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Photo shows model car showcase made from a frame of 2x4s with 1x4 fir shelving. Est. cost: $6.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1971 (v.49#7) pg. 59

Compartmented pine case to store "Matchbox" cars. Est. cost: $12.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1985 (v.63#3) pg. 104, 154

Making scrapbooks. Projects for kids. (1) Oversized scrapbooks. (2) A photo dome. (3) Key chain scrapbook. (4) Photo diorama. (5) Sports-card display case. (6) Collection display.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1999 (v.77#3) pg. 221

Wall-hung shadow box is shaped like the front end of an automobile. Good for displaying model cars.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1968 (v.58#8) pg. 51

How to display model planes as a dogfight in the clouds.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1971 (v.61#12) pg. 84

How to make a "Men in Space" display.
BOYS' LIFE Jul 1972 (v.62#7) pg. 38

Tips on how to transform a kit or scratch-built model into an interesting diorama.
BOYS' LIFE Oct 1974 (v.64#10) pg. 26

How to construct a table lamp that can also display models on the base.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1976 (v.66#8) pg. 58

Build them to collect. How to put together an impressive display of plastic scale models.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1982 (v.72#11) pg. 36

Build a display rack for your model race car which simulates the concrete and wire-fence safety guards which line a road-racing course.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1988 (v.78#12) pg. 71

Tip shows how to make a stand for a model from the model box lid.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1992 (v.82#11) pg. 22

How to create a diorama to provide a setting for a model.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1993 (v.83#12) pg. 74

How to use ground foam and real dirt to make dioramas look realistic.
BOYS' LIFE Jun 1998 (v.88#6) pg. 72

Tip suggests beads of glue on clear fishing line to simulate rain in a diorama.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1998 (v.88#11) pg. 11

Make the grass in a model diorama look good enough to mow.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 2001 (v.91#8) pg. 64

Making the scene. Creative ways to display carved or mounted wildlife. Part 2. Create a ground cover for a duck carving by combining white glue and walnut wood shavings.
CHIP CHATS Jan-Feb 1996 (v.43#1) pg. 48

Making the scene. Creative ways to display carved or mounted wildlife. Part 3. Streambed setting with floating fly.
CHIP CHATS Mar-Apr 1996 (v.43#2) pg. 98

How to make a beach with sand dunes and clumps of grass as a base for a miniature scene.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Apr 1998 (v.28#4) pg. 48

Rainbow bridge. Construct a miniature diorama featuring an arched bridge of bricks over a stream. Populate with a collection of whimsical animals. Part 1.
DOLLHOUSE MINIATURES Dec 1999 (v.29#12) pg. 34

Make a simple stand with "V" shaped uprights to hold a model for display, painting, etc.
FINESCALE MODELER May 1989 (v.7#4) pg. 74

Model display shelves you can build. Built from 2x2, 1x10 and dowel stock. Bolts together for easy disassembly.
FINESCALE MODELER Jan 1990 (v.8#1) pg. 28

Good-looking bases the quick and easy way. How to fabricate an attractive wooden base for displaying models.
FINESCALE MODELER Dec 1991 (v.9#8) pg. 55

Making custom acrylic display cases for models and dioramas.
FINESCALE MODELER Jul 1992 (v.10#5) pg. 72

Tip on cleaning models that have been properly painted, decaled and clear coated.
FINESCALE MODELER Feb 1994 (v.12#2) pg. 68

Tip for replicating stacked freight supplies under a tarpaulin.
FINESCALE MODELER Feb 1994 (v.12#2) pg. 77

Buildings you can call your own. Making unique diorama structures using Jiffy Foam.
FINESCALE MODELER Mar 1995 (v.13#3) pg. 50

Tip on using plastic screw-on jar lids as bases for figures and small vignettes.
FINESCALE MODELER Feb 1997 (v.15#2) pg. 68

Building shadow-box dioramas. A wooden box is fitted with a decoratively-framed window, painted backdrop and interior fluorescent lighting
FINESCALE MODELER Jan 1999 (v.17#1) pg. 36

Building the IPMS Cleveland display base for plastic models. These simple bases are made from mat or crescent board and wood-grained self-adhesive paper.
IPMS/USA JOURNAL Feb 1989 (v.1#4) pg. 23

Display bases for plastic models entered in contests.
IPMS/USA JOURNAL May 1990 (v.2#4) pg. 23

Constructing a "Cleveland Base" for displaying a model from "FoamCore" board.
IPMS/USA JOURNAL May 1992 (v.4#4) pg. 12

How to build a glass show case for your model. Wooden framework and base are used to support glass panels on four sides and the top.
IPMS/USA JOURNAL Mar 1994 (v.6#3) pg. 39

Making a display case for scale models. An acrylic box is assembled from flat sheet material and placed on a simple wooden base.
SCALE WOODCRAFT #5 Summer 1986 pg. 59
Added Info SCALE WOODCRAFT #6 Autumn 1986 pg. 16, 20
Added Info SCALE WOODCRAFT #7 Winter 1987 pg. 12

Display shelves for miniature cars are shaped like a two-level bridge.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 4 1980 (v.44#2) pg. 93, 156

Display cabinet for a model car, etc., is wall-hung in the corner of a room.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1968 (v.24#4) pg. 50

Mechanized parking "garage" for model automobiles folds to suitcase size. Serves as a storage and display case for a large collection of "matchbox" cars.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1981 (v.37#6) pg. 42
Correction WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1982 (v.38#1) pg. 119