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Prewiring for tomorrow's home, today. Suggestions for typical low voltage wiring to deliver TV, telephone and auxiliary signals to every room in your house.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE May-Jun 1990 (v.5#3) pg. 17
Added Info ELECTRONIC HOUSE Sep-Oct 1990 (v.5#5) pg. 27

Proper twisted pair wiring for different applications. Tips on selection of the correct level (1 through 5) and how many pairs to run to each location (telephone outlet, TV outlet, etc.).
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Jan-Feb 1993 (v.8#1) pg. 12

Top ten wiring mistakes when prewiring a new house for audio, video, telephone, automation, computers, etc.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Jan-Feb 1995 (v.10#1) pg. 50

Clutter busters. Selecting and installing special multiport receptacles which combine plug-ins for entertainment, computer equipment, telephones, and electrical equipment.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Mar-Apr 1995 (v.10#2) pg. 49

Futureproofing your home. Upgrading your phone and TV wiring to handle higher speed and wider bandwidths.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Sep-Oct 1995 (v.10#5) pg. 42

Essential advice for prewiring new homes for computer, telephone and video from a central distribution area.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Jun 1997 (v.12#3) pg. 29
Added Info ELECTRONIC HOUSE Aug 1997 (v.12#4) pg. 6

Overview of the role of dedicated service panels to receive outside signals (cable TV, digital satellite, telephone, Internet, ...) and distribute them throught a house.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Dec 1998 (v.13#6) pg. 34

Building a smart home. A step-by-step guide for the decisions which must be made by the homeowner when building a home equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Feb 2000 (v.15#1) pg. 60

Understanding the advanced wiring systems in today's smart homes.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Apr 2000 (v.15#2) pg. 38

Before you build. Step 12. Prewiring. Equipping your home with high-speed wiring.
ELECTRONIC HOUSE Oct 2001 (v.16#10) pg. 31

Circuit for detecting a cut telephone line and sounding an alarm.
ELECTRONICS NOW Oct 1996 (v.67#10) pg. 15

Phone-line monitor. A cut telephone line will trigger your home security system. Est. cost: $70 (kit).
ELECTRONICS NOW Mar 1997 (v.68#3) pg. 46
Added Info ELECTRONICS NOW May 1997 (v.68#5) pg. 10

How to install an extra phone jack is illustrated in photos.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #266 Feb 1986 (v.36#2) pg. 28

How to install telephone wiring.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #291 Sep 1988 (v.38#7) pg. 44
Added Info FAMILY HANDYMAN #295 Feb 1989 (v.39#2) pg. 7

Use cut-off bobby pins as clips to route small speaker or telephone wire along baseboard, molding, etc.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #298 May 1989 (v.39#5) pg. 111

Installing a phone jack.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #368 May 1996 (v.46#5) pg. 81

Add a second phone line using off-the-shelf parts. How to run cable, install a wall jack, and organize your telephone lines.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #403 Nov 1999 (v.49#10) pg. 67

What you need to know about installing and wiring your own phone.
HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1983 (v.8#4) pg. 30

Tips on adding two-line capability to your existing home telephone system.
HOMEOWNER Mar 1986 (v.11#2) pg. 62

How to use existing phone lines to transmit intercom, closed circuit TV, audio monotor, etc.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #153 Dec 1995-Jan 1996 pg. 63

Network interface between the telephone companies wiring and your "inside" wiring is explained.
POPULAR COMMUNICATIONS Sep 1989 (v.8#1) pg. 40

Installing and maintaining telephone wiring and systems. Simple tips and procedures.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Nov 1992 (v.9#11) pg. 55

Whole-house wiring 101. A room-by-room guide to planning your audio, video, telephone, and data communication cable needs for now and the years to come.
POPULAR HOME AUTOMATION Jul 1998 (v.3#3) pg. 26

Home networking 101. A brief guide to networking computers, infrared remote controllers, telephones, and video.
POPULAR HOME AUTOMATION Sep 1999 (v.4#5) pg. 44

Getting wired. A guide to wiring the home for video, telephone, power, computers, etc. Part 1.
POPULAR HOME AUTOMATION Nov 1999 (v.4#6) pg. 67

Installing new phone lines. How to expand an existing system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1997 (v.174#9) pg. 86