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Fuchsias. Tips on selecting a plant and caring for it. Photos show twelve varieties. Also includes information on combatting thrips, spider mites, aphids and fungal diseases. Winter care for a dormant plant described.
FINE GARDENING #6 Mar-Apr 1989 pg. 46
Added Info FINE GARDENING #8 Jul-Aug 1989 pg. 4

Tips on controlling fuchsia gall mites.
FINE GARDENING #11 Jan-Feb 1990 pg. 8

How to raise fuchsias.
FLOWER & GARDEN Sep 1979 (v.23#9) pg. 45

Fuchsias. A guide to their history, new cultivars and care as a container plant.
FLOWER & GARDEN Apr-May 1992 (v.36#2) pg. 42

Advice on overwintering bougainvillea and fuchsia indoors.
GARDEN GATE #11 Oct 1996 pg. 4

California fuchsia (Zauschneria californica), its attributes and culture.
HORTICULTURE Jun-Jul 1992 (v.70#6) pg. 96

Tip on propagating a Cape fuchsia from a root cutting.
HORTICULTURE Mar 1995 (v.73#3) pg. 16

Training a fuchsia standard. Step-by-step instructions.
HORTICULTURE Jun-Jul 1995 (v.73#6) pg. 48

A fancy for fuchsias. An enthusiast picks his favorite hybrids. Tips on their culture and propagation.
HORTICULTURE Feb 1998 (v.95#2) pg. 5
Added Info HORTICULTURE Jul-Aug 1998 (v.95#7) pg. 10

How to care for a hanging fuchsia when brought inside during the winter.
HORTICULTURE Sep-Oct 1999 (v.96#7) pg. 12

How to keep fuschias alive in winter for summer blooming.
ORGANIC GARDENING Jul 1985 (v.32#7) pg. 90

How to groom, prune and repot fuchsias.
SUNSET Feb 1977 (v.158#2) pg. 160

How to prune hanging or tree fuchsias.
SUNSET Mar 1980 (v.164#3) pg. 208

A guide to growing fuchsias in hanging baskets.
SUNSET Aug 1980 (v.165#2) pg. 150

Tips on breeding fuchsias.
SUNSET May 1984 (v.172#5) pg. 270

How to grow fuchias and cherry tomatoes in wooden pots so they climb a trellis.
SUNSET May 1987 (v.178#5) pg. 282