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Custom-fitted hangers for pegboard are made from scrap wood and ordinary "L" hooks.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #15 Jul-Aug 1990 pg. 8

Extend the capacity (length) of perf-board hangers with lengths of dowel.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #81 Aug 2000 pg. 38

How to make your own pegboard hooks from steel bar stock.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #199 May-Jun 1979 (v.29#5) pg. 26

Tip: Make your own "Peg-Board" hangers from coat hanger wire.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #252 Oct 1984 (v.34#8) pg. 141

Use silicone sealer to keep perforated-hardboard hooks from falling out.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #312 Oct 1990 (v.40#9) pg. 40

Tip on locking "Peg-Board" hooks in place using sheet metal screws.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #354 Jan 1995 (v.45#1) pg. 16

Tip suggests securing Peg-Board hooks with hot-melt glue.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #382 Oct 1997 (v.47#9) pg. 32

Simple pegboard-hung shelves hold small canisters, spices, etc.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Jun 1982 (v.194#6) pg. 164, 234

Tip on using ordinary "Peg-Board" hooks to support narrow shelves.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1990 (v.167#12) pg. 53

Use a modified self-drilling drywall anchor to allow regular screws to be used to hang heavy items on perforated hardboard.
WOOD MAGAZINE #131 Mar 2001 (v.18#2) pg. 37

Tip on using hotmelt glue to keep perforated hardboard hooks in place.
WOOD MAGAZINE #143 Sep 2002 (v.19#5) pg. 28

Tip: Straighten out pegboard hooks and cut threads on them with a die. Other homebuilt or purchased tool holders may then be attached to the pegboard with a nut.
WOODSMITH #59 Oct 1988 pg. 3

Tip on making pegboard hooks which won't accidently dislodge.
WOODWORKER Jun 1991 (v.95#6) pg. 641

Tip: Use hot-melt glue to keep pegboard hooks from falling out.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1986 (v.10#5) pg. 59

Tip to prevent 1/4" pegboard hooks from falling out.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1990 (v.14#1) pg. 4

Reusable adhesive helps keep pegboard hooks in place.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL May-Jun 1992 (v.16#3) pg. 10

Tip on things to make from malleable nails. They include small handles, "Pegboard" hooks, etc.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1984 (v.40#2) pg. 57