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Three easy steps to laying track for smoother-riding model trains.
BOYS' LIFE Apr 1992 (v.82#4) pg. 80

How to simulate ballast (crushed rock) along model rail track.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1993 (v.83#11) pg. 63

Tips that are solutions to common problems with model trains. (1) Mounting the track. (2) Trouble with couplers. (3) Operating at realistic speeds.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1993 (v.83#12) pg. 75

How to make model train tracks look worn and weathered.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1998 (v.88#1) pg. 56

Getting started in model railroading. Laying tracks.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1990 (v.57#4) pg. 110

Tip on using a bead of solder to prevent derailments caused by switch points "picking" the wheel flanges.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1990 (v.57#4) pg. 127

Tip on unsticking turnouts (switches) that have been accidently glued in place.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1990 (v.57#4) pg. 128

N scale Burlington Northern. Part 4. Laying track and building hills (from Styrofoam insulation panels).
MODEL RAILROADER May 1990 (v.57#5) pg. 94

Tip on building a non-standard track crossing. Looks at electrical wiring considerations.
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1990 (v.57#7) pg. 122

Tip on masking rails when applying ballast and glue.
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1990 (v.57#7) pg. 123

N scale Burlington Northern. Part 7. Ballasting track using homemade spreading tools.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1990 (v.57#8) pg. 72

Making a gradient tool to help establish accurate track grades on your layout. Measures from 0 to 6% with an accuracy to 0.25%.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1990 (v.57#8) pg. 94

Port of Los Angeles project railroad. Part 2. Tracklaying and street paving.
MODEL RAILROADER Jan 1991 (v.58#1) pg. 94

The Crown Mountain Divison. Part 2. Handlaying track.
MODEL RAILROADER May 1991 (v.58#5) pg. 96

Functional track cleaning car made from wood is able to clean hidden track areas.
MODEL RAILROADER Jun 1991 (v.58#6) pg. 140

Tip on using 6" Atlas Snap-Track sections for joining modules.
MODEL RAILROADER Jan 1992 (v.59#1) pg. 162

Fast method of tracklaying uses double-sided foam tape as the roadbed.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1992 (v.59#3) pg. 110

It's September 1950 on the Pennsylvania RR. Part 3. Bulletproof track. How careful soldlering and filing pay off in smooth running track.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1993 (v.60#3) pg. 104

Working switch stands for walkaround operation. Building near-scale manual controls for switches.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1993 (v.60#3) pg. 111

It's September 1950 on the Pennsylvania RR. Part 4. Wiring, ballast and profile boards. Includes instructions for a dual-cab control that you can use on any layout.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1993 (v.60#4) pg. 98

BASIC computer program for calculating the curve easements used to reduce sudden lateral forces as a train enters a curve.
MODEL RAILROADER Jun 1993 (v.60#6) pg. 114

Computer-controlled turnouts. Build an interface to control multiple track switches (such as those found in a switching yard) using the PC's parallel printer port.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1993 (v.60#8) pg. 106

BASIC computer program will calculate the dimensions needed to build a roadbed helix to connect multiple decks in a model railroad layout.
MODEL RAILROADER Sep 1993 (v.60#9) pg. 106

Traveling Tascosa & Calico. Part 3. Ballasting the track and painting the scenery.
MODEL RAILROADER Dec 1993 (v.60#12) pg. 116

QBASIC program for designing spiral easement track layouts.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1994 (v.61#3) pg. 116

Tip on making Earl Eshleman turnout (switch) linkages work with Shinohara turnouts.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1994 (v.61#3) pg. 138

Tip on cleaning paint off rail tops while it is still wet.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1994 (v.61#3) pg. 139

Tip on mounting and controlling switch machines.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1994 (v.61#3) pg. 141

Weathering track for realism. Use spray paints to make rails and ties more true to life.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1994 (v.61#4) pg. 80

Name that track. Principles of prototype track identification. Learn to indentify every inch of track with an appropriate name or number.
MODEL RAILROADER Jun 1994 (v.61#6) pg. 94

Tip on easier turnout ballasting by attaching thin packing tape to the underside of the turnout (switch).
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1994 (v.61#7) pg. 33

Better N scale tracklaying techniques.
MODEL RAILROADER Oct 1994 (v.61#10) pg. 101

Tip on cleaning track with a wide eraser.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1994 (v.61#11) pg. 132

Using your computer to select layout grades. Includes a QBASIC program that shows how grades affect train performance.
MODEL RAILROADER Dec 1994 (v.61#12) pg. 134

Flextrack for smooth operation. Care and patience are the secrets to building reliable model railroad track. Tips on track materials, foundation, tracklaying, and soldering rail joints.
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1995 (v.62#7) pg. 66

Model railroad turntable indexer circuit uses Hall sensors for track alignment.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1995 (v.62#11) pg. 120

Handlaying N scale code 40 sidings. Using lighter rail to serve industries on your layout.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1996 (v.63#3) pg. 90

Railroading without detailments. Advice on track selection, track joints, turnouts, trucks and wheels, couplers, etc.
MODEL RAILROADER May 1996 (v.63#5) pg. 80

Hide those switch motors. Concealed mounting techniques to improve your layout's appearance.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1996 (v.63#8) pg. 64

South Plains District. Part 2. Basic scenery, tracklaying and command control.
MODEL RAILROADER Oct 1996 (v.63#10) pg. 84

South Plains District. Part 3. Finishing the track, ground cover, and backdrops for a sectional HO railroad.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1996 (v.63#11) pg. 92

Cleaning track and wheels. Several techniques viewed.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1997 (v.64#4) pg. 78

Improved installation of Circuitron switch machines incorporates a wooden base for each machine and its matching terminal strip.
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1997 (v.64#7) pg. 104

All about turnouts. Terminology, types, and troubleshooting.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1997 (v.64#8) pg. 60

Wisconsin Central in N scale. Part 2. Track planning. Ideas your can use when designing any layout.
MODEL RAILROADER Aug 1997 (v.64#8) pg. 62

Superelevating HO flextrack. Thin stripwood is the key to uniform banking on curves.
MODEL RAILROADER Sep 1997 (v.64#9) pg. 90

Wisconsin Central in N scale. Part 4. Laying track.
MODEL RAILROADER Oct 1997 (v.64#10) pg. 78

Creating realistic track. Looks at rail size, tie spacing, ballast, coloring, etc.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1997 (v.64#11) pg. 112

Tip on joining Peco track to Micro Engineering code 55 flextrack.
MODEL RAILROADER Mar 1998 (v.65#3) pg. 29

Tip on holding cars stationary on a track which is on a grade.
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1998 (v.65#7) pg. 31

Handlaying code 40 turnouts in N scale. Includes the use of printed circuit board for ties.
MODEL RAILROADER Sep 1998 (v.65#9) pg. 90

Cribwork fill. Recreating the cribwork roadbed typical of logging railroads.
MODEL RAILROADER Oct 1998 (v.65#10) pg. 96

Tip on laying out curved turnouts using the bent stick method.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1998 (v.65#11) pg. 37

Proto:Scale standards lead to greater realism. An overview of the new modeling scale that is impacting wheels and track.
MODEL RAILROADER Nov 1998 (v.65#11) pg. 120

Tip on driving spikes with needle-nose pliers.
MODEL RAILROADER Dec 1998 (v.65#12) pg. 39

Arkansas & Missouri regional railroad. Part 3. Laying roadbed and track.
MODEL RAILROADER Apr 1999 (v.66#4) pg. 73

Arkansas & Missouri regional railroad. Part 5. Ballasting track, adding rock castings, tunnel portals, and planting foliage.
MODEL RAILROADER Jun 1999 (v.66#6) pg. 78

Techniques for detailing and weathering flextrack and prefabricated turnouts to make them look more realistic.
MODEL RAILROADER Jul 1999 (v.66#7) pg. 93

Basic design for a pivoting sector plate or table for multitrack staging.
MODEL RAILROADER Oct 1999 (v.66#10) pg. 91

Points, crossings and track formations. Part 1. Photos of full-size (prototype) track and the implications for model railroads.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Aug 1990 (v.7#8) pg. 434

Points, crossings and track formations. Part 2.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Sep 1990 (v.7#9) pg. 469
Added Info MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Nov 1990 (v.7#11) pg. 596

Track laying techniques deal with switches, crossings, curves, roadbed, etc.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Feb 1991 (v.8#2) pg. 85
Added Info MODEL RAILWAYS [2] May 1991 (v.8#5) pg. 262

Building trackwork using C&L components in both 4mm and 7mm scale.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Jul 1991 (v.8#7) pg. 332

Making tracks. Part 5. Tracklaying.
MODEL RAILWAYS [2] Feb 1994 (v.11#2) pg. 49