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Build handguards (brush guards) from flat aluminum stock and simple fasteners.
DIRT RIDER #89 Apr 1990 pg. 20

Tip to prevent the left grip from being torn in a crash.
DIRT RIDER #91 Jun 1990 pg. 31

Easy technique for installing new handgrips uses compressed air.
DIRT RIDER #95 Oct 1990 pg. 94

Fill handlebars with silicone sealer to dampen vibration.
DIRT RIDER #97 Dec 1990 pg. 92

Tip on homemade "Bark Busters". Est. cost: $10.
DIRT RIDER #110 Jan 1992 pg. 71

How to install aluminum handlebars.
DIRT RIDER #139 Jun 1994 pg. 38

Tip on making hand guards from automobile high-impact mud flaps.
DIRT RIDER #139 Jun 1994 pg. 118

Tip on reducing sound caused by vibrating plastic brush guards attached to the handlebar.
DIRT RIDER #140 Jul 1994 pg. 102

Tip on using silicone to reduce vibration by filling the hollow handlebar and frame.
DIRT RIDER #140 Jul 1994 pg. 102

Enduro pro riding secrets. Steering through tight trees. Choosing the right hand guards.
DIRT RIDER #141 Aug 1994 pg. 93

How to install aluminum handlebars.
DIRT RIDER #151 Jun 1995 pg. 98

Removing a factory grip, filing ridges off the handlebar and/or throttle pipe, and installing the replacement rubber grip.
DIRT RIDER #151 Jun 1995 pg. 116

Tip on shimming the handlebar clamp with aluminum.
MOTORCYCLIST #1121 Sep 1990 pg. 96

How to convert any set of standard, inexpensive handlebar grips into the high-tech rubbers your superbike needs to fit bar-end weights.
MOTORCYCLIST #1122 Oct 1990 pg. 103

Tip on using contact cleaner to attach replacement rubber handgrips.
MOTORCYCLIST #1153 May 1993 pg. 15

Tip on damping handlebar vibration by filling the hollow bar with silicone.
MOTORCYCLIST #1155 Jul 1993 pg. 18

Tip on using hair spray to help install handgrips.
MOTORCYCLIST #1168 Aug 1994 pg. 95