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xx   WOOD

Man-made boards. How to select the panel (plywood, MDF fiberboard, or particleboard) that is appropriate for a given project.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #43 Feb 1995 pg. 52

Plywood plus. How to choose the appropriate sheet goods for your project.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Mar 1999 (v.22#5) pg. 20

Pressed into action. A look at the manufacture of engineered wood products (laminated timber, OSB, MDF, structural joists, plywood, parallel-strand lumber, ...) and their applications in the home workshop.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP May 1999 (v.22#7) pg. 52

The new composite. Coming to grips with MDF and its benefits. Advice on painting, cutting, dust control, fasteners, etc.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Sep 2002 (v.25#10) pg. 18

Working with melamine board which consists of particle board covered on both sides with plastic-saturated paper that has been heat-bonded to the wood.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1983 (v.6#7) pg. 27

Tough choices. A guide to the range of specialized particle board products that are available.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Feb 1993 (v.16#5) pg. 7

Brief guide to structural wood panels (particleboard, waferboard, oriented strand board, and composite).
FAMILY HANDYMAN #285 Jan 1988 (v.38#1) pg. 52

Tips on sanding and filling particleboard to make a smooth surface for painting or varnishing.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #300 Jul-Aug 1989 (v.39#7) pg. 12

Tip on using a hardwood dowel to increase the screw-holding power in particleboard.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #312 Oct 1990 (v.40#9) pg. 44

Tip on smoothing the edges of particleboard with latex wood putty prior to painting.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #353 Nov-Dec 1994 (v.44#10) pg. 16

Reinventing wood. Tips on selecting and working with oriented strand board, hardboard siding, and wood I-beams.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #355 Feb 1995 (v.45#2) pg. 24

Composition panels. Oriented strand board, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and hardboard. What they are and what they can do.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #67 Apr-May 1991 pg. 77

Grain orientation in sheathing panels (plywood, oriented strand board, gypsum board) and its impact for the building trade.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #98 Oct-Nov 1995 pg. 36

Man-made boards. Working with particleboard and fiberboard. Tips on cutting, joining and covering (finishing).
FINE WOODWORKING #29 Jul-Aug 1981 pg. 76

Tips on reducing formaldehyde gas emissions from particleboard.
FINE WOODWORKING #38 Jan-Feb 1983 pg. 28

Honeycomb-panel construction. Surrounding a corrugated-paper honeycomb material with a particleboard frame and sandwiching between layers of fiberboard produces a strong, but lightweight panel.
FINE WOODWORKING #76 May-Jun 1989 pg. 79

A woodworker's guide to medium-density fiberboard. How to get the most from its glass-flat surfaces and razor-sharp edges.
FINE WOODWORKING #104 Jan-Feb 1994 pg. 51

Sheet goods for the woodshop. How panel products are made and used.
FINE WOODWORKING #117 Mar-Apr 1996 pg. 39

Technique for producing chip-free edges on melamine-covered particle board.
FINE WOODWORKING #136 May-Jun 1999 pg. 18

What you should know about particleboard.
PARENTS HOME Apr 1981 (v.5#7) pg. 19

All about plywood and other building panels. An examination of the broad range of building panels.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1984 (v.161#3) pg. 139

The role of manufactured panels in the world of fine furniture making. Tips on selecting and using various hardwood veneer plywoods and the less-costly structural panels when building furniture.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1986 (v.163#11) pg. 93

Whatever happened to particleboard? How and when to use the inexpensive particleboard in place of expensive plywood. How to work the board and how to achieve a good smooth finish.
POPULAR SCIENCE Dec 1972 (v.201#6) pg. 96

How to make the most of new-generation particleboard. Tips on using and finishing hardboard, particleboard, and waferboard.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1980 (v.216#1) pg. 117

Tips on using and finishing waferboard panels.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1983 (v.223#1) pg. 102

How to work with structural panels (waferboard, particleboard, com-ply, oriented-strand board). Tips on layout, tools, joints and edge treatments.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1984 (v.224#1) pg. 96

Medium-density fiberboard (MFD). Physical properties, machining, finishing and availability.
SHOPNOTES #16 Jul 1994 (v.3) pg. 30

Particle board. Tips on selecting the right grade for your project.
SHOPNOTES #22 Jul 1995 (v.4) pg. 30

Tip on using powdered water-putty to fill the pores of particle board in preparation for painting.
SPEAKER BUILDER 3/1984 [Aug 1984] (v.5#3) pg. 33

Advice on glues for working with MDF (medium density fiberboard) and plastic laminate.
WOOD MAGAZINE #97 Jun 1997 (v.14#4) pg. 24

Method for inserting plugs of solid wood into particle board where screws are to be used.
WOOD MAGAZINE #144 Oct 2002 (v.19#6) pg. 34

Woodworker's guide to choosing sheet goods.
WOOD MAGAZINE #149 Jun-Jul 2003 (v.20#3) pg. 61

Tips on making your own "plywood" using flexible veneer and high-density particle board.
WOODSMITH #34 Jul-Aug 1984 pg. 24

Tip: Seal edges of MDF with "Unibond" before trying to finish.
WOODWORKER #1109 Apr 1986 (v.90#4) pg. 349

Tips on painting MDF particle board to achieve a high-gloss finish.
WOODWORKER #1115 Oct 1986 (v.90#10) pg. 863

Shopping for sheet stock. Choosing between plywood, particleboard and fiberboard. Includes tips on edge treatments.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1994 (v.18#2) pg. 18

Working with particleboard. Tips on its workability, strength, and how to finish the surface and edges.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1975 (v.31#4) pg. 38

Tips on working with Vulcan Fibre Board, a very dense laminate similar to plywood, but weighing over twice as much and having no interior voids.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1979 (v.35#1) pg. 114

Basement remodeling makes extensive use of waferboard panels.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1983 (v.39#5) pg. 10

Economical kitchen remodeling uses "veneered" particleboard. How to make your own thick veneer and apply it to particleboard backing. This technique is suitable for building inexpensive kitchen cabinets.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1986 (v.42#5) pg. 82