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Detailed entries for one subject from the INDEX TO HOW TO DO IT INFORMATION.
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Tip on washing out an engine cylinder after boring, honing or machining.
DIRT RIDER #86 Jan 1990 pg. 25

Tip on removing gasket material from engine ports without gouging the metal.
DIRT RIDER #86 Jan 1990 pg. 25

Double the life of your top-end servicing.
DIRT RIDER #86 Jan 1990 pg. 66

Tips on getting more low-end or overall power and torque from a 1988 Kawasaki KLR250 four-stroke engine.
DIRT RIDER #87 Feb 1990 pg. 13

Tip on preheating a motorcycle engine during the winter.
DIRT RIDER #90 May 1990 pg. 37

Tip on grounding a spark plug before running a compression test.
DIRT RIDER #90 May 1990 pg. 37

Tips on modifying a 1987 Kawasaki KLR250 to improve the low-end performance (for dirt use only).
DIRT RIDER #91 Jun 1990 pg. 20

Tips on overcoming engine hesitation on a 1985 Honda XR350R.
DIRT RIDER #97 Dec 1990 pg. 29

Tips on cleaning piston remnants off a cylinder wall.
DIRT RIDER #97 Dec 1990 pg. 92

Pistons from hell. A detailed look at the most common causes of piston failure.
DIRT RIDER #99 Feb 1991 pg. 50

Engine porting for performance. A description of the process and a chart showing other changes to customize your bike's power curve.
DIRT RIDER #100 Mar 1991 pg. 58

Pro power secrets. Quick and easy engine modifications for 125cc motocross bikes. Part 1. Kawasaki KX125, Suzuki RM125, and Yamaha YZ125.
DIRT RIDER #101 Apr 1991 pg. 60

Pro power secrets. Quick and easy engine modifications for 125cc motocross bikes. Part 2. Honda CR125RM and KTM 125 MX.
DIRT RIDER #102 May 1991 pg. 70

Pro power secrets. 250cc motocross bike modifications. Part 1. Improving the Honda CR250.
DIRT RIDER #103 Jun 1991 pg. 74

Pro power secrets. 250cc motocross bike modifications. Part 2. Improving the Kawaski KX250, Yamaha YZ250 and Suzuki RM250.
DIRT RIDER #104 Jul 1991 pg. 48

Tip on adding a filter to a crankcase vent tube.
DIRT RIDER #122 Jan 1993 pg. 90

How to perform a leak-down diagnostic test on a four-stroke engine.
DIRT RIDER #130 Sep 1993 pg. 84

Tips to help prevent KIPS valves from breaking or wearing off the teeth quickly in a Kawasaki KDX200 motorcycle.
DIRT RIDER #138 May 1994 pg. 14

Tip on temporarily sealing an engine head using high-temp silicone.
DIRT RIDER #142 Sep 1994 pg. 22

Top end rebuild tips for two-stroke dirt bikes.
DIRT RIDER #147 Feb 1995 pg. 108

Tip on keeping O-rings from blowing out on a Kawasaki KZ650 head gasket.
MOTORCYCLIST #1117 May 1990 pg. 110

Tip to avoid scratching the painted frame when reinstalling a motorcycle engine.
MOTORCYCLIST #1119 Jul 1990 pg. 114

How to break in a new engine properly.
MOTORCYCLIST #1126 Feb 1991 pg. 43

Valve adjustment and head torquing.
MOTORCYCLIST #1126 Feb 1991 pg. 50

Valve-guide reaming.
MOTORCYCLIST #1126 Feb 1991 pg. 55

Cylinder honing. A description of the process and the benefits.
MOTORCYCLIST #1129 May 1991 pg. 52

Cylinder sleeving. A look at the process of replacing an engine's existing cylinder walls with a manufactured steel liner.
MOTORCYCLIST #1137 Jan 1992 pg. 22

Gasket fact and fiction. A look at ten false assumptions about the selection and installation of head gaskets.
MOTORCYCLIST #1149 Jan 1993 pg. 62

Tip on removing corroded engine-case bolts in an aluminum engine case.
MOTORCYCLIST #1161 Jan 1994 pg. 91

Leak-down testing. Used to determine the top-end condition of a four-stroke engine. How to perform the test, interpret the results and find the source of leaks.
MOTORCYCLIST #1165 May 1994 pg. 88

How to remove, clean, and inspect the cam chain guide and tensioner on a Honda CBR600 Hurricane.
MOTORCYCLIST #1166 Jun 1994 pg. 118

Tips on measuring the clearance when adjusting valves.
MOTORCYCLIST #1172 Dec 1994 pg. 85

Basics. Part 1. Cylinder head tech. The ins and outs of clearing and recharging the cylinders in a high-speed, four-stroke motorcycle engine.
MOTORCYCLIST #1190 Jun 1996 pg. 64

Advice on correct break-in procedure for a motorcycle engine.
MOTORCYCLIST #1201 May 1997 pg. 8

Basic information on motorcycle crankshafts, bearings, and connecting rods.
MOTORCYCLIST #1201 May 1997 pg. 68

Half-day hop up. Improve the engine performance on the Yamaha YZF750 by installing a dual oval filter kit, jet kit, and carbon-fiber exhaust.
MOTORCYCLIST #1205 Sep 1997 pg. 74