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Surface-wire-ground technique improves radio performance with values ranging from 2:1 to 10:1 better than conventional 6-ft. ground rods.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Dec 1990 (v.46#12) pg. 85

Tip on providing adequate lightning protection for a ham radio station.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Jan 1992 (v.48#1) pg. 108

Minivan mobile. How to mount an antenna and achieve an acceptable ground without drilling any holes in an automobile. Uses a system of copper plates (held on with magnets) and a rooftop luggage rack antenna mount.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL May 1992 (v.48#5) pg. 38

How to safely and effectively use an antenna tower base, and the reinforcing rod within it, for an extremely efficient lightning ground system.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Dec 1992 (v.48#12) pg. 46

How to protect your amateur radio antennas and equipment from lightning strikes.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Feb 1995 (v.51#2) pg. 26

Tips for grounding a mobile radio antenna when installed on a "composite" body.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Aug 1996 (v.52#8) pg. 66

Advice on installing proper grounding to avoid damage when lightning strikes an outdoor radio antenna.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Apr 1997 (v.53#4) pg. 84

Antenna grounding basics for CB, ham and shortwave listeners. Includes tips on lightning protection for antennas.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Aug 1990 (v.7#8) pg. 66

Lightning and the radio listening post. Lowdown on lightning and how to protect your valuable radio equipment. Looks at power-line surge suppressors, antenna protection, telephone protection, etc.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] May 1994 (v.11#5) pg. 44