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New-wave table. The glass-top of this sculptural coffee table is supported on 2" diameter marbleized spheres atop 16" tiger-maple legs. The tapered, circular legs are in turn supported by a 42"x23" subtop with wavy edges.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #26 May-Jun 1992 pg. 42

How to make a coffee table out of anything. Six different styles shown. (1) Box base is made from hollow-core door. Plywood top is covered with 4" ceramic tiles and a 36" square glass cover. (2) Box built of pegboard has a light socket mounted underneath. Dimensions: 24"x36"x12" high. Est. cost: $10. (3) Two galvanized steel window wells are bolted together and topped with an oval piece of plate glass. Est. cost: $100. (4) A map is sandwiched between two pine frames and topped with plate glass. Est. cost: $50. (5) Table frame is PVC pipe topped with two pieces of plate glass with a poster sandwiched between them. Est. cost: $70. (6) Plain plywood box (36" square, 12" high) is covered with thin cedar strips. Est. cost: $45.
APARTMENT LIFE May 1978 (v.10#5) pg. 74

"Instant" coffee table is made by stacking 1x4s like "Lincoln Logs" and topping the stack with a piece of plate glass.
APARTMENT LIFE Jul 1978 (v.10#7) pg. 73

Three-tiered coffee table with a glass top and a fluorescent light inside.
APARTMENT LIFE Dec 1978 (v.10#12) pg. 68, 128

Dowel-legged, glass top coffee table, 30"x48"x15" high.
APARTMENT LIFE Jun 1979 (v.11#6) pg. 68

Tip: Coffee table is made from an old casement window with 4x4s for the legs.
APARTMENT LIFE Oct 1979 (v.11#10) pg. 55, 86

Photo shows acrylic coffee table made from 1/4" acrylic plastic. Top is 18"x34" and table stands 16" high. Est. cost: $50.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1971 (v.49#7) pg. 40

Photo shows Plinth-block (the ornate blocks used to cover door and window joints) coffee table. End panels have assorted blocks mounted on the face. Stretchers and bottom shelf are made of cedar with a plate glass top. Est. cost: $80.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1971 (v.49#7) pg. 55

Photo shows table that is made from nine 15" turned spindles that sit on an X-shaped base and top support. Table top is 24" diameter acrylic plastic. Est. cost: $31.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1971 (v.49#7) pg. 63

Photo shows unique coffee table made from three shipping barrels laid side by side. Piece of heavy glass forms the top. Est. cost: $25.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1972 (v.50#7) pg. 40

Photo shows easy-to-build contemporary coffee table, 42"x42"x14" high, built from birch 1x1s with an acrylic top. Est. cost: $74.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1972 (v.50#7) pg. 75

Photo shows how to make a glass-top coffee table from cardboard cartons with a 1/4" plate glass top. Est. cost: $15.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1975 (v.53#7) pg. 45

Photo shows easy-to-build terrarium coffee table. Table is built from pine. 17"x17"x4" terrarium is recessed in the middle of the table and topped with a piece of glass. Est. cost: $31.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1976 (v.54#7) pg. 63

Photo shows a glass top coffee table you can build. Legs are 6"x4"x14" built box-like from smaller pieces of wood. Est. cost: $64.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1976 (v.54#7) pg. 74

Photo shows terrarium coffee table made from two window-well covers joined by epoxy and topped with plate glass. Est. cost: $72.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1976 (v.54#7) pg. 76

Photo and sketch show how to build a combination coffee table and dining table. Box base is turned on end to provide a dining table height. Table top edges have recessed glass inserts. Plan can be ordered. Est. cost: $65.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1977 (v.55#7) pg. 120

Collector's coffee table is made from 4x4s, a half-sheet of plywood and a glass top. There is a 4" deep recess beneath the glass for use as a display case. Est. cost: $30.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1978 (v.56#7) pg. 73, 84

Glass-topped coffee table has a base of notched oak plywood. Est. cost: $67.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1979 (v.57#7) pg. 91, 172

Magazine rack features 4 canvas pockets supported by a wood and dowel framework. Add a plate glass top to turn the unit into a coffee table. Est. cost: $18.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1984 (v.62#2) pg. 75, 131

Slip-together walnut coffee table has a glass top. Plan can be ordered. Est. cost: $43.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1986 (v.64#3) pg. 81, 162

Coffee table base is made from the letters "bpqd" cut from plywood. Top is beveled glass. Est. cost: $52.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1986 (v.64#3) pg. 91, 180

Four pairs of wooden reindeer serve as the legs for a glass-topped coffee table.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1988 (v.66#12) pg. 49, 63

The elegance of hardwood and glass joined together in this square coffee table. Matching end tables can be made by lengthening the leg pieces. The glass insert in the top protects a decorative piece of leather. A second piece of glass sits on top of the leg braces to form a lower shelf. Overall dimensions 24"x24"x16" tall.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1985 (v.8#11) pg. 48

Coffee table (20"x40"x16" tall) features a glass top set in frame of soft curves and routed edgings. A matching end table (17"x24"x24" tall) features frame-and-glass sides and doubles as a display case.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1988 (v.11#11) pg. 38

Circular glass top coffee table has a base made with dowels layered log cabin-style in a hexagon shape. Est. cost: $100.
FAMILY CIRCLE Jul 1 1982 (v.95#9) pg. 86

Round coffee table with a 36" diameter glass top is supported by a unique "X" shaped base. Est. cost: $80.
FAMILY CIRCLE Jul 12 1983 (v.96#10) pg. 113, 178

Wrought iron coffee table with a glass top. Frame is bent from angle iron, round rod and flat iron. It is assembled with "pop" rivets. Est. cost: $8.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #100 Oct 1967 (v.17#5) pg. 32

How to make a wrought iron coffee table with a glass top. Uses soft iron that can be formed on a simple jig into decorative curves.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #172 Apr 1976 (v.26#4) pg. 44

How to build your own furniture from clear acrylic plastic. The tools and methods for cutting and shaping plastic explained. Includes instructions for making a coffee table and a four-section etagere.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #182 Jul-Aug 1977 (v.27#5) pg. 34

A look at projects you can make from Sonotubes (the large tubes used by contractors to pour concrete columns and footing). Sketches show how to make a tube bed for a child, chairs, footstools and planters, a desk and bookshelf unit, a clothes closet and a glass topped coffee table.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #201 Sep 1979 (v.29#7) pg. 115

Glass top cocktail table (20"x30") or sofa table (14"x66"). Style is similar to parson's table.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #215 Jan 1981 (v.31#1) pg. 56

Mirror-topped coffee table consists of a simple wooden frame (built from pine and particle board) topped with a 34" square mirror.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #223 Nov 1981 (v.31#9) pg. 74

Glass-top coffee table (32"x32"x16" tall) features rounded corners and a black ebonized finish.
FINE WOODWORKING #76 May-Jun 1989 pg. 49

Simple coffee table features a unique "shattered glass" design which is sandwiched between two pieces of clear glass.
FINE WOODWORKING #80 Jan-Feb 1990 pg. 87

Glass-top coffee table features mitered corners joining legs and aprons together with no visible endgrain and bent-laminated supports for the center of the glass top.
FINE WOODWORKING #92 Jan-Feb 1992 pg. 67

A display top coffee table has a plate glass top over a 3" deep recess. Table is 19" high, 33" long, 21" wide.
HANDY ANDY Mar 1978 (v.2#6) pg. 26

Terrarium coffee table is made of acrylic. Terrarium base is 15" high, 12" wide and 18" long. Top is 26"x20". Est. cost: $49.
HANDY ANDY Jan 1979 (v.3#4) pg. 51

Glass top coffee table can display collections of rocks, pictures, etc.
HOME CRAFTSMAN Jan 1963 pg. 73

Glass-topped coffee table is built from a single sheet of painted particleboard. Top measures 30"x44" with an 18"x32" glass insert.
HOME MECHANIX #715 Nov 1987 (v.83) pg. 78

Particleboard modules (boxes measuring 4"x16"x16") are covered on 4, 5, or 6 sides with mirrors. The modules are combined in various ways to form a glass-topped coffee table with mirrored legs, a bookcase with mirrored uprights, a telephone table, end table, etc.
HOME MECHANIX #722 Jun 1988 (v.84) pg. 38

Contemporary modular furniture built from particleboard. (1) Large coffee table with a glass-insert top above a display shelf. Overall dimensions: 48"x48"x18" tall. (2) Queen-size master bed. Both projects use identical detachable leg modules.
HOME MECHANIX #729 Jan 1989 (v.85) pg. 48

Tip: Quick-and-easy coffee table is made from four 30" 6x8s (stacked Tic-Tac-Toe fashion) and topped with a piece of glass.
HOMEOWNER Jan-Feb 1986 (v.11#1) pg. 6

Simple coffee table consists of an "X-shaped" base made from two 18"x36" pieces of notched plywood topped with glass, marble or mirror.
HOMEOWNER Apr 1987 (v.12#3) pg. 14

Two styles of contemporary glass tables. Simple wood frames are topped with thick glass. Dimensions for both an end table and a coffee table are given.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Nov 1978 (v.67#8) pg. 46

Photos show how an old printers type drawer was converted to a display coffee table by adding legs and a glass top.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #546 Apr 1983 pg. 67

Inexpensive coffee table is made from mahogany frame with glass blocks inset into a wooden grid for the top. Blocks are also inserted in each pedestal-style leg.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #546 Nov 1973 (v.69) pg. 64

Spanish style coffee table features a see-through clear plastic or glass top. Unit measures 36"x24"x14" high.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #552 May 1974 (v.70) pg. 106

See-through furniture you can make. How to build furniture from acrylic sheet plastic. Plans for a coffee table and display rack illustrate the techniques.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #562 Mar 1975 (v.71) pg. 88

Contemporary coffee table has oak frame and legs and a glass surface. Top is 36"x48". Est. cost: $70.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #618 Nov 1979 (v.75) pg. 60

Build this round, sculpted coffee table. This three leg table with 22" diameter glass top is made from walnut. Table is 30" in diameter and stand 17" high.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #645 Feb 1982 (v.78) pg. 48

Glass-topped table has box legs and a wooden grid top frame. Can be built as a 36" square coffee table or as a dining table measuring 36"x62".
NEW SHELTER May-Jun 1980 (v.1#4) pg. 43

Cocktail table with an oval-shaped glass top (24" wide x 40" long) resting on a modern design frame walnut. Est. cost: $40 for glass.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1967 (v.127#3) pg. 151

Glass-top coffee table with magazine shelf.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1969 (v.131#2) pg. 155

"Ready-made" coffee table uses four purchased legs, stock picture frame molding and glass top.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1970 (v.133#3) pg. 172

Glass top wagon wheel table.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1971 (v.135#2) pg. 182D

Elegant coffee table with a lighted translucent glass top can serve as a slide viewer. Built-in light dimmer lets you select light level. Electric cord retracts into table for storage.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1975 (v.144#3) pg. 102

Build a contemporary glass-top, oak-framed coffee table.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1983 (v.160#6) pg. 148

Circular glass-top coffee table uses three 6" PVC pipe-and-wood columns for the base. Top measures 36" to 48" in diameter.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1985 (v.162#10) pg. 193

Coffee table designed to store a set of encyclopedias with their spines up. A glass top over the books allows you to select the right volume.
POPULAR SCIENCE Dec 1967 (v.191#6) pg. 124

Plexiglas hemisphere (20" diameter) with a plastic top, supported by leather slings attached to an oak framework. Illuminated by an overhead lamp. Combines an aquarium with a coffee or lamp table.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1971 (v.199#1) pg. 78

Glass top coffee table sets on top of wine rack style base built from plywood. Est. cost: $80.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1971 (v.199#2) pg. 95

Items built from Plexiglas include a coffee table.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1971 (v.199#3) pg. 108

Two styles of coffee tables made with bases of plumbing pipe. One uses plastic pipe and the second uses copper drain pipe to form the base. Either a wooden or glass top is set on the pipe framework. Est. cost: $40 for copper and glass version, $20 for plastic and wood version.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1973 (v.202#2) pg. 135

Two plywood cubes with decorative hinge hardware for their doors are set atop a pedestal base and bridged with a glass top to form this coffee table. There is lots of storage in the cubes.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1973 (v.203#3) pg. 106

Slab-style coffee table is built entirely of Plexiglas. Top measures 24"x68". All parts are cut from one 4x8-ft. sheet of plastic.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1974 (v.204#1) pg. 106

Gas welding. How to get started in oxyacetylene welding. Includes plans for making a glass top coffee table featuring a leaded glass design of the American Eagle. The welded frame incorporates the U.S. shield design for ends (legs).
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1976 (v.209#4) pg. 134

Unique base for a glass-top coffee table is made from 1/2 sheet of plywood.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1983 (v.223#2) pg. 92

Two Mission-style coffee tables (solid wood top and glass insert top) require mortise-and-tenon joints. Overall dimensions: 49"x24"x17" tall.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #85 Jul 1995 (v.15#1) pg. 24

How to make a glass top table from an antique trunk. Plate glass top is supported on nails with cork heads.
SUNSET May 1977 (v.158#5) pg. 132

Combination coffee table and photographers light table. Wooden box base contains 4 fluorescent lights. Top is translucent plastic topped with glass.
SUNSET Jul 1980 (v.165#1) pg. 110

Sleek coffee table has walnut frame, black glass top, and two large storage drawers. Top measures 38"x42".
SUNSET May 1982 (v.168#5) pg. 124

Classy oak coffee table with a glass top. Contemporary styling features "U" shaped ends and large, decorative dovetail joints. Overall dimentions: 45"x19"x18" tall.
WOOD MAGAZINE #7 Oct 1985 (v.2#5) pg. 78

Low stand with a glass top is designed to support a TV, VCR, and DVD player. A compation piece to the sofa/sleeper which appeared in issue 139. Overall dimensions: 36"x24"x22" tall.
WOOD MAGAZINE #141 Apr 2002 (v.19#3) pg. 46

Contemporary styled table may be used as a coffee table, plant stand or end table. It depends on which side of the table you use as the base. Smoked glass serves as the top. The base is made from oak. Dimensions: 27"x16"x12".
WOODSMITH #1 Jan 1979 pg. 7

Craftsman-style coffee table (30"x38"x17" high) features a beveled-glass top, a lower shelf and mortise-and-tenon spindles on the ends. Includes details for an alternative solid wood top.
WOODSMITH #112 Aug 1997 (v.19) pg. 6

Gracefully glazed. Delicate wooden-framed coffee table with a glass top. The uprights are gracefully curved and come to a point. The stretchers are decorated with a lattice-shape panel. Overall dimensions: 410mm tall, 760mm long, 350mm wide.
WOODWORKER #1105 Dec 1985 (v.89) pg. 949

Glass-topped low table (coffee table) features a Japanese-styled base made from ash and accented with ebony.
WOODWORKER Dec 1990 (v.94#12) pg. 1202

Six frame ideas for supporting heavy plate glass to make a glass coffee table.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1977 (v.1#1) pg. 6

2x4 furniture. Part 2. A contemporary styled glass-top coffee table and glass-top end table. The frames supporting the glass tops feature several simple mortise and tenon joints.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1980 (v.4#2) pg. 8, 9

Matching coffee and end tables feature a contemporary design, bird's-eye maple and walnut frame, and smoked glass tops.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1984 (v.8#4) pg. 32

Contemporary glass-top coffee table features a narrow band of red dyed veneer on each leg. Overall dimensions: 46"x18"x16" tall.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1988 (v.12#1) pg. 28

Rolling tea table. This coffee table features cabriole legs, a curved top frame with a glass insert, and casters. Overall dimensions: 31"x20"x20" tall.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1999 (v.23#1) pg. 50, Insert

Glass-top cane coffee table project will introduce you to most of the techniques you are likely to face when working with cane.

Glass-topped wrought iron coffee table.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1969 (v.25#5) pg. 50A

Display/coffee table has recessed, glass-covered top.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1970 (v.26#2) pg. 23

Contemporary coffee table includes four glass-topped display areas, magazine racks, and a storage cabinet. Table is 18"x38"x18" tall.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1977 (v.33#6) pg. 48

Contemporary coffee table from Workbench designer series. Designed by John Noel. A glass top (30" square) is suspended above a plywood base that has been covered with white plastic laminate. Space between glass and base may be used for magazines or display.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1979 (v.35#6) pg. 153

Glass-top coffee table features two three-shelf wine racks used as the legs of the table. Table top measures 16"x49". Table is 18" tall. Legs hold a total of 18 bottles.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1980 (v.36#1) pg. 70

Contemporary furniture with a flair. Part 1. Coffee table features glass-sided display cases on each end and a built-in checker (chess) board which raises up to reveal a liquor storage compartment.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1981 (v.37#1) pg. 4

Contemporary coffee table with smoked glass top. Simple oak frame supports a 19"x39" glass top.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1987 (v.43#1) pg. 73

Bauhaus-style coffee (or hall) table with a glass top is assembled from two 29"x31" wooden frames and 16 dowels. Winner in the "Basic Box" contest.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1989 (v.45#5) pg. 62

Queen Anne style coffee table features ready-made cabriole legs and a beveled glass top insert.
WORKBENCH Feb-Mar 1994 (v.50#1) pg. 30