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xx   WOOD

Jig for sawing a small log into boards using a band saw.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #20 May-Jun 1991 pg. 10

Backyard lumbermaking. Options for sawing and drying your own wood. Articles included on (1) finding good wood, (2) sawing a log, (3) small-scale sawmills and (4) drying your own wood.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #21 Jul-Aug 1991 pg. 44

Dimensioning stock. Both machine methods (using jointer and planer) and hand planing methods are detailed. Covers rough-cutting the stock, jointing one face, flattening the opposite face, etc.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #39 Jul-Aug 1994 pg. 60
Added Info AMERICAN WOODWORKER #42 Dec 1994 pg. 6

Technique for milling small logs (10" diameter) on a band saw.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #44 Apr 1995 pg. 10

Tips on detecting curly figure in logs prior to milling.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #46 Aug 1995 pg. 10

Tip shows how to make a band saw jig for handling small logs (under 10" in diameter).
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #58 Apr 1997 pg. 32

An explanation of the terms flatsawn, quartersawn and riftsawn.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #60 Aug 1997 pg. 18

Tip shows how to make cradles to secure a small log for band sawing.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #63 Dec 1997 pg. 34

Wood from the source. Tips on purchasing wood directly from small sawmills.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Sep 1998 (v.21#11) pg. 22

Diagram of a tree trunk shows where various types of wood (straight grain, root wood, burlwood, etc.) are taken from the tree.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Oct 1981 (v.5#1) pg. 8

Backyard bounty. How to convert small trees into suitable lumber for a woodworker.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1987 (v.10#8) pg. 43

Pros and cons of using the portable band saw mill.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1988 (v.11#12) pg. 42

Sourcing the rural sawmill. Tips on purchasing lumber directly from small, private sawmills.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1988 (v.12#3) pg. 57

Milling your own project wood using a chainsaw mill. Tips on cutting and drying.
CHIP CHATS Sep-Oct 1996 (v.43#5) pg. 114

How to make your own lumber using a chain saw mill. Includes information on finding and evaluating trees, cutting the trees and selecting a chain saw mill.
COUNTRYSIDE Oct 1978 (v.62#10) pg. 30

Loading a sawlog with a rope, a tractor and a wagon.
COUNTRYSIDE Jan 1981 (v.65#1) pg. 43

Build a homestead one-log hauler. A narrow two-wheel trailer made from angle iron is used to haul a 10-ft. log up to 19" diameter.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Nov-Dec 2003 (v.87#6) pg. 32

How to cut and plane lumber. A look at portable mill attachements for your chain saw to cut the lumber and jointer/planers to finish the lumber. Includes tips on cutting and drying.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #243 Nov 1983 (v.33#9) pg. 53

Build your own chain saw milling attachment from wood and a replacement chainsaw bar.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #252 Oct 1984 (v.34#8) pg. 140

Difference between quarter-sawn and plain-sawn lumber.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #314 Jan 1991 (v.41#1) pg. 8

Working with green wood. Getting the most out of unseasoned native lumber sawn at a local mill.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #7 Feb-Mar 1982 pg. 40

A mill for the chainsaw. Use this easily made accessory to mill your own boards and beams.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #10 Aug-Sep 1982 pg. 35

How to map a sawlog for cutting. Tips on using ash for house construction.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #15 Jun-Jul 1983 pg. 10

Chainsaw lumber mill. A log builder's track-and-carriage design handles big logs (40-ft. or more).
FINE HOMEBUILDING #41 Aug-Sep 1987 pg. 49

Making lumber with a band saw mill. Advice on finding trees and cutting them into high-quality boards yourself.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #115 Apr-May 1998 pg. 102

Chain-saw lumbering. How to use a portable chain-saw mill to cut your own lumber. Includes tips on cutting, stacking and sharpening of the special ripping chain.
FINE WOODWORKING #8 Fall 1977 pg. 50
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #9 Winter 1977 pg. 14

One woodworker describes the process of getting wood, converting logs to lumber, using a sawmill, using a portable chain-saw mill, and some of the representative costs and problems in acquiring satisfactory furniture wood.
FINE WOODWORKING #8 Fall 1977 pg. 55

Sawmilling. How one small mill works. Includes information on the equipment, sharpening the large saw blades, and doing business with a sawmill.
FINE WOODWORKING #17 Jul-Aug 1979 pg. 36

Hewing. How to use an ax and hatchet to hew a beam out of a log.
FINE WOODWORKING #21 Mar-Apr 1980 pg. 64

A band saw sawmill. Sliding carriage table is used to saw logs into lumber using a band saw. Saw up to 7" diameter logs on a 12" band saw.
FINE WOODWORKING #27 Mar-Apr 1981 pg. 86

Timber. What it means to cut a tree. How to acquire logs and what to do with them calls for creative skill.
FINE WOODWORKING #32 Jan-Feb 1982 pg. 62

Chainsaw lumbermaking. How to modify the chain and how to make a winch and yoke assembly to move the saw through the cut with a minimum of labor, noise and vibration.
FINE WOODWORKING #36 Sep-Oct 1982 pg. 60

Quartersawn lumber. What it is and how it is cut.
FINE WOODWORKING #48 Sep-Oct 1984 pg. 76

Tips on cutting black locust logs with a portable band saw mill.
FINE WOODWORKING #68 Jan-Feb 1988 pg. 14
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #69 Mar-Apr 1988 pg. 16

Tip on using a metal detector to locate nails before resawing old lumber or urban trees.
FINE WOODWORKING #113 Jul-Aug 1995 pg. 10

Orchard woods. Jewel-like boards take effort to prepare but are worth the trouble. Includes tips for drying orchard woods and a resaw jig for cutting small logs on a band saw.
FINE WOODWORKING #115 Nov-Dec 1995 pg. 66
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #117 Mar-Apr 1996 pg. 8
Added Info FINE WOODWORKING #119 Jul-Aug 1996 pg. 22

Lumber from your own backyard. Advice on hiring a sawyer and his machine to reap furniture-grade lumber at great savings.
FINE WOODWORKING #128 Jan-Feb 1998 pg. 52

Home sawyer. From forest to floorboards with a portable band-saw mill. An in-depth look at both the process and economics of using a portable band-saw mill to convert logs into lumber.
HARROWSMITH #89 Jan-Feb 1990 (v.14#5) pg. 71
Added Info HARROWSMITH #93 Sep-Oct 1990 (v.15#3) pg. 24

A cut above. Advice on purchasing wood from a local sawmill.
HARROWSMITH #115 Apr-May 1994 (v.18#7) pg. 50

Dimensions for a small sawmill powered by a gasoline engine. The design is basically an oversize table saw.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #37 Jan 1976 pg. 122

Tips on starting and operating a small sawmill business.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #78 Nov-Dec 1982 pg. 88

How to build a traversing-beam sawmill, a site mill to trim whole logs and cut lumber. Est. cost: under $1,000.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #144 Jun-Jul 1994 pg. 82

A guide to lumber and other products you can buy from a sawmill and pointers on doing business with one.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL May-Jun 1987 (v.15#3) pg. 48

Tips on how to find decorative wood in backyard trees.
ORGANIC GARDENING Nov 1984 (v.31#11) pg. 69

Tip: How to reduce large-size timbers (8"x8") to smaller sizes using an ordinary table saw equipped with a dado head.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1983 (v.159#5) pg. 53

How to mill your own lumber with a chain saw.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1978 (v.212#6) pg. 86

Getting the best figure from crotch wood. How careful milling can produce several pieces with facinating grain patterns.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #37 Jun-Jul 1987 (v.7#1) pg. 36

Harvesting wood for carving stock. Advice on finding suitable trees that must be cut down, cutting, hauling, milling, drying, etc.
SCALE WOODCRAFT #4 Spring 1986 pg. 66

Tip on cutting scale lumber from small logs using a band saw.
SCALE WOODCRAFT #7 Winter 1987 pg. 11

Timber cruising. How the pros size up fine stock on the stump.
WOOD MAGAZINE #11 Jun 1986 (v.3#3) pg. 50

How a high-volume hardwood sawmill turns logs into lumber. Includes information of interest to the woodworker.
WOOD MAGAZINE #12 Aug 1986 (v.3#4) pg. 58

Timber. How one craftsman buys hardwood trees (dead or alive), fells them with the help of friends, and then mills his own lumber.
WOOD MAGAZINE #19 Oct 1987 (v.4#5) pg. 54

One-man sawmills. Description of setting up and operating the Foley-Belsaw M-14 sawmill.
WOOD MAGAZINE #21 Feb 1988 (v.5#1) pg. 40

How to transform found wood into usable stock. Step-by-step instructions for transforming short logs of unique wood into boards of varying thicknesses and preparing the wood for drying. Milling process uses a router, shooting box and band saw.
WOOD MAGAZINE #37 Sep 1990 (v.7#5) pg. 60
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #41 Feb 1991 (v.8#2) pg. 10

One woodworker's description of his acquisition of a handheld portable sawmill, how it works and the air-drying of the boards.
WOOD MAGAZINE #97 Jun 1997 (v.14#4) pg. 68
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #103 Feb 1998 (v.15#1) pg. 10

An explanation of the difference between quartersawn, riftsawn and plainsawn boards.
WOOD MAGAZINE #106 Jun 1998 (v.15#4) pg. 28

Formula and chart for estimating board feet of lumber in a standing tree.
WOOD MAGAZINE #108 Oct 1998 (v.15#6) pg. 28

Wood by the yard. How to salvage usable lumber from a yard tree that has fallen or must be cut down.
WOOD MAGAZINE #113 Mar 1999 (v.16#2) pg. 66

Dealing with wood defects. Tricks to salvage lumber with a bow, crook, twist, etc.
WOOD MAGAZINE #145 Nov 2002 (v.19#7) pg. 26

Custom sawmilling. How to get your own logs sawn just the way you want them.
WOODENBOAT #51 Mar-Apr 1983 pg. 106

Flatsawn and quartersawn lumber cutting is explained.
WOODSMITH #72 Dec 1990 pg. 24

Tips on buying lumber that has been milled and dried by amateurs.
WOODSMITH #92 Apr 1994 (v.16) pg. 29

Dimension lumber ("two-by" stock). Tips on selecting, drying and cutting dimension lumber for use in furniture making.
WOODSMITH #93 Jun 1994 (v.16) pg. 19

Advice on making long diagonal cuts and then regluing pieces together to eliminate knotholes or resize a piece of lumber.
WOODWORK #39 Jun 1996 pg. 22

Timber topics. Part 14. How to measure trees using simple calipers and a Weise's hypsometer.
WOODWORKER #1051 Jun 1981 (v.85) pg. 356

Timber. The direct route. A survey of what is involved in finding, converting and seasoning your own lumber.
WOODWORKER #1097 Apr 1985 (v.89) pg. 269

Salvaging wood from storm-damaged trees. Tips on converting wind-fallen wood into usable or saleable timber.
WOODWORKER Jan 1988 (v.92#1) pg. 65

Tips on converting a fallen monkey puzzle tree into usable lumber.
WOODWORKER Dec 1988 (v.92#12) pg. 1127

How to cut and cure your own lumber. Part 1. Covers where to find good timber, how to fell a tree with a chain saw and how to convert a log to lumber using a lumber-making attachement for a chain saw.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1974 (v.30#5) pg. 16

How to process wood from the log to dry, ready-to-use lumber. Some tips.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1977 (v.33#1) pg. 86

Tip: Simple jig to rip small logs on a band saw.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1981 (v.37#6) pg. 9

Guide to portable sawmills. Tips on their selection and use.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1989 (v.45#4) pg. 26