittings.
WOODWORKER #1087 Jun 1984 (v.88) pg. 348

Build a workshop drawing board which holds its own T-square in the back when not needed.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1981 (v.5#1) pg. 30

Drafting table features an adjustable top (42"x30") and contemporary styling.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1983 (v.7#3) pg. 32

Space saving, fold-away drafting table is attached to the end of a cabinet or workbench.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1984 (v.8#4) pg. 50

A large wall-hung painting ia hinged at the bottom and drops down to become a drafting table. Storage for equipment and supplies is built into the wall behind the picture.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1968 (v.24#1) pg. 40

Drafting table with adjustable tilting top.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1969 (v.25#2) pg. 37

Drawing board caddy holds template, triangles, etc. in a drawer and pencils, erasers, pens, compasses, etc. in recesses on top of the caddy.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1969 (v.25#5) pg. 22

Drawing and drafting table has a tilt top that adjusts without hardware. The 30"x40" top and the adjusting legs are all made from one 4ft.x8ft. sheet of hardwood plywood.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1979 (v.35#5) pg. 74

A light box on a simple pair of legs can tilt to any angle for use as a drawing table. The legs may be removed and disassembled for storage. Box and legs built from inexpensive wood. Light box measures 23"x31".
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1980 (v.36#3) pg. 68

Take-apart drawing table fits any decor. Built from one sheet of 3/4" birch plywood and some 2x6 pine. Drawing surface measures 30"x36". Drawing surface may be raised, lowered, and tilted.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1980 (v.36#5) pg. 62

Three-legged typing table (or drawing board) has generous storage in three drawers and a file folder bin. The top is hinged at the front and may be adjusted to various angles. Dimensions: 28" long, 17" wide, 28" tall.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1981 (v.37#3) pg. 4

Child's combination play table and drawing board adjusts for height and angle. Top measures 16"x18".
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1985 (v.41#1) pg. 64
Correction WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1985 (v.41#2) pg. 29
Correction WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1985 (v.41#4) pg. 21

Tilt-top desk for an artist or student. The tilt-top (32"x40") is adjacent to a lift-top (32"x16") for storage. An under-the-desk unit of 5 storage drawers rolls around on casters. Built mostly from plywood. Overall dimensions: 56" wide, 28" tall, 32" deep.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1989 (v.45#2) pg. 48