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Indoor childs swing suspended from ceiling with ropes. Est. cost: $10.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1981 (v.4#4) pg. 41

Tip shows how to make a baby swing from a recycled 5-gallon pail.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1991 (v.75#5) pg. 15

Outdoor children's swing for two children. Redwood 2x4 framework is bolted together.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #100 Oct 1967 (v.17#5) pg. 50

Tip on covering the chains on a swing with foam plastic pipe insulation.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #312 Oct 1990 (v.40#9) pg. 42

How to mount a tire swing on a tree branch so damage to the tree is minimized.
GARDEN GATE #18 Dec 1997 pg. 6

How to build a backyard swing frame that holds two swings. Includes information on resilient ground-cover surfaces that help prevent injuries.
HARROWSMITH #72 Mar-Apr 1987 (v.11#6) pg. 69

Tip on protecting the cambrium layer of a live tree branch from the rope supporting a child's swing.
HOMEOWNER Dec 1990 (v.15#10) pg. 61

Macrame baby swing.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Summer 1979 (v.24#2) pg. 71, 121

Tips on log-and-pin framing. Includes four projects to build (a log rail fence, a hoisting derrick, a swing set and a pole shed).
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #92 Mar-Apr 1985 pg. 112

Tot seat for backyard swing.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1963 (v.120#1) pg. 128

A modern version of the "tire" swing.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1965 (v.123#5) pg. 179

Four playground toys. (1) Bouncing teeter board made from old automobile springs. (2) Merry-go-round swing. (3) "Mountain" built of large wooden cable spools. (4) Stand-up swing.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1972 (v.138#2) pg. 78

Backyard fun equipment includes four items. (1) Adjustable-height basketball backboard and hoop. (2) Child's swing with safety bar to hold small child securely in place. (3) Stilts able to hold a child up to 150 lbs. (4) Tetherball pole.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1976 (v.146#2) pg. 97

Horse swing, a sturdy wooden swing with a horse's head and tail, is built from 2x6s. Dowels are used for hand holds and foot supports. Est. cost: $20.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1979 (v.151#4) pg. 131

Super backyard swing set incorporates a swing, swing bar, 4-seat swing, tire swing, rope ladder, loft (playhouse), and slide. Estimated cost: $300.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1980 (v.153#5) pg. 133

Two-man swing supports two children. Features an animal head in the shape of a ram.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1981 (v.156#5) pg. 30

Child's swing shaped like a jet plane.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1964 (v.184#3) pg. 146

A swing you can hang in the basement. Indoor or outdoor swing has both feet and hand holds for pumping, a 3- or 4- rope suspension system and horse head decoration.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1967 (v.190#6) pg. 137

Backyard "zoom" swing is hung from a sliding door track so that the swinging action is supplemented by a zoom up and down the 12-ft. track.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1970 (v.196#6) pg. 96
Added Info POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1971 (v.198#1) pg. 114

To anchor the legs of a metal swing set, insert the legs into a concrete block which is set flush with the ground, then fill the holes in the block with concrete.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1977 (v.210#6) pg. 162

Tip: A length of garden hose, installed over the chains which support a childs swing, will prevent fingers from being pinched in between links.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1982 (v.220#4) pg. 150

Two designs for backyard play centers. Both use pressure-treated wood. (1) Swing set with playhouse. (2) Swing set for sloped land.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1983 (v.222#6) pg. 102

How to get the playground swing going. A first lesson in the mechanics of rotation. Scientific principles behind pendulum motion.
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Mar 1989 (v.260#3) pg. 106

Ride-the-horse swing, an updated version of the three rope push-pull swing.
SUNSET Jul 1980 (v.165#1) pg. 80

Comfortable seat for a child's swing is made from dowels.
SUNSET Sep 1980 (v.165#3) pg. 114

Two posts and a beam make a frame to support four swings.
SUNSET Apr 1988 (v.180#4) pg. 181

How to make a classic tire swing.
SUNSET Jun 1994 (v.192#6) pg. 110

Tip: Make a combination swing and climbing rope to hang from a tree.
WOMAN'S DAY Jul 8 1980 (v.43#12) pg. 30

Ball bearing swing suspension unit with S-hook to connect chain.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1965 (v.21#4) pg. 8

A practical swing set anchor uses a 2x4 base plate for each pair of legs. Ends of legs fit into holes drilled on an angle.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1978 (v.34#5) pg. 48

A zoo of wooden animals for a child's room includes: (1) a wooden rocking zebra, (2) a rocking horse swing that suspends from the ceiling, (3) a lion toy chest, (4) a hippo hamper, (5) a giraffe clothes hanger and (6) a whale shaped chair.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1978 (v.34#6) pg. 66