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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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xx   SHAWL

Fit to be tied. Scarves' use as a versatile fashion accessory described. Includes tips on wearing them effectively and on adding embellishments.
BEAD & BUTTON #1 Feb 1994 pg. 11

Triangular beaded scarf, worked in twisted hex-cut beads, in a rectangular openwork pattern. Two sides have long, looped fringe. Ties of rattail cord have a beaded slider and beaded tassels.
BEAD & BUTTON #30 Apr 1999 pg. 42

Patterns and instructions for making a matching vest, scarf and tam of checkered gingham with appliqued tulips.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Nov 1974 (v.52#11) pg. 44, 99

Scarves printed with stenciled hearts.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1980 (v.58#9) pg. 97, 156

Wool patch scarf. Six-inch square patches are sewn together to make a 12-inch x 54-inch scarf with yarn tassels on the ends.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1981 (v.59#2) pg. 102, 150

Neckscarf has a pair of cross-stitched cats worked at one end.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1987 (v.65#9) pg. 59, 67

How to create denim clothing with a folkloric look. Patterns and instructions are included for a calico patchwork vest, a blue jean skirt with calico panels, a calico scarf, and a denim skirt with crochet motifs.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Mar 1977 (v.8#2) pg. 71

Make a wool challis scarf with a touch of wildflowers embroidered on it.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Sep 1978 (v.9#7) pg. 33, 48

Two scarves, a tam and earmuffs are all made from 1.25 yards of 60"-wide wool. Est. cost: $16.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 23 1984 (v.97#15) pg. 115

Tip: How to tie scarves into a soft bow, a rosette, and with a slip knot.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Nov 1979 (v.189#5) pg. EC12 (304+)

45 hats, mufflers, and mittens to knit, crochet, embroider or sew.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Sep 1983 (v.197#3) pg. 166, 243

Projects with a floral emphasis. Includes a neckscarf with a large rose shape.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Dec 1988 (v.207#6) pg. 58, 252

Knotted scarf is made from six mesh dish clothes sewn together.

How to paint on silk. Includes instructions for a silk scarf.
HANDMADE 2/1986 pg. 50

Painted silk tulip scarf.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jan-Feb 1981 (v.26#1) pg. 110, 134

An assortment of handcrafted summer fashion accessories. (1) Painted wooden bangle bracelets imitate polished marble. (2) Silk scarves in three designs are created using a paint-and-resist technique that doesn't use wax. (3) Island-inspired necklace is made by stringing pearls and buttons on white silk cord. (4) Striped bag is knitted from strips of cotton fabric.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jun 1987 (v.32#3) pg. 54, 34, 70, 85

Floral silk scarf features a rhododendron motif that is applied using a resist textile painting technique.
NEEDLE & CRAFT Aug 1989 (v.12#4) pg. 16, 30, 24

Quilted sashes are made using a continuous-line machine quilting technique.
NEEDLE & THREAD Sep-Oct 1983 (v.3#5) pg. 14, 44, 23

Make two sashes and a hat band all featuring machine-appliqued "posies".
NEEDLE & THREAD Mar-Apr 1985 (v.5#2) pg. 14, 23, 43

Plaid skirt and matching neckscarf. Includes instructions for trimming the front opening of a cardigan sweater in matching fabric.
NEEDLE & THREAD Jan-Feb 1986 (v.6#1) pg. 12, 42

Scarf and matching drawstring bag to make from fabric you batik yourself.
NEEDLECRAFT FOR TODAY Nov-Dec 1979 (v.2#6) pg. 19, 56

Scarf play. Techniques for hand-rolled, hand-stitched hems, machine-stitched hems and variations on a machine-stitched blind hem. Advice on fabrics and supplies, hemming stubborn fabrics and straight-stitching chiffon. Diagrams show how to miter a hand-rolled corner.
THREADS #33 Feb-Mar 1991 pg. 42
Added Info THREADS #34 Apr-May 1991 pg. 4

Cowl-neck scarf to sew in either one or two layers.
THREADS #60 Aug-Sep 1995 pg. 54
Added Info THREADS #64 Apr-May 1996 pg. 8

Cut velvet and beads are teamed up to make a scarf or shawl with easy beaded fringe. Details how to make the fringe with one to 10 rows of netted border followed by loosely netted bead fringe of variable length.
THREADS #67 Oct-Nov 1996 pg. 68

Quick-to-make scarf and a shawl are fashioned from soft tulle embellished with beaded dangles.
THREADS #74 Dec 1997-Jan 1998 pg. 80

Quick-to-sew gossamer ribbon scarf and Mirage shawl.
THREADS #80 Dec 1998-Jan 1999 pg. 78

Things to make from handkerchiefs. Instructions for sewing a middy tie, a bow tie, kite-tail belt, rose pin, rope belt, jabot and a swag bag.
WOMAN'S DAY May 22 1979 (v.42#10) pg. 48, 190

Scarf tricks. How to tie a scarf into a halter, belt, skirt, shrug or headband.
WOMAN'S DAY Aug 7 1979 (v.42#13) pg. 86

Braided yarn and pompon sash (belt).
WOMAN'S DAY Jul 14 1981 (v.44#12) pg. 99, 135

Fashion accessories to make quickly and easily from metalic fabric. Includes headband, bow, scarf, cummerbund, and 3 carrying bags.
WOMAN'S DAY Dec 22 1981 (v.45#4) pg. 44, 140

Triangular scarf cut from synthetic suede and accented with brass studs.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 26 1982 (v.46#2) pg. 72, 104

Make channel-quilted reversible satin belts (sashes) in a rainbow of colors.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 26 1982 (v.46#2) pg. 76, 126

Men's deluxe mufflers to make in silky fabrics.
WOMAN'S DAY Aug 2 1983 (v.46#13) pg. 96, 161

Eight great new ways to tie on a scarf.
WOMAN'S DAY Apr 3 1984 (v.47#8) pg. 22

Jingle-shell scarf drapes your hair or shapes a waist. It is decorated with real sea shells.
WOMAN'S DAY Jul 10 1984 (v.47#12) pg. 88, 134

How to make a fishnet scarf.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 23 1984 (v.48#2) pg. 85

Create a "graffiti" scarf.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 23 1984 (v.48#2) pg. 87

Sew a man's pocket scarf.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 23 1984 (v.48#2) pg. 87, 145

Sew an aviator scarf in satiny jacquard. Measures 10"x58" with 3" of fringe.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 23 1984 (v.48#2) pg. 87, 140

Sew seven after-five oversized separates made from satin-back crepe. The seven pieces include: a kimono jacket, blouse, pants, skirt, tunic, oblong sash and a triangular scarf.
WOMAN'S DAY Dec 11 1984 (v.48#4) pg. 122, 220