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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Fishing tackle for kids. Suggestions on how to pick a reel, a rod and line that have features kids can handle easily.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1974 (v.52#6) pg. 56

How to pick the right fishing reel, plus tips on use and maintenance.
BOATING WORLD #101 Jun 1994 pg. 84

Advice on selecting and maintaining a new rod and reel.
BOATING WORLD #159 May 2000 pg. 40

The right way and the wrong way to use your fishing rod. Tips on the proper way to cast.
BOYS' LIFE May 1973 (v.63#5) pg. 16

How to care for your fishing reel. Tips on washing and lubricating reels, particularly those exposed to salt water.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1973 (v.63#6) pg. 12

How to make a basic jig rod for panfish. Uses a broomstick for a handle, a 24" section of rod or dowel, and a small screw eye.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1977 (v.67#2) pg. 14

A guide to selecting a pack rod that can be carried easily. Includes tips on what tackle to carry.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1980 (v.70#4) pg. 24

Practice exercises to learn to cast accurately.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1981 (v.71#2) pg. 16

How to cast using a spinning reel.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1985 (v.75#8) pg. 45

Fishing line. Tips on choosing, putting on reel, preventing twist, etc.
BOYS' LIFE Feb 1989 (v.79#2) pg. 15

Pick a pole. Rods and reels come in many shapes and prices. Tips on selecting equipment for a beginning fisherman.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1994 (v.84#6) pg. 56

Sprucing up for spring fishing. How to clean and lubricate reels, check line, replace line guides, etc.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #659 Apr 1983 (v.79) pg. 25

How to repair a hollow fiberglass fishing rod.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1973 (v.140#4) pg. 151

A custom suitcase rod to make. Uses fiberglass ferrules to convert any rod into a collapsible model that will fit in an ordinary suitcase.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1979 (v.151#4) pg. 120

Match your tackle for more fish. Learning how to mate the right reel to rod, rod to line and line to lure.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1982 (v.157#3) pg. 126

Fishing pole eye wrapper. Simple jig uses a hand-operated crank to rotate a pole as you wrap thread around the shaft and eye with your other hand.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1985 (v.162#3) pg. 169

Ten on-the-spot repairs for your fishing reel.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1964 (v.184#6) pg. 150

How to buy a fishing rod.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1966 (v.189#1) pg. 148

Fishing rod repairs, including installing new line guides and repairing ferrules and cork handles.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1968 (v.192#2) pg. 154

How to make a fishing rod from a kit.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1970 (v.196#3) pg. 114

Get the most out of the new fishing lines. How to buy, use and maintain nylon monofilament line.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1976 (v.208#6) pg. 118

Tip: Pieces of safety pins serve as line guides on fishing poles.
POPULAR SCIENCE May 1982 (v.220#5) pg. 164

Trolling for bluefish from a small sailboat using a handline instead of a fishing pole. Includes instructions for making a spool around which to wrap the line for storage.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #61 Jun-Jul 1988 pg. 36

How to make a hexagon-shaped fly rod or carp rod from six triangular pieces of split cane which are joined together to form the shaft.
WOODWORKING TODAY #32 Jun 1992 pg. 26

Tips on assembling a pre-cut fishing rod kit.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1971 (v.27#1) pg. 24