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Turned wooden picture frames (4" diameter).
AMERICAN WOODWORKER Jul-Aug 1988 (v.4#3) pg. 49

Rustic picture frame is made of wood that has been decorated with short chamfers, V-grooves and applied leaf carvings at the corners. The frame is typical of the "Eastlake" furniture style popular in the 1870s.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER Nov-Dec 1989 (v.5#6) pg. 52

Tip on gluing up many-sided frames or columns without having to make fine adjustments at each angle.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #24 Jan-Feb 1992 pg. 10

Rustic picture frame is made by slicing a piece of firewood into strips and leaving the bark attached.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #81 Aug 2000 pg. 24

Tips for building better wooden picture frames. Ideas include blind splines, spline sled, miter cutting sled for table saw, four-point frame clamp, etc.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #88 Aug 2001 pg. 48

Photo frames by the dozen. Two jigs let you mass-produce simple wooden frames using a table saw and router. The construction and styling combines an outer-frame with an inner-frame.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #96 Oct 2002 pg. 80

Photo shows how to make a "swing frame" picture frame by suspending an ordinary wooden frame between two wooden uprights attached to a wooden base. Est. cost: $6.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1983 (v.61#2) pg. 64

Triptych picture frame. Made from 3 inexpensive wood frames by adding a top and a base. The outer frames swivel on wood dowels. Est. cost: $25.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1984 (v.62#2) pg. 72, 122

Do-in-yourself framing for posters, prints and paintings. Includes four frames made by combining various shapes of stock wooden moldings.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1986 (v.64#2) pg. 158

Tip: Art deco frame has base of molding to hold two panes of glass. Est. cost: $5.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1986 (v.64#3) pg. 70, 146

Wooden, heart-shaped picture frame. Full-sized plans can be ordered.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1986 (v.64#12) pg. 59, 136

Rough-textured twig frame for picture or needlecraft.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1986 (v.64#12) pg. 71, 150

Tramp art. A variety of projects made from soft wood that is notched, layered and then painted in a way reminiscent of the crude folk art carved by itinerants of the 1800s. (1) Wall-hung whatnot with three-dimensional pyramid shapes. (2) Two styles of picture frames. One has a crackled finished on chipped lattice strips that are layered in a ziggurat effect. The other has concentric heart and pyramid shapes around the border and a distressed finished. (3) Kitchen plate rack and towel bar.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1988 (v.66#3) pg. 52

"Cats-and-Yarn Ball" picture frame. Painted wooden cat and ball shapes are fastened to a wide, rectangular frame.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1988 (v.66#6) pg. 76, 89

Rustic frame made from twigs and grapevine.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Aug 1988 (v.66#8) pg. 128, 134

Quarter-round picture frames are painted with geometric designs.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Nov 1991 (v.69#11) pg. 121, 128

Happy camping for kids. (1) How to turn a fleece throw into a camp poncho with simulated camp patches. (2) Picture frame made from pieces of tree bark. (3) Nature bracelet is made from a ring of masking tape, sticky side out, and ornamented with nature finds collected during an outing. (4) Family camp banner. (5) Picaria game is played on squares drawn in the dirt using playing pieces like stones, pinecones, etc.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1998 (v.76#6) pg. 237

Small, free-standing wooden picture frames are made from 3/4" stock and decorated with simple routing. Est. cost: $3 each.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Nov 1999 (v.23#2) pg. 32

Fabricating simple picture frames from square finger-jointed pine molding.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Sep 2001 (v.24#10) pg. 12

Make a picture frame from a piece of walnut. Use a router to add decorative grooves to the wood, and to rabbet the frame for the glass. Est. cost: $10.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1979 (v.3#3) pg. 41

Make your own oak picture frames which feature bevel-cut face and mitered corners. Est. cost: $6 for a 19"x16" frame.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1981 (v.4#9) pg. 44

Rabbet cutting jig for a router is used to cut a continuous precise rabbet around the inside edge of a picture frame.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Mar 1982 (v.5#6) pg. 8

How to fabricate an elliptical window, transom light or a mirror frame out of wood.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1985 (v.8#12) pg. 66

Polychromatic turning. Part 2. Round picture frame and bowl are turned from the multicolored blank.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1991 (v.14#12) pg. 7

Pretty as a picture. Picture frame (10"x13") has a overlay with a heart and spray motif cut with a scroll saw.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Nov 1991 (v.15#2) pg. 22, 26

Gentlemen's choice. How to construct a classic picture frame from wood. Features a blind mortise joint at corners. Includes tips on matting a picture.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1992 (v.15#9) pg. 43

Pine frame for a mirror (32"x19") is decorated with inlaid leather strips (the embossed, decorative material used for making belts).
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Nov 1994 (v.18#2) pg. 34

Custom picture frames are easily made from stock moldings. Some ideas.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1996 (v.20#3) pg. 55

Folding picture frame for 4"x6" photos has a wooden frame of 3/4" by 1-1/4" stock with a deep groove around opening for the photo.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Oct 1997 (v.21#1) pg. 90

How to make balsa wood frames for needlework or photographs.
CREATIVE CRAFTS #70 Aug 1979 (v.6#10) pg. 44

Barnwood frames. How to make a picture frame from pieces of barnwood.
CREATIVE CRAFTS #86 Apr 1982 (v.8#2) pg. 46

How to gild and antique carved surfaces, such as those found on decorative picture frames.
CREATIVE CRAFTS & MINIATURES #97 Feb 1984 (v.9#1) pg. 32

Block-corner picture frames are made from white pine and suitable for framing folk art.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Apr 1986 (v.17#2) pg. 57

How to make block-corner frames.
EARLY AMERICAN LIFE Apr 1993 (v.24#2) pg. 50

Picture frame is made from brightly colored pencils.
FAMILY CIRCLE Nov 3 1981 (v.94#15) pg. 94, 137

Tips on making picture frames from wooden pencils, Popsicle sticks and twigs.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 23 1984 (v.97#15) pg. 115

How to use common wood moldings to create picture frames.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #160 Jan 1975 (v.25#1) pg. 42

How to make an oval picture frame from laminated pieces of scrap wood.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #216 Feb 1981 (v.31#2) pg. 40

Oak frame mirrors swivel in a supporting frame. The oak frames may also be used as picture frames.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #223 Nov 1981 (v.31#9) pg. 41

Frame it yourself. How to make frames from molding. How to cut glass. Matting secrets. Tips on hangers, lighting and location.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #242 Oct 1983 (v.33#8) pg. 65

Picture framing. A beginner's guide to preparation of the artwork, and selecting, cutting and gluing the molding. Includes advice on shop-made moldings.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #325 Feb 1992 (v.42#2) pg. 70
Added Info FAMILY HANDYMAN #330 Jul-Aug 1992 (v.42#7) pg. 81
Added Info FAMILY HANDYMAN #332 Oct 1992 (v.42#9) pg. 24

Super simple picture frames. Layered construction techniques using stock moldings.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #383 Nov 1997 (v.47#10) pg. 73

Special molding secures glass in mitered frame without any need for brads or glue.
FINE WOODWORKING #30 Sep-Oct 1981 pg. 16

Framing pictures. Choosing and making suitable moldings.
FINE WOODWORKING #35 Jul-Aug 1982 pg. 61

Carving running patterns. How to chop out picture-frame moldings by the yard using "production" hand carving techniques.
FINE WOODWORKING #42 Sep-Oct 1983 pg. 46

Driftwood finishes. How to achieve that "weathered wood" appearance on picture frames.
FINE WOODWORKING #50 Jan-Feb 1985 pg. 64

The Old Schwamb Mill (Arlington, Mass). How an eccentric lathe is used to make oval (or round) picture frames from wood.
FINE WOODWORKING #58 May-Jun 1986 pg. 74

Making elliptical mirror or picture frames out of wood which require molding a profile on a curved surface. Uses techniques and fixtures developed for making arched door trim and oval window casings.
FINE WOODWORKING #86 Jan-Feb 1991 pg. 88

Tip on using two circular saw blades to cut parallel microgrooves in picture-frame molding in one pass.
FINE WOODWORKING #87 Mar-Apr 1991 pg. 18

Picture-framing techniques. (1) Using jigs and a router table to shape wooden stock for picture frames. (2) A jig for cutting accurate miters on a radial arm saw.
FINE WOODWORKING #104 Jan-Feb 1994 pg. 66

Woodcutting technique for making the pieces for an elliptical picture frame that requires only one setting for all miter angles.
FINE WOODWORKING #110 Jan-Feb 1995 pg. 20

Adjustable jig for making picture frames speeds up the marking of miter lines.
FINE WOODWORKING #112 May-Jun 1995 pg. 20

Technique for fabricating a 16 segment mirror frame without the requirement that every miter cut be exactly 11.25-degrees.
FINE WOODWORKING #136 May-Jun 1999 pg. 16

Simple picture frames made from twigs and raffia.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Nov 1992 (v.215#5) pg. 180, 252

How to make picture frames from stock molding.
HANDY ANDY Mar 1978 (v.2#6) pg. 52

Restoring old picture frames. Includes tips on replacing elaborately carved sections that have broken off.
HANDY ANDY Sep 1978 (v.2#10) pg. 87

Make picture frames without miter joints by using lap-joints instead.
HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1985 (v.10#6) pg. 67

How to frame, mat and group pictures. How to make low-cost frames from stock wood moldings.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO #4 Winter 1976 (v.1#4) pg. 89

A primer on framing pictures. Includes information on making your own frames from stock moldings and some tips on framing with "found" materials.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1978 (v.3#3) pg. 76

Multi-format picture frames and shadow boxes built from chair-rail molding.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Mar-Apr 1979 (v.4#2) pg. 15

Easy-to-make barnwood picture frames.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Jan-Feb 1982 (v.7#1) pg. 90

Wooden picture frame is decorated with rice paper and small dried flowers.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jan-Feb 1983 (v.28#1) pg. 117, 14

How to decorate plain wooden picture frames with fabric, paint, paper, etc.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jun 1984 (v.29#3) pg. 38, 72-74, 77, 87

Wooden picture frame and two boxes are stenciled with romantic designs.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1985 (v.30#2) pg. 65, 86

Wooden picture frame swings between turned pillars.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #449 Oct 1965 (v.61) pg. 132

Tips on cutting and assembling molding into picture frames.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #490 Mar 1969 (v.65) pg. 40

The ABCs of picture framing. How to construct picture frames from moldings. Use of a miter box and corner clamps are explained.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #582 Nov 1976 (v.72) pg. 52

How to make picture frames by gluing scraps of wood veneer to a plywood or hardboard backing.
NATIONAL CARVERS REVIEW Aug 1977 (v.8#3) pg. 16

How to adapt standard wood moldings and ordinary brass stock to make your own Victorian era picture molding and decorative hooks.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Oct 1983 (v.11#8) pg. 186

Cutting picture frames with a radial saw.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1965 (v.123#3) pg. 173

How to make 27 different frames from standard wood moldings and how to mat prints.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1973 (v.139#2) pg. 73

Using standard moldings to make 26 styles of picture frames. Includes tips on cutting and assembly
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1975 (v.143#5) pg. 106

How to make rustic picture frames from old barn siding.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1977 (v.147#2) pg. 184

How to repair a miscut miter when making picture frames.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1982 (v.157#5) pg. 118

A master craftsman's picture framing secrets. (1) Miter jig for perfect joints. (2) Rip aid. (3) Shaper hold-downs. (4) Glass cutting board. (5) Spray painter's "third hand".
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1982 (v.158#6) pg. 98

Jig for making properly matched, 45 degree miters on picture frames.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1969 (v.195#5) pg. 152

Sailor's work (Crown of Thorns). A modern version of a traditionalhand-whittled artform practiced by Norwegian fishermen. Making and assembling different lengths of similarly notched strips of wood to form ornate items. Instructions given for a picture frame.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #59 Mar 1991 (v.10#5) pg. 30

Picture frames are fabricated from multi-color laminated wood molding which you make yourself.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #61 Jul 1991 (v.11#1) pg. 30

Tip on reinforcing the corner miter joints found on lightweight flat and narrow frames with half biscuits installed on the backside.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #76 Jan 1994 (v.13#4) pg. 9

Picture frame shaped and painted like Santa. Photo (or needlework) is mounted in Santa's tummy.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #88 Jan 1996 (v.15#4) pg. 51, 33

Tip recommends routing rabbets and molded edges for small picture frames by working the edge of a wide board and then cutting it off with a saw.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #90 May 1996 (v.16#2) pg. 10

Rotary planer cuts picture frames.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS #215 Mar 1963 (v.34#3) pg. 111

Desktop picture frames. (1) Accent strip frame. (2) Fluted frame. Both utilize shop made custom moldings of laminated contrasting wood.
SHOPNOTES #36 Nov 1997 (v.6) pg. 22

How to build a wooden frame to display, and easily change, mounted photographs or reproductions.
SUNSET Jun 1978 (v.160#6) pg. 124

How to sandwich a print between two pieces of glass and then frame it in 2x2 cedar.
SUNSET Aug 1978 (v.161#2) pg. 82D

Wooden poster frame is built of oak. The large prints or posters are sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic and can be easily changed.
SUNSET Dec 1978 (v.161#6) pg. 127

Versatile little tree shapes mass produced with a table saw. Tree-shaped slices are glued together to make a candle holder, picture frame, trivet or other decorative objects.
SUNSET Dec 1986 (v.177#6) pg. 105

Quick and easy way to build wooden picture frames using inexpensive lumberyard chair-rail molding.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #21 May 1991 (v.4#3) pg. 24

Table-top cheval frame (9"x11") has scroll sawn crest and fancy routed frame.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #51 May 1996 (v.9#3) pg. 21, Insert

Inlaid picture frame made from pre-inlaid strips glued to pine.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 4 1980 (v.44#2) pg. 90, 149

Five picture frames you can build which require mitered joints.
WOOD MAGAZINE #2 Nov-Dec 1984 (v.1#2) pg. 52

Stack-molding technique for machining a unique picture-frame molding. Requires both a table saw (equipped with a dado blade) and a table-mounted router.
WOOD MAGAZINE #21 Feb 1988 (v.5#1) pg. 50
Added Info WOOD MAGAZINE #25 Oct 1988 (v.5#5) pg. 12

Small (1.5"x2") oval picture frames made of wood are ideal for displaying wallet-size photos. Made using a router and a simple jig.
WOOD MAGAZINE #31 Oct 1989 (v.6#5) pg. 82

Hearts-and-hares picture frame has tiny rabbits and heart-shaped flowers cut out all around the frame.
WOOD MAGAZINE #45 Sep 1991 (v.8#6) pg. 80

Octagonal picture frame (6" diameter) has an off-center rectangle for a photo. To the right of the photo are cutouts of doves in flight. A row of tiny hearts is just left of the photo.
WOOD MAGAZINE #52 Jun 1992 (v.9#4) pg. 70

Wooden frame for two photos resembles a leather-bound book.
WOOD MAGAZINE #59 Feb 1993 (v.10#2) pg. 66

Frame for a 3.5"x5" photo or print looks like a Greek temple.
WOOD MAGAZINE #61 Jun 1993 (v.10#4) pg. 64

Custom-cut your own hardwood picture frames. (1) Traditional walnut frame with an inside frame of contrasting maple. (2) Mahogany frame is decorated with three exposed splines across each corner in a contrasting wood.
WOOD MAGAZINE #67 Jan 1994 (v.11#1) pg. 40

How to build picture frames with any one of 8 molding profiles which you route yourself. Explains sizing, styling, cutting, assembly and mounting.
WOOD MAGAZINE #106 Jun 1998 (v.15#4) pg. 74

Art Deco-style wooden frame for a photograph is designed to sit on a tabletop.
WOOD MAGAZINE #111 Winter 1998 (v.15#9) pg. 54, Insert

Technique for securing glass and picture in a wooden picture frame uses thin wooden splines instead of glazing points or brads.
WOOD MAGAZINE #114 Apr 1999 (v.16#3) pg. 26

Tip on assembling a mitered work piece (from which an oval-shaped frame will be cut) by installing pocket-hole fasteners in the waste area of each joint.
WOOD MAGAZINE #117 Oct 1999 (v.16#6) pg. 28

Picture frame for a favorite fishing photo features a woodburned motif showing a stringer of three fish, rod and reel. A related article describes the basic woodburning tools and skills.
WOOD MAGAZINE #117 Oct 1999 (v.16#6) pg. 80, 76, Insert

Arts and Crafts tabletop frame for a 4"x6" photo is made from oak and features the square tapered column styling.
WOOD MAGAZINE #120 Winter 1999 (v.16#9) pg. 68, Insert

Picture-perfect pueblo. Elements of Southwestern architecture lend distinctive style to this three-panel frame (triptych) that is used to display photos.
WOOD MAGAZINE #125 Jul-Aug 2000 (v.17#5) pg. 14, Insert

Tip on reinforcing the corners of lightweight picture frames with wire cloth mesh.
WOOD MAGAZINE #126 Sep 2000 (v.17#6) pg. 28

Twice-as-nice pivoting picture frames. This tabletop stand features an ornamental pediment with finial that supports two rotating picture frames suitable for 5"x7" prints.
WOOD MAGAZINE #132 Apr 2001 (v.18#3) pg. 80, Insert
Correction WOOD MAGAZINE #138 Dec 2001 (v.18#9) pg. 14

Increasing the thickness and adding a rabbet strip when making picture frames from stock moldings that are too thin.
WOOD MAGAZINE #135 Sep 2001 (v.18#6) pg. 26

Frames of endearment. Wooden picture frames designed to fit three sizes of standard, precut mats. Design features a minimum of material, simple construction, contrasting woods and grain figure.
WOOD MAGAZINE #135 Sep 2001 (v.18#6) pg. 74, Insert

Simple tabletop picture frame is made by attaching a decorative scrap wood top and feet to clear acrylic sheets which encapsulate a photo.
WOOD MAGAZINE #144 Oct 2002 (v.19#6) pg. 68, Insert

Technique which guarantees that opposite sides of wooden picture frames are equal length when cutting them from molding.
WOOD MAGAZINE #145 Nov 2002 (v.19#7) pg. 36

How to carve an Art Nouveau style frame.
WOODCARVING #24 Mar 1996 pg. 20

How to carve and gild a large frame.
WOODCARVING #36 Jul-Aug 1997 pg. 41

Ornate carved wooden picture frame features a scroll design.
WOODCARVING #47 Mar-Apr 1999 pg. 35

Make a wooden oval picture frame using a router mounted on a router table. Articles on how to make a router table and how to draw the elliptical outline are included in the same magazine.
WOODSMITH #5 Sep 1979 pg. 9

Round oak frame for a wall-hung mirror. How to fabricate a hexagonal picture frame and then convert it into a round picture frame.
WOODSMITH #12 Nov 1980 pg. 10

Picture frame moldings. How to make ten classic profiles using a router.
WOODSMITH #60 Dec 1988 pg. 12

Self-standing wooden picture frame for a desk does not require a "hinged flap" to hold it upright.
WOODSMITH #60 Dec 1988 pg. 17

Taking the pain out of cutting miters. 45-degree miter jigs for a table saw and a radial arm saw make it easy to cut picture frame moldings to exact length.
WOODSMITH #60 Dec 1988 pg. 18
Added Info WOODSMITH #64 Aug 1989 pg. 23

Picture frame details. Tips and techniques for making a perfect frame and mounting the picture. Also includes tips on commercial and a shop-made picture frame clamp.
WOODSMITH #60 Dec 1988 pg. 20

Using easily-removed splines (instead of brads) to hold glass, picture, and backing board inside a picture frame.
WOODSMITH #76 Aug 1991 pg. 5

Wooden table-top picture frames feature two shades of laminated wood (cut to simulate veneered designs) and a permanent easel.
WOODSMITH #76 Aug 1991 pg. 12

Oval frame for a mirror begins by assembling short pieces into an elongated octagon and then routing the octagon into an oval.
WOODSMITH #84 Dec 1992 pg. 18, 16, 17, 22

Picture frames appear like they were assembled from tiny pieces or blocks of wood, but they actually are sawn from laminated blanks and assembled with conventional miter joints.
WOODSMITH #92 Apr 1994 (v.16) pg. 17

Fretwork picture frame. Includes full-sized patterns for leaf motif and for trellis. Accompanying article describes getting started in fretwork using a scroll saw.
WOODSMITH #103 Feb 1996 (v.18) pg. 24, 26

Folding desk clock. Two small wooden boxes are hinged together and fastened with a decorative latch. They open up to reveal a circular clock and a circular picture frame. The boxes consist of decorative veneer applied to MDF panels and edged with solid wood.
WOODSMITH #120 Dec 1998 (v.20) pg. 28, 17, 32

Making your own wooden picture frame moldings using a router table. Moldings include (1) accent strip, (2) wide accent strip, (3) single bead profile, (4) double bead profile, (5) veneered, and (6) two-piece veneered.
WOODSMITH #121 Feb 1999 (v.21) pg. 20

Cutting perfect miters for picture frames on a table saw, frame assembly, and reinforcing large frames.
WOODSMITH #121 Feb 1999 (v.21) pg. 24

Picture-frame assembly fixture. Holds a mitered corner securely while brads are installed.
WOODWORK #43 Feb 1997 pg. 8

Making a furniture-quality picture frame featuring splined miter joints.
WOODWORK #46 Aug 1997 pg. 49

Equipment for picture framing. An illustrated guide to both hand and power tools which are used in the making of wooden picture frames.
WOODWORKER #1015 Jun 1978 (v.82) pg. 262

How to make laminated mirror (or picture) frames with an elliptical shape.
WOODWORKER #1070 Jan 1983 (v.87) pg. 65

Custom-made frames for those special or awkward pictures. Tips on how to cut and shape your own decorative moldings, make the frame, and mount the picture.
WOODWORKER Dec 1987 (v.91#12) pg. 1059
Added Info WOODWORKER Mar 1988 (v.92#3) pg. 288

Show frame. Wooden picture frame, with a built-in easel stand, is decorated with stylized initials of the person for whose image the frame is intended.
WOODWORKER Feb 1993 (v.97#2) pg. 40

Making simple, molded, modern picture frames from reclaimed wood.
WOODWORKER Apr 1994 (v.98#4) pg. 50

Picture framing primer. How to make custom frames from stock moldings. Includes a jig for cutting perfect 45-degree angles with a table saw. Tips on matting, backing, and attaching the paper dust cover.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1977 (v.1#1) pg. 16

Picture frame for a large picture is made from stock molding, pine, and hardboard.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1977 (v.1#2) pg. 10

Wooden picture frame made from cove molding, quarter-round molding, and a thin strip of pine.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1977 (v.1#5) pg. 16

Use drip cap molding to make low cost picture frames.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1978 (v.2#5) pg. 11

Low-tech picture frames. How to fabricate wooden picture frames using a backsaw and homemade miter box.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1991 (v.15#4) pg. 18
Added Info WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1991 (v.15#6) pg. 7

Four easy wooden picture frames. (1) Rustic. (2) Built-up molding. (3) Burl veneer. (4) Cove & bead.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1991 (v.15#4) pg. 36, 18

Wooden picture frame combines grooved vertical stiles with horizontal dentil molding. The frame has the general appearance of a small fireplace surround.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1994 (v.18#1) pg. 63

Desktop frame stand holds an acrylic-framed photo in a grooved piece of hardwood, which is held at an angle in two triangular feet cut from a contrasting wood.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1997 (v.21#6) pg. 62

Multi-layer molding. Making built-up complex moldings with the router, one layer at a time. Includes crown molding, deep picture frame, and a valance (architectural woodworking that trims the headers of windows and doors).
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1998 (v.22#1) pg. 21

Combine scroll sawing and carving to produce this unique butternut picture frame.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1998 (v.22#1) pg. 44

Small wooden picture frames (8"x6") are hinged in pairs and decorated with inlays of a composite material called "Environ".
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1998 (v.22#4) pg. 44, Insert

Reflections on wood. Carve a wooden frame for a mirror where the frame includes a bird on a branch and the mirror represents a pool of water.
WOODWORKING TODAY #30 Apr 1992 pg. 48

Unusual abstract picture frame made from small, irregular pieces of different colored wood, glued together.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1967 (v.23#2) pg. 42

Picture frames. Part 1. Tips on making picture frames from wood moldings.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1967 (v.23#5) pg. 26

Picture frames. Part 2. Making oval and circular frames.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1967 (v.23#6) pg. 30

How to restore chipped and broken carved wooden or plaster picture frames.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1970 (v.26#2) pg. 12

Unique picture frame consists of flat, scrolled pieces at top and bottom into which are fitted the halves of a split turning for the sides.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1982 (v.38#5) pg. 75

Tabletop picture frame (5"x6") made from bird's-eye maple or other right-grained hardwood.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1990 (v.46#6) pg. 32

Special jigs for making wooden picture frames from wide moldings. (1) Compound-miter jig for a table saw. (2) Rabbeting jig for a table saw. (3) Clamping corners for use with a band clamp.
WORKBENCH Apr-May 1993 (v.49#2) pg. 74

Router-made frames. Make wooden molding for picture frames using a table saw and a few router bits.
WORKBENCH Apr-May 1993 (v.49#2) pg. 78

Free-standing picture frames (3"x3") are made of wood and feature heart-shaped openings.
WORKBENCH Feb-Mar 1994 (v.50#1) pg. 34