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Crocheted shell has satin ribbons woven in and out of the chenille yarn. Shell is sleeveless with a low V-neck.
AMERICAN HOME CRAFTS Spring-Summer 1978 (v.6#2) pg. 70, 102

Sleeveless, U-necked top is crocheted like a granny square.
AMERICAN HOME CRAFTS Spring-Summer 1978 (v.6#2) pg. 87, 116

(1) Woman's crocheted blouse with sailor collar. (2) Woman's crocheted blouse with ruffled collar and cuffs.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Mar 1982 (v.13#2) pg. 98

Eight blousons with a Victorian look that are crocheted in natural cotton, rayon and linen.
FAMILY CIRCLE Mar 1 1978 (v.91#3) pg. 102, 165

Woman's sleeveless crocheted pullover top with multi-color knots.
FAMILY CIRCLE Apr 1 1980 (v.93#5) pg. 68

Three crocheted summer tops for women. (1) Bi-color drawstring T-shirt. (2) Tweedy pullover. (3) T-shirt with poppy motifs.
FAMILY CIRCLE Jul 21 1981 (v.94#10) pg. 90

Crochet tops for women. (1) Striped tee shirt. (2) Vertical stripe cardigan. (3) Shell pullover. (4) Popcorn pullover.
FAMILY CIRCLE Jul 1 1982 (v.95#9) pg. 51

Shell-crochet blouson and matching cap. Sweater has long sleeves and a turtle neck.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Sep 1978 (v.187#3) pg. 141, 202

Lacy Victorian blouse, crocheted with Perle cotton, has a filet-patterned yoke and stand-up high collar, long sleeves with ruffled edges.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1978 pg. 48, 108

Crocheted cap-sleeved blouse has a U-shaped neckline and button front.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1978 pg. 49, 110

Shell-patterned crocheted blouse with long sleeves and a scoop neckline.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1978 pg. 50, 110

Crocheted ruffled blouse with a wide round neckline edged with a lace collar and cuffs.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1978 pg. 51, 112

Cowl-necked crocheted blouson has deep cuffs on the elbow-length sleeves and a drawstring bottom.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1978 pg. 58, 113

Wrap-and-tie blouson top has long sleeves and is worked in an afghan stitch.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Fall 1978-Winter 1979 pg. 80, 135

Short sleeved middy top crocheted in four pattern stitches.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1979 pg. 53, 113

Woman's three-piece sailor suit, shorts, bandeau and middy top are crocheted from cotton.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1980 pg. 60, 132

Woman's crocheted wrap top with extended shoulders is covered with sequins sewn in small diamond patterns.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1980 pg. 66, 136

V-Neck sleeveless top is crocheted from bias-cut fabric strips.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1981 pg. 60, 124

Dainty overblouse is crocheted from ribbons and gathered at the waist by a drawstring. Spray of crocheted flowers is added to the front.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING NEEDLECRAFT Spring-Summer 1981 pg. 78, 134

Woman's sleeveless blouson has open front and ties at the waist. Crocheted in a half-shell pattern.
HANDMADE Jul-Sep 1981 (v.1#2) pg. 30, 39

Crocheted chenille shell.
HANDMADE Summer 1982 (v.2#2) pg. 38, 50

V-neck skimmer top is worked in a lacy, openwork crochet.
HANDMADE #9 Summer 1983 (v.3#2) pg. 94, 83

Striped crocheted shirt has long sleeves and a round neckline with four buttons in front.
LADIES HOME JOURNAL NEEDLE & CRAFT Spring-Summer 1978 (v.8#2) pg. 55, 98

Crocheted striped overblouse with elbow-length sleeves and a wide neck.
LADIES HOME JOURNAL NEEDLE & CRAFT Fall-Winter 1978 (v.9#1) pg. 66, 102

Blouson crocheted top has elbow-length full sleeves that are gathered to a band. Open-work yoke has one button at the neckline.
LADIES HOME JOURNAL NEEDLE & CRAFT Fall-Winter 1979 (v.10#1) pg. 71, 109

Simple-to-crochet sleeveless blouse.
LADIES HOME JOURNAL NEEDLE & CRAFT Spring-Summer 1980 (v.10#2) pg. 80, 117

Crocheted shell lace top has elbow length sleeves and a picture neckline with drawstring.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1978 (v.23#1) pg. 93, 149

Sleeveless cotton shell in a lacy stitch has a Bertha flounce collar and can be worn off the shoulder. Tiny embroidered flowers trim the neckline.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1978 (v.23#1) pg. 116, 164

Cotton peasant blouson with picture neckline and puffed sleeves is crocheted in a lacy stitch. Several tiny flowers are embroidered on body and sleeves.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1978 (v.23#1) pg. 116, 170

Sleeveless cotton shell with a deep square neck and scallop-rimmed peplum.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1978 (v.23#2) pg. 72, 110

Lacy blouson with loose elbow-length sleeves and a drawstring-gathered neckline and waist.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1978 (v.23#2) pg. 74, 33

Filet mesh blouson is covered with multicolored flowers and has a wide neckline, long full sleeves and a drawstring waist.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1978 (v.23#2) pg. 74, 111

Crocheted filet blouson jacket has short sleeves and fastens with a drawstring at the waist.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1978 (v.23#2) pg. 75, 111

Soft blouson with raglan sleeves is crocheted in a shell stitch.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Fall 1978 (v.23#3) pg. 131, 61

Puff stitch crocheted top with cap sleeve and a V of popcorn stitches.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1979 (v.24#1) pg. 93, 60

Drawstring blouson crocheted in cotton with elbow-length puff sleeves.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1979 (v.24#2) pg. 39, 86

Snowflake pattern crochet is used to create a girl's zipper-front jacket and a drawstring skirt with suspenders. Snowflakes are added by embroidery. Lace blouse with ruffles at the neck and cuffs is also crocheted.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Winter 1979 (v.24#4) pg. 98, 188

Woman's lacy sleeveless shell.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1980 (v.25#2) pg. 71, 24

Three striped tops. (1) Bateau-neck top crocheted in right-angle stripes. (2) Bateau-neck sweater knit in stockinette with bright two-color horizontal stripes. (3) Square-neck sweater knitted with vertical stripes and 3/4-length sleeves.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Mar-Apr 1981 (v.26#2) pg. 84, 29, 10

Woman's crocheted top in silver thread has scoop neck, and cabled bottom.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS May-Jun 1981 (v.26#3) pg. 40, 105

Woman's shell and bobble top has attention-getting triangular yoke and long sleeves.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Sep-Oct 1981 (v.26#5) pg. 86, 56

Woman's puff-sleeved top with gentle V-shaped neckline. Bodice has stripes of metallic yarn.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Sep-Oct 1981 (v.26#5) pg. 87, 16

Four women's tops and coverups worked in open-air crochet (fishnet).
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS May-Jun 1983 (v.28#3) pg. 18

Woman's Victorian blouse. Yolk and three-quarter-length sleeves are in floral filet crochet. The bodice is in double crochet.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jan 1988 (v.33#1) pg. 32, 64

Irish-crochet yoke for a blouse emulates peasant embroidery. Uses the traditional technique of basting individually crocheted floral motifs to a muslin pattern and then joining them with lacy crochet.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jun 1988 (v.33#4) pg. 31, 18

Woman's sleeveless top is crocheted in a variation of the traditional shell stitch pattern. Ribbing is worked separately in a long strip, then body is crocheted right on.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jun 1990 (v.35#3) pg. 44, 72

Woman's crocheted sleeveless top with a boat neckline is covered with rows of black sequin paillettes.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Dec 1991 (v.37#6) pg. 78, 79

Crocheted pullover with short sleeves and boat neckline is worked in a wave pattern.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Apr 1992 (v.38#2) pg. 53, 56

Ecru cotton blouse and matching reticule (drawstring bag). Blouse has wide neckline, short sleeves, a drawstring waist and a long peplum.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1980 (v.3#3) pg. 14, 47

Woman's short-sleeved filet crochet blouse with a V-neck, lacy sleeves, and bottom border.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Jul-Aug 1982 (v.5#4) pg. 16, 52

Woman's crocheted summer top with short sleeves is designed to be reversible.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1983 (v.6#3) pg. 14, 48

Crochet a woman's 3/4 sleeve cotton blouse.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1984 (v.7#3) pg. 6

Crochet a woman's short-sleeve bolero top accented with flowerettes.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY May-Jun 1984 (v.7#3) pg. 13, 40

Crochet a pineapple design shawl and blouse with lacy cuffs and collar.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Mar-Apr 1985 (v.8#2) pg. 16, 49

The new classic shirt. A look at the slouch-sleeve with its flat cap, extended shoulder seam and deeper armscye. Stitching and padding tips.
THREADS #35 Jun-Jul 1991 pg. 52

Designing clothes for mixing and matching. How to duplicate fabrics and construction techniques use by fashion designer Donna Karan. Offers fitting and construction tips for sewing a bodysuit, white shirt, and sarong-style skirt.
THREADS #54 Aug-Sep 1994 pg. 32
Correction THREADS #56 Dec 1994-Jan 1995 pg. 6

Surface embellishment for clothing. Two crochet techniques are described: the crochet chain and hairpin lace. Diagrams show how to make a "Lace Legacy" blouse in which the sleeves are constructed of strips sewn together with hairpin lace used as an insert.
WEAVER'S JOURNAL #43 Winter 1987 (v.11#3) pg. 30

Long-sleeved crocheted blouson with a floral yoke.
WOMAN'S DAY Jun 14 1978 (v.41#11) pg. 114, 194

Boat neck T-top to crochet in an easy 4-row pattern.
WOMAN'S DAY Apr 3 1979 (v.42#8) pg. 22

Three elegant tops to crochet. (1) Allegro has a square neckline, elbow-length sleeves and is composed of single and double crochet strips edged with shell. (2) Andante has short sleeves and is worked in flower squares. (3) Vivace has short sleeves and features diagonal stripes separated by rows of puff stitches.
WOMAN'S DAY Apr 24 1979 (v.42#9) pg. 94, 142

Matching men's and women's crocheted polo tops in red and blue stripes on white background.
WOMAN'S DAY Jul 8 1980 (v.43#12) pg. 77, 108

4 tops to crochet with metalic yarns. (1) Lacy jacket. (2) Pullover sweater. (3) Blouse. (4) Bolero.
WOMAN'S DAY Dec 22 1981 (v.45#4) pg. 88

Crocheted blouse has mid-length sleeves, a drawstring belt at the waistline and a tie at the neck.
WORKBASKET Jun 1979 (v.44#9) pg. 5

Dressy scallop-trimmed shell and jacket are crocheted in a lacy pattern.
WORKBASKET Sep 1979 (v.44#12) pg. 41

Lacy holiday blouse to crochet. Has ruffled collar and cuffs.
WORKBASKET Nov-Dec 1979 (v.45#2) pg. 6

Crocheted blouse with long lacy sleeves, a drawstring waist and embroidered trim.
WORKBASKET Jan 1980 (v.45#3) pg. 8

Crocheted top with a mandarin collar and cap sleeves.
WORKBASKET Aug 1980 (v.45#9) pg. 26

Dainty white shell trimmed with gold (at neck and sleeves) and accented with dainty gold crocheted flowers and sequins.
WORKBASKET Mar 1981 (v.46#5) pg. 8

Woman's shell crocheted in popcorn stitch is decorated with crystal beads, pearls and ribbons.
WORKBASKET Nov-Dec 1983 (v.49#2) pg. 34

Woman's pullover sleeveless shell features a pattern depicting "skyscrapers" against a "sky" of metallic yarn.
WORKBASKET Nov-Dec 1983 (v.49#2) pg. 50

Crochet a woman's shell with embroidered daisies and ribbon added.
WORKBASKET Apr 1984 (v.49#6) pg. Cover, 6

Woman's cap-sleeved shell and matching belt are crocheted. Flower motif trims sleeves, waist and ends of the belt.
WORKBASKET Mar 1985 (v.50#5) pg. 16

Woman's cap-sleeved V-neck shell is crocheted.
WORKBASKET Apr 1985 (v.50#6) pg. 46

Woman's cap-sleeved shell with a cowl neck is crocheted in two simple stitches.
WORKBASKET Apr 1985 (v.50#6) pg. 68

Woman's sleeveless shell with a V-neck is crocheted in a lacy pattern stitch.
WORKBASKET Jun-Jul 1985 (v.50#8) pg. 12

Woman's sleeveless blouse is crocheted in a lacy pattern of chains and picots. Armholes and scoop neckline are edged with ruffles.
WORKBASKET Jun-Jul 1985 (v.50#8) pg. 14

Woman's cap-sleeved shell with a boatneck is crocheted. Front panel is accented with bobbles.
WORKBASKET Aug 1985 (v.50#9) pg. 25

Woman's cap-sleeved shell with a V-neck is crocheted in patterned ribbing.
WORKBASKET Oct 1985 (v.51#1) pg. 16

Woman's sleeveless top with a lacy peplum, square neck and drawstring ribbon at the waist buttons down the front. Body is crocheted in double chain. Intermediate skill level project.
WORKBASKET Jun-Jul 1987 (v.52#8) pg. 10, Cover

Striped pullover top for a woman has cap sleeves and a V-neck. Worked completely in double crochet, it is an easy skill level project.
WORKBASKET Aug 1987 (v.52#9) pg. 8, Cover

Peasant blouse to crochet. Square neck and sleeves are interlaced with crocheted chains. Easy skill level.
WORKBASKET Aug 1987 (v.52#9) pg. 27

Woman's crocheted lacy shell with short sleeve. Neckline and cuffs are accented by crocheted bows. Intermediate skill level.
WORKBASKET Oct 1987 (v.53#1) pg. 14

Crocheted V-neck blouse with elbow-length sleeves. Intermediate skill level.
WORKBASKET Nov-Dec 1987 (v.53#2) pg. 64

Girl's crocheted over-the-hip sport top features wide shoulder straps and is accented across the bottom with tri-color stepped blocks. Intermediate skill level.
WORKBASKET Feb 1990 (v.55#4) pg. 20

Vanna White's crocheted granny square tank top features large floral motifs.
WORKBASKET Apr-May 1994 (v.59#4) pg. 26