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What's the delay? Whys and wherefores of delayed prop systems in rubber-powered aircraft.
AERO MODELLER #648 Jan 1990 (v.55) pg. 20

The Larrabee way to a better propeller. A description of the principles involved and a method of designing a Larrabee-like propeller blade. Includes a BASIC computer program to make suitably scaled propeller templates.
AERO MODELLER #657 Oct 1990 (v.55) pg. 557
Correction AERO MODELLER #659 Dec 1990 (v.55) pg. 673

Molding wooden prop blades for rubber-powered free-flight models.
AERO MODELLER #664 May 1991 (v.56) pg. 296

Simple, adjustable variable-pitch prop hub for rubber-powered model aircraft.
AERO MODELLER #670 Nov 1991 (v.56) pg. 632

Using skewed hinges on the folding props of vintage rubber-powered models in order to improve the folded profile.
AERO MODELLER #675 Apr 1992 (v.57) pg. 49

The sharp end. Modifying a commercially available propeller hub assembly (the VMS Hub) for the modern Wakefield.
AERO MODELLER #688 May 1993 (v.58) pg. 12

Tip shows an adjustable propeller bearing to control the downthrust on simple stick models.
AERO MODELLER #695 Dec 1993 (v.58) pg. 12
Added Info AERO MODELLER #701 Jun 1994 (v.59) pg. 40

Technique for making rubber-powered propellers to suit beautiful scale models.
AERO MODELLER #698 Mar 1994 (v.59) pg. 52

How to make sturdy hardwood propellers for rubber-powered (Wakefield) models.
AERO MODELLER #704 Sep 1994 (v.59) pg. 37

Guide to making better prop assemblies for rubber-powered models. How to get improved performance and more reliability.
AERO MODELLER #723 Apr 1996 (v.61) pg. 17

Decrease the drag. Part 1. Self-engaging clutch prop drive for rubber models.
AERO MODELLER #732 Jan 1997 (v.62) pg. 17

Decrease the drag. Part 2. Theory and practical advice on folding props.
AERO MODELLER #733 Feb 1997 (v.62) pg. 41

A clutch for freewheeling rubber-powered props.
AERO MODELLER #741 Aug 29 1997 (v.62) pg. 5

High-tech propellers for rubber models. How to construct blades from unidirectional carbon fiber cloth.
AERO MODELLER #750 Jun 4 1998 (v.63) pg. 22

Folding-prop hubs. Method of making an effective and efficient folding prop, the most significant improvement to performance you can make to a rubber powered model.
AERO MODELLER #755 Oct 22 1998 (v.63) pg. 6

Building a better rubber-powered prop for scale models.
AERO MODELLER #762 May 6 1999 (v.64) pg. 24

Free-wheeling indoors. Details for constructing a free-wheel prop mechanism for indoor free flight rubber power models.
AERO MODELLER #772 Feb 2000 (v.65) pg. 26

Making propellers for outdoor rubber scale models.
AERO MODELLER #777 Jul 2000 (v.65) pg. 12

Simple method for increasing the diameter of the Peck-Polymer 9.5" plastic propeller.
MODEL AVIATION Jul 1990 (v.16#7) pg. 75

Improving the propeller bearing, motor hook and wingmount on the AMA Cub beginner's model. Also includes tips on slicing the thin, curved wing ribs used on the Gumdrop.
MODEL AVIATION Jun 1991 (v.17#6) pg. 144

Adjustable thrust bearing for simple rubber powered stick models.
MODEL AVIATION Jul 1991 (v.17#7) pg. 132

Diagram and instructions for building the siscaform propeller.
MODEL AVIATION Oct 1991 (v.17#10) pg. 50

Free-wheeling propeller shaft design for a rubber-powered model.
MODEL AVIATION Oct 1994 (v.20#10) pg. 99

Delayed prop release (DPR) mechanism for rubber-powered F/F duration is used with an Andrjukov prop assembly.
MODEL AVIATION Oct 1994 (v.20#10) pg. 102

How to calculate the compound hinge angles for flush-folding rubber-powered propellers.
MODEL AVIATION Nov 1994 (v.20#11) pg. 101

Jig for drilling compound-angle hinges on rubber-model props.
MODEL AVIATION Mar 1995 (v.21#3) pg. 125

Tips on building propeller blades for Wakefields.
MODEL AVIATION Aug 1996 (v.22#8) pg. 112

How to carve a wooden prop for rubber-powered free-flight scale and sport that is more efficient than the typical plastic prop.
MODEL AVIATION Sep 1999 (v.25#9) pg. 132