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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Tip on cleaning drive chains with a soft brass brush.
DIRT RIDER #89 Apr 1990 pg. 20

Inexpensive chain rubbing blocks/sliders for a Honda XR200.
DIRT RIDER #91 Jun 1990 pg. 30

Tip on removing excess chain lube.
DIRT RIDER #94 Sep 1990 pg. 82

Technique for removing a countershaft without buying special tools.
DIRT RIDER #95 Oct 1990 pg. 94

Tip on extending the life of the master link and clip on your motorcycle chain.
DIRT RIDER #96 Nov 1990 pg. 26

No missing links. Keeping your chain on the straight and narrow. Step-by-step instructions for adjusting the chain.
DIRT RIDER #97 Dec 1990 pg. 80

Tip on reducing chain and sprocket wear when riding in mud and water.
DIRT RIDER #99 Feb 1991 pg. 63

Tip on repairing a worn chain-guide buffer using hot glue.
DIRT RIDER #104 Jul 1991 pg. 97

Tip on making a replacement block for a chain tensioner from oak wood.
DIRT RIDER #112 Mar 1992 pg. 35

Tip on modifying needle-nose Vise-Grips to help install a new chain.
DIRT RIDER #123 Feb 1993 pg. 16

Get the chatter out. Three tips to find the correct chain tension.
DIRT RIDER #131 Oct 1993 pg. 106

Tip on installing an O-ring master link.
DIRT RIDER #133 Dec 1993 pg. 222

Rubber and zip-ties are used to protect a motorcycle frame (KX500) from wear caused by the chain.
DIRT RIDER #134 Jan 1994 pg. 34

Emergency substitute for the aluminum chain adjustment washer.
DIRT RIDER #138 May 1994 pg. 122

Tip on using used skate wheels in place of chain rollers.
DIRT RIDER #138 May 1994 pg. 122

Using a chain breaker to also reinstall the master link.
DIRT RIDER #139 Jun 1994 pg. 118

Tip on making a replacement plastic chain slider from a broken fender.
DIRT RIDER #142 Sep 1994 pg. 22

Tip for measuring chain "free play" on a CR250 without a ruler.
DIRT RIDER #143 Oct 1994 pg. 34

Gearing your bike properly by adjusting sprocket sizes.
DIRT RIDER #143 Oct 1994 pg. 68

Easy O-ring chain installation.
DIRT RIDER #151 Jun 1995 pg. 32

Tip on using a crescent wrench as the only tool required when installing a master link on an O-ring chain.
DIRT RIDER #162 May 1996 pg. 159

Tip on catching overspray when lubricating a motorcycle chain.
MOTORCYCLIST #1113 Jan 1990 pg. 76

Twenty questions & answers about chains and sprockets. How to get the most out of your final drive.
MOTORCYCLIST #1114 Feb 1990 pg. 42
Added Info MOTORCYCLIST #1118 Jun 1990 pg. 123

Chain of fools. Twenty questions on the operation and maintenance of motorcycle drive chains.
MOTORCYCLIST #1144 Aug 1992 pg. 56

Tip on removing a drive chain without removing the drive sprocket cover.
MOTORCYCLIST #1166 Jun 1994 pg. 117

Motorcycle resurrection series. Part 3. The drivetrain.
MOTORCYCLIST #1181 Sep 1995 pg. 82

Twenty of the most asked questions about motorcycle chain drives and their maintenance.
MOTORCYCLIST #1195 Nov 1996 pg. 44