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Settee for two. Oak bench features exposed wedged tenons that add a decorative touch.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #13 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 39

Early American settle with a slatted back and storage beneath the seat. Est. cost: $51.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1979 (v.57#7) pg. 55, 64

Comb-painted plywood bench with a tall back is a modern version of an antique "settle" bench. Est. cost: $75.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1989 (v.67#7) pg. 37, 40

Garden bench with curved back and arms resembles a Victorian camelback settee. Dimensional sketch included. Full project plan can be ordered.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Aug 1989 (v.67#8) pg. 128

Traditonal method for making the sloped arms on a Mission-style oak settle.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Feb 2001 (v.24#4) pg. 60

Early Canadian settle. Reproduction of an 1820's bench-like seat opens up to form a guest bed. Also serves to store blankets or other items.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1990 (v.14#3) pg. 32
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Mar 1991 (v.14#6) pg. 68

Tip: Settee is made from 2 chairs with front edges butted. Seat cushion with rolled ends is sewn from an old mattress pad.
FAMILY CIRCLE Sep 16 1980 (v.93#13) pg. 81

Windsor settee features a bow that flows smoothly in a continuous curve from the arm and evenly-spaced spindles.
FINE WOODWORKING #88 May-Jun 1991 pg. 85

Antique settle, a high-backed wooden bench with a hinged lid on the seat and a storage compartment.
HANDY ANDY Sep 1979 (v.3#10) pg. 41

Making a quartersawn leg for a Stickley-style settle.
HOME FURNITURE #4 Fall 1995 pg. 106

Reproduction of an Early American settle about 5 ft. long.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #453 Feb 1966 (v.62) pg. 104

Modern version of the old settee. Wooden settee (long bench with arms and a back) is built of mahogany. The seat measures 16"x60". Est cost: $50.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #605 Oct 1978 (v.74) pg. 80

Fireplace bench settee with a high back built from tongue-and-groove pine. Has a storage compartment under the seat.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #609 Feb 1979 (v.75) pg. 64

Wooden settee with a leather cushion is styled like an old buggy seat.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1968 (v.129#4) pg. 148

How to build a Shaker settee, a 49" long bench with a spindle back, circa 1812.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1968 (v.192#2) pg. 123

Settee (bench) is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Features the beauty and weather resistance of mahogany, plus the durability of mortise-and-tenon joinery. Bench features slats in the back and seat, plus armrests on each end. Bench is 49" long.
WOOD MAGAZINE #17 Jun 1987 (v.4#3) pg. 68

Shaker settee is an introduction to duplicate turning, bending, and shaping.
WOODWORK #27 Jun 1994 pg. 52

Thoughts on repairing antique settees. Includes advice on examining a broken settee leg to determine what caused it to fail so the error isn't repeated. Also offers views on the aim of keeping as much of the original as possible.
WOODWORK #38 Apr 1996 pg. 58

Oak settee made to measure. Features a contemporary-styled oak frame. Nylon reinforced rubber webbing and upholstered foam cushions complete the seat and back. Unit measures 48" wide and 31" deep.
WOODWORKER #1014 May 1978 (v.82) pg. 200

Bergere style settee and lounge chair in limed oak (circa 1759-1803).
WOODWORKER #1018 Sep 1978 (v.82) pg. 406

Settee. A continuation of the series on designs for furniture by Edward Barnsley and as originally produced in his Froxfield (Hampshire) workshops. Features shaped arms, legs and rails.
WOODWORKER #1061 Apr 1982 (v.86) pg. 236

Build this "Monk's bench", a 17th-century example of dual-purpose furniture. In one guise it acts as a side-table for serving food. By re-arranging the top, it becomes a settle. Overall dimensions: 57" long, 25" wide, 29" tall.
WOODWORKER #1108 Mar 1986 (v.90#3) pg. 216

Traditional oak settle is assembled using dowel joints instead of the traditional mortise-and-tenon joint. Features a chest beneath the seat concealed behind two frame-and-panel doors. Overall dimensions: 762mm tall, 603mm wide, 355mm deep (30"x24"x14").
WOODWORKER Jun 1988 (v.92#6) pg. 494

Shaker settee with spindle back and no arms. Measures 49" long.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1977 (v.1#6) pg. 12

Pattern for an 18th century American settle. The high back is 62" tall and the seat is 48" wide and 15" deep. Made from 5/4" pine for seat and sides and 3/4" stock which you tongue and groove for the back.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1979 (v.3#1) pg. 4

Colonial settle bench doubles as both a table and a bench. The hinged top measures 60"x30". When raised, the top forms the bench back. The bench seat lifts up to reveal a storage compartment.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1985 (v.9#4) pg. 44

Child's settle table. The top pivots up to form a chair. The chair seat lifts off to access a storage compartment.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1986 (v.10#1) pg. 54

Nursery furniture. Part 2. A settle provides storage under the lift-up seat. Overall dimensions: 31"x16"x31" tall.
WOODWORKING TODAY #23 Jul 1991 pg. 56

Early American child's chair and settle.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1964 (v.20#5) pg. 28

Three-cushion settee has a frame of wood with loose cushions for the seat and back. Arms contain planters.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1975 (v.31#6) pg. 36

Authentic English Pub settle has a high solid back, padded for comfort, and 15" deep sides that have arm rests.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1978 (v.34#5) pg. 50

Built-in settee has storage compartment under the seat. Built of plywood.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1980 (v.36#1) pg. 131

Colonial settle provides both seating and storage. Features frame-and-panel construction. The seat lifts up to access the storage compartment. Overall dimensions: 61" long, 20" deep, 40" tall.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1984 (v.40#5) pg. 116

Upholstered walnut settee (circa mid to late 1800's) is about the size of today's love seat. Frame features carvings of unusual sea creatures. Frame is assembled with dowel joints. Overall dimensions: 36" long, 24" deep, 31" tall.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1986 (v.42#3) pg. 4, 72

Reproduction of a Canterbury settee built by the Shakers sometime between 1825 and 1850. Overall dimensions: 50" long, 31" tall.
WORKBENCH Oct-Nov 1991 (v.47#5) pg. 66
Correction WORKBENCH Dec 1991-Jan 1992 (v.47#6) pg. 6

Old-fashioned settle (combination seat and storage cabinet). The storage is accessed though two frame-and-panel doors below the seat. Overall dimensions: 14"x24"x30" tall.
WORKBENCH Dec 1991-Jan 1992 (v.47#6) pg. 32