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xx   BOAT

Thole pin rowing rig uses hickory pins.
BOAT JOURNAL #77 Feb-Mar 1991 pg. 48

How to securely store a backup pair of oars in a small outboard.
BOATING WORLD #80 Aug-Sep 1991 pg. 81

Decorate your canoe paddle by painting, carving, or woodburning. Some tips.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1989 (v.79#6) pg. 50

Miniature canoe paddles to carve and decorate as a way to commemorate a special trek or outing.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1991 (v.81#2) pg. 63

How to repair, rebuild, and strengthen wooden canoe paddles.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1983 (v.7#3) pg. 10

Make your own laminated canoe paddle this easy, inexpensive way.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1995 (v.18#11) pg. 21

Dual-purpose canoe paddle. Homemade paddle with Indian motif painted on blade is suitable for display or use.
CREATIVE CRAFTS #87 Jun 1982 (v.8#3) pg. 38

How to utilize your wood lathe as a belt sander to speed up the tedious job of rounding canoe paddle shafts (or other square stock).
FINE WOODWORKING #39 Mar-Apr 1983 pg. 16

Decorative Indian paddle is oversized for extra pushing power.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #432 May 1964 (v.60) pg. 102

Make your own personal canoe paddle.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #88 Jul-Aug 1984 pg. 66

Gunnel-mounted oar rest stores oars inside.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1964 (v.122#4) pg. 159

A simple, noiseless oarlock for sculling.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1966 (v.125#3) pg. 157

Twin-paddle rig attaches to a canoe, allows one person to use two paddles.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1972 (v.137#6) pg. 138

How to make a better canoe paddle.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1970 (v.197#2) pg. 83

Sculling. Part 2. How to select, modify, build and use a sculling oar.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #46 Dec 1985-Jan 1986 pg. 37

Tip: Use large plumbing washers to keep water from running down the handle of oars and paddles.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #46 Dec 1985-Jan 1986 pg. 66

Use bronze pipe to make flush-mounted oarlock sockets.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #46 Dec 1985-Jan 1986 pg. 66

Sculling oar test: anatomy of an oar. In-depth look at the design characteristics and performance of ten different pairs of sculling oars. Part 1.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #47 Feb-Mar 1986 pg. 69
Added Info SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #56 Aug-Sep 1987 pg. 6

Sculling oar test: anatomy of an oar. In-depth look at the design characteristics and performance of ten different pairs of sculling oars. Part 2. Wooden oars.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #48 Apr-May 1986 pg. 66

Sculling oar test: anatomy of an oar. In-depth look at the design characteristics and performance of ten different pairs of sculling oars. Part 3. Synthetic oars.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #49 Jun-Jul 1986 pg. 78

Tips on correcting the "notchy action" of Dreissigacker plastic sleeves in the sculling locks.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #53 Feb-Mar 1987 pg. 8

Outfit your boat for rowing. Rules of thumb for thwart placement, correct oar length, etc.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #54 Apr-May 1987 pg. 69

Make leather drip rings to prevent water from running down the shaft of a kayak paddle.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #55 Jun-Jul 1987 pg. 91

Tip: Use foam bicycle grips on oars to prevent blisters.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #56 Aug-Sep 1987 pg. 77

Make a Chesapeake sculling paddle from an 8-ft. piece of oak.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #59 Feb-Mar 1988 pg. 10

How to lengthen a wooden oar handle by splicing in an extension and planing to shape.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #65 Feb-Mar 1989 pg. 74

Poling a canoe. How to make and use a canoe pole.
WOODENBOAT #49 Nov-Dec 1982 pg. 40

The North Woods canoe paddle. How to fabricate a stern paddle or a bow paddle starting with an ash or maple tree section 6-ft. long and 16"-18" in diameter.
WOODENBOAT #67 Nov-Dec 1985 pg. 44

The long oars of Pete Culler. How to create oars that turn minimum effort into maximum power. Photos illustrate the step-by-step construction of a laminated-wood 9-ft. spruce oar.
WOODENBOAT #71 Jul-Aug 1986 pg. 28

Oarlocks on your own. How to build an electric foundry for casting bronze. Est. cost: $150.
WOODENBOAT #73 Nov-Dec 1986 pg. 21

Building a double-bladed paddle. Tips from a professional violen maker results in an elegant example.
WOODENBOAT #108 Sep-Oct 1992 pg. 67

Making spoon-bladed oars. A laminated wood blank of North American spruce is band sawn and hand-carved to form a 7.5-ft. oar.
WOODENBOAT #117 Mar-Apr 1994 pg. 86

(1) Making a pair of wooden oars for any average-sized skiff or dinghy. (2) Stitching a set of oar leathers to protect wooden oars from chafing in their oarlocks.
WOODENBOAT #127 Nov-Dec 1995 pg. 88, 90

The Widgeon paddle. Design your own double-bladed paddle for solo canoeing or kayaking.
WOODENBOAT #132 Sep-Oct 1996 pg. 89
Added Info WOODENBOAT #133 Nov-Dec 1996 pg. 7

Where the leather meets the loom. A different take on protecting wooden oars. Cover the horn of the oarlock with leather instead of covering the loom of the oar with leather. Complete instructions and cutting diagrams included.
WOODENBOAT #148 May-Jun 1999 pg. 41

Delaware River oar. Using the techniques of planing, drawknifing, and rasping to produce a pair of elegant, hand-crafted traditional oars.
WOODWORK #20 Mar-Apr 1993 pg. 52

How to make kayak paddles which have blades at each end of a common shaft. The blades are at right-angle to each other.
WOODWORKER #1096 Mar 1985 (v.89) pg. 223