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xx   DESK

Desk tray lays on a table or flat desk and holds writing or sketching equipment.
AMERICAN CRAFTSMAN Sep-Nov 1965 (v.1#2) pg. 41

Turned desk set from wood and leather consists of a pencil holder and a paper-clip font.
AMERICAN WOODTURNER Sep 1990 (v.5#1) pg. 2

Early American sand shaker (to sprinkle on wet ink) is turned from a 3" cylinder. Holes in the cupped top allow the sand to be sprinkled, then returned to the shaker.
AMERICAN WOODTURNER Mar 1992 (v.7#1) pg. 5

Desk caddy (36"x11"x22" high) has seven drawers, six pigeonholes and a two-level top shelf.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #33 Jul-Aug 1993 pg. 29

Desk organizer has two compartments and a cube with holes for pencils.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1972 (v.50#12) pg. 68

Photo shows how to make a 28"x18"x6" desk top organizer from birch plywood. Est. cost: $18.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1975 (v.53#7) pg. 74

Photo shows desk organizer for writing paper, envelopes, 3x5 cards and miscellany that is built from pine with a smoke-colored plastic lid.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1976 (v.54#6) pg. 87

Photo shows contemporary desk-top organizer that is built from wood scraps. Unit has two open sections and a series of upright dividers for holding mail, etc. Est. cost: $4.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1976 (v.54#7) pg. 80

How to cover purchased cardboard folders with fabric to make containers for checks, letter files, recipes, etc.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1976 (v.54#12) pg. 55

Three patterns included for making book covers and desk accessories from imitation suede fabric.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jan 1980 (v.58#1) pg. 32, 118

Desk organizer made from wood and the bottom halves of egg-shaped panty hose containers. Est. cost: $4.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1982 (v.60#7) pg. 41

Stenciled desk set. Coordinate your desk top with matching pencil holder, address book, blotter ends, and picture frame. Est. cost: $24.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Feb 1983 (v.61#2) pg. 68, 118

Colorful desk organizer and blotter that kids can make from cardboard.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1998 (v.76#9) pg. 286

Letter rack, a desk accessory.
BOYS' LIFE Nov 1966 (v.56#11) pg. 77

How to make a study corner. This 3-panel folding organizer made of pegboard has pockets, clips and cans attached for holding paper, pencils and other supplies. Designed to stand on a table or be hung on a wall.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1978 (v.68#1) pg. 39

Rack made from dowels supports three fabric pockets. Use it as a magazine rack, desk organizer, record storage, etc.
BOYS' LIFE Jan 1987 (v.77#1) pg. 52

Build a desk set (pencil and letter holders) from thick tree branches.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1989 (v.79#12) pg. 73

Desktop chest of three drawers is ideal for stamps, pencils, etc. Overall dimensions: (7"x11"x13" tall). Est. cost: $40.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Nov 1999 (v.23#2) pg. 28

Desktop toolbox (hollow square wooden "tubes" joined together) is used to hold pencils, pens, paper clips, etc.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Mar 2002 (v.25#5) pg. 56

Complete office set. Part 3. Pencil holder and an organizer tray for mail and papers.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1980 (v.4#3) pg. 49

Executive desk organizers built from light and dark wood. Includes a pen holder, pencil holder, and stackable letter tray.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Oct 1983 (v.7#1) pg. 18

Elegant desk organizer. Vertical divider unit is constructed of decorative laminated wood and joined using sliding dovetails.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1990 (v.13#12) pg. 31

Paper Mates. A set of desk accessories (paper clip box, pencil holder, paper holder) are made from oak. The paper clip and paper boxes have Plexiglas inserts in the lid and lace panels as ornamentation.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1991 (v.14#11) pg. 15

Ceramic holders for business cards are decorated with Indian motifs using decals. One of the holders also doubles as a desk clock.
CERAMICS Mar 1994 (v.30#7) pg. 28

Call of the wild. Animal skin printed papers and raffia are used to cover a picture frame, desk set, wastebasket and mask.
CRAFTS Jun 1992 (v.15#6) pg. 34

Deskmates for dad. Faux granite desk accessories include a change holder, desk caddy, and note pad holder. Made from plaster of paris cast in simple milk carton molds.
CRAFTS Jun 1994 (v.17#6) pg. 26

Mock quilt stationery set. A stationery box, address book and note paper are decorated with no-sew quilt motifs.
CRAFTS Sep 1994 (v.17#9) pg. 38, 51

Faux antique copper desk set, fashioned from styrofoam, and painted with copper metal paint and a verdigris finish includes an orb and base, an obelisk and a picture frame.
CRAFTS Jun-Jul 1999 (v.22#5) pg. 52, Insert

How to make a stamp-decorated desk set.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Sep 1974 (v.4#10) pg. 30

A look at ribbon weaving and instructions for decorating desk accessories with ribbon weaving.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS May 1977 (v.8#4) pg. 34

Suede desk set includes a picture frame, pad, pencil holder, and agenda book. An art deco design is woodburned and painted on the leather. Instructions and patterns included.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Jul-Aug 1978 (v.9#6) pg. 65, 74

Combination transistor radio, desk pen and hi-intensity lamp form a desk top unit.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Jul-Aug 1969 (v.8#3) pg. 37

Desk organizer, 3"x8"x3", is made from lattice strips.
FAMILY CIRCLE Mar 1 1978 (v.91#3) pg. 87, 165

Nineteen things you can make from coffee cans. Includes a fabric covered desk organizer.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 9 1979 (v.92#14) pg. 108, 158

Wooden paperwork box with hinged lid.
FAMILY CIRCLE Nov 1 1980 (v.93#15) pg. 60, 107

Fake suede desk set with appliqued leaf design.
FAMILY CIRCLE Nov 1 1980 (v.93#15) pg. 64, 114

Stationery holder is made from pine and acrylic sheet. Long section holds large sheets of paper. Smaller front sections hold envelopes and pencils.
FAMILY CIRCLE Nov 1 1980 (v.93#15) pg. 65, 118

Needlepoint desk set. Work plastic canvas with waffle stitch to make a pencil holder, paper clip holder, letter box, tissue dispenser, etc.
FAMILY CIRCLE Aug 11 1981 (v.94#11) pg. 82, 115

Letter tray with 3 shelves made from plywood.
FAMILY CIRCLE Nov 3 1981 (v.94#15) pg. 92, 128

Cloth and cardboard desk folder stores writing materials. Measures 15"x20" when closed.
FAMILY CIRCLE Nov 3 1981 (v.94#15) pg. 98, 160

Blockbuster desk organizer. Cut a piece of 4"x4" pine into various lengths, drill holes to accommodate various items, join together and finish. Est. cost: $15.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 26 1982 (v.95#15) pg. 98

Desk set includes blotter/portfolio, note paper box, odds'n'ends box, and pencil cube. Made from cardboard covered with felt and decorated with diamond patterns. Est. cost: $10.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 26 1982 (v.95#15) pg. 99, 138, 140

Tip: How to decorate purchased desk accessories with gray flannel and grosgrain ribbons for a man's desk.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 26 1982 (v.95#15) pg. 101, 146

How to sew up a "manila envelope" from Ultrasuede fabric. Est. cost: $25.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 26 1982 (v.95#15) pg. 101, 146

Desk accessory serves as a plant stand and hot pad for a coffee cup.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 25 1983 (v.96#15) pg. 91, 122

Desk accessories are decorated with plaid wool-blend fabric.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 25 1983 (v.96#15) pg. 97, 149

Cork-faced desk set. Includes a writing board (blotter), letter holder, and pen/pencil box. Est. cost: $13.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 23 1984 (v.97#15) pg. 115, 188

Desk-top accessory is a combination pencil tray and planter that holds two 3" pots. Est. cost: $5.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 23 1984 (v.97#15) pg. 116, 190

Desk top chest has nine drawers for small items.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #83 Dec 1964 (v.14#6) pg. 47

Desk organizer, built of pine, is 10" deep, 60" long, and 22" high with many compartments.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #207 Mar 1980 (v.30#3) pg. 88

Make a safe paper spike or filing spike. You can pierce paper, but it will deflect if struck by a hand.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #232 Oct 1982 (v.32#8) pg. 22

Simple wooden desk set includes a divided letter rack, pencil holder, bowl for clips, and a tape dispenser. Build from scrap materials.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #233 Nov 1982 (v.32#9) pg. 63

Desktop storage unit (organizer) features storage drawers and pigeon holes of various shapes and sizes. Several design ideas are shown. Construction of this wooden accessory involves various dovetails.
FINE WOODWORKING #119 Jul-Aug 1996 pg. 73

Tip: How to cover a desk set with plaid wrapping paper.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Jul 1980 (v.191#1) pg. 122, 204

Antique-lace envelope bag.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Nov 1982 (v.195#5) pg. 193, 339

French Provincial print stationery folder ties shut with a ribbon.
GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Nov 1983 (v.197#5) pg. 173, 342

Modern desk set has two pens, calendar and note pad.
HOME CRAFTSMAN Jan 1963 pg. 64

Ultimate desk set includes a tray stack, pencil cup, tray file, vertical file, bookends, pen trays, and letter sorter. Made from brightly-painted plywood scraps.
HOME MECHANIX #716 Dec 1987 (v.83) pg. 64

How to build plywood stack files. Build 13"x10" letter boxes which stack one-on-another to form as many IN, OUT, etc. letter files as you need.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO #1 Spring 1976 (v.1#1) pg. 70

Learn more about mold construction in the plastic thermoforming industry by building molds for these desk organizers.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Mar 1980 (v.69#3) pg. 57

Simple wooden desk caddy holds letters. pencils, etc.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Sep 1981 (v.70#6) pg. 40

Pocketed folder and fabric-covered container make an attractive desk set.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1979 (v.24#1) pg. 121

Suede-covered accessories for a man. (1) Trunk (20"x12"x15") with lift out tray is trimmed with gold tacks. (2) Jewelry box with padded top. (3) An 11"x13" picture frame. (4) Desk blotter and matching folder with decorative buckle.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Spring 1980 (v.25#1) pg. 120, 171

Make "strip patchwork" fabric by sewing together strips of six different prints. Use to cover desk accessories.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jan-Feb 1983 (v.28#1) pg. 102, 126

Desk accents. Marbleized paperweight made from a rock, stamp canister and sponge-painted box.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Oct 1988 (v.33#7) pg. 46, 68

Desk top caddy holds deposit slips, paper clips, etc.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #436 Sep 1964 (v.60) pg. 134

Desk organizer. Vertical compartments hold and organize desk top papers, etc.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #462 Nov 1966 (v.62) pg. 144

Combine shelving and pegboard for an over-the-top desk expander.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #501 Feb 1970 (v.66) pg. 106

Make this quick and easy home-office organizer. A seven-shelf filing tray (letter tray) is made to hang on the wall or sit on a desk.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #664 Sep 1983 (v.79) pg. 92

Three desk-top organizers you can make.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #669 Feb 1984 (v.80) pg. 78

Needlepoint desk accessories include a holder for a name plaque, a pencil holder, container for clips and a desk pad.
NEEDLE & THREAD Nov-Dec 1981 (v.1#5) pg. 19

Fold-up quilted stationery caddy with sunflower applique.
NEEDLE & THREAD Jul-Aug 1982 (v.2#4) pg. 18, 47

Book cover and letter tray are made from crisp red and white gingham and decorated with various embroidery stitches.
NEEDLE & THREAD Jul-Aug 1983 (v.3#4) pg. 18, 47, 34

Needlepointed desk set. Desk pad, pencil holder, storage box and bookmark are worked with a motif of crosses and squares.
NEEDLEPOINT PLUS #97 May-Jun 1990 (v.17#1) pg. 18

"Renaissance" ceramic desk set (note pad holder, desk clock case, book ends, and business card tray) are replicas of medieval castles and painted with non-firing stains.
POPULAR CERAMICS #537 May 1994 (v.44#10) pg. 59

Desk top letter trays made from paint roller trays.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1966 (v.125#4) pg. 161

Three-compartment "IN" and "OUT" letter box built from wood.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1972 (v.138#1) pg. 146

Build the ultimate desktop. Desktop console features shelves, book storage, built in TV, calculator, digital clock, intercom and telephone. Console is built mostly of plywood and the accessories are installed.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1977 (v.147#4) pg. 116

Build an heirloom stationery caddy. A reproduction of a 1750 English stationery caddy is made from cherry.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1984 (v.161#3) pg. 74

Build this set of six desktop organizers from solid ribbon-stripe mahogany. Includes a note box, stationery tray, telephone card file, pencil well, desk calendar, and envelope rack.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1986 (v.163#2) pg. 113

Desk caddy holds pencils, pens, writing paper, letters, etc.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1968 (v.192#2) pg. 139

Desk caddy is made from plastic pipe.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1969 (v.195#2) pg. 136

Victorian stationery holder that either hangs on the wall or sits on a desk. Has compartments for cards, paper, envelopes, pens and pencils.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #94 Jan 1997 (v.16#6) pg. 66

How to make a desk top file folder holder (or bookrack) from doweling.
SUNSET Mar 1977 (v.158#3) pg. 106

Table lamp, made from cardboard tubes, doubles as a desk organizer.
SUNSET Oct 1982 (v.169#4) pg. 130

Dowels form the tracks for these adjustable book, letter, and record racks. The only difference between the 4 are the number and size of the dowels, and the size and material of the sliding supports.
SUNSET Dec 1982 (v.169#6) pg. 76

Wooden desk set features three no-nonsense accessories. (1) Square open-top pencil holder. (2) Holder for Rolidex cards. (3) Note pad holder.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #36 Nov 1993 (v.6#6) pg. 26

Five-compartment desk set holds pens, pencils, clips, etc. Made from sections of vinyl downspout.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 4 1980 (v.44#2) pg. 90, 150

100 bazaar best-sellers. Desk accessories, note paper folders, pencil holders, pincushions, etc.
WOMAN'S DAY Sep 1 1981 (v.44#14) pg. 73

Canvas carrying envelopes are copies of standard manila ones.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 3 1981 (v.45#2) pg. 76, 114

Oak desk set includes pencil cup, pen tray, notepaper holder and blotter holder. Made from standard oak moldings and copper adhesive tape.
WOMAN'S DAY Nov 3 1981 (v.45#2) pg. 77, 120

Men's coordinated desk accessories. Notebook, accordion file, clipboard, etc. are decorated with wallpaper and mock leather.
WOMAN'S DAY Aug 2 1983 (v.46#13) pg. 97, 162

Tip: Decorate desk accessories with "Con-Tact" paper.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 25 1983 (v.47#2) pg. 66, 162

Painted pine duck-decoy desk caddy or catchall for men's pocket things.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 25 1983 (v.47#2) pg. 67, 168

A table lamp made from coffee cans is decorated by covering with a map. A matching wastebasket and box forms a desk set.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 25 1983 (v.47#2) pg. 67, 168

Make a pine "tote box" desk accessory. Measures 5"x11"x9" high.
WOMAN'S DAY Oct 23 1984 (v.48#2) pg. 89, 152

New horizon desk set. Laminated wood, with an undulating "horizon line", is used to highlight a memo tray, pen-set base and a clock case.
WOOD MAGAZINE #8 Dec 1985 (v.2#6) pg. 66

Pin-stripe desk set. Thin layers of maple laminated between pieces of walnut create the stripe on a notepaper holder, in/out trays and pen holder.
WOOD MAGAZINE #57 Dec 1992 (v.9#9) pg. 54

Four-piece wooden desk set with nautical theme. Each piece has a small porpoise-shaped cutout. Business-card holder, pencil holder and mail holder have gently curved tops. The lidded box has a curved strip of walnut laminated above the porpoise in the lid.
WOOD MAGAZINE #64 Oct 1993 (v.10#7) pg. 39

A "very curious" desk caddy indeed. Pen-and-pencil holders flank a miniature Gothic window framing a silhouette of Sherlock Holmes.
WOOD MAGAZINE #85 Jan 1996 (v.13#1) pg. 76, Insert

In/Out letter box, made of contrasting woods, utilizes sliding dovetail joints.
WOODSMITH #31 Jan-Feb 1984 pg. 10

Making wooden band saw boxes. Suitable for use as jewelry boxes, desk accessories, etc.
WOODSMITH #51 Jun 1987 pg. 10, 14

Desk organizer (10"x40"x10" high) has two drawers and five compartments. It is sized to fit a roll-top desk or can be used independently on any desk or countertop.
WOODSMITH #103 Feb 1996 (v.18) pg. 14

Desk-top organizer (10"x18"x5" high) has a compartment on each side for holding mail or envelopes, a center drawer for office supplies and a tray above the drawer for magazines, letters, etc.
WOODSMITH #110 Apr 1997 (v.19) pg. 10

Stationery rack holds writing paper, envelopes, note paper, etc.
WOODWORKER #1077 Aug 1983 (v.87) pg. 501

Secretaire. A desk-top cabinet with a slant front covered by two frame-and-panel doors. The doors open to reveal a partitioned storage area for writing paper, envelopes, etc. A pencil drawer occupies the base of the cabinet. Overall dimensions: 360mm wide, 260mm tall, 150mm deep (14"x10"x6").
WOODWORKER #1112 Jul 1986 (v.90#7) pg. 542

Desk caddy. Useful desk organizer will hold a large assortment of pens, pencils and envelopes. Built from wood.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1982 (v.6#1) pg. 32

Stacking desk trays (in/out letter trays) are made from wood.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1984 (v.8#2) pg. 46

Desk organizer. Slant-front unit opens up to reveal five pigeon holes and a small drawer. Overall dimensions: 18" wide, 12" tall, 9" deep.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1985 (v.9#6) pg. 56

Stacking desk trays (letter trays) made from wood. Dimensions for both letter-size and legal-size trays shown.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1989 (v.13#5) pg. 46

Four-drawer desk top file with two drawers for 3x5 cards and two drawers for typing paper.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1964 (v.20#4) pg. 66

Circular, portable drum-shaped desk organizer is 15" in diameter and 10" high. Interior contains shallow shelves and a drawer. Tambour doors cover side compartments.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1971 (v.27#5) pg. 70

Two desk organizers for ending desk top clutter. One is 22" long, 6-1/2" deep and 9" high and has compartment for stacks of paper, mail, etc. The second is 38" long, 3-1/2" deep and 5-1/2" high for pencils, memos, etc.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1978 (v.34#5) pg. 34

Desk-top display shelves. Two shelf unit sits along the back edge of the desk to hold books, supplies, etc.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1980 (v.36#5) pg. 2

Desk organizer is divided into compartments for pencils, clips, etc. Removable top features a diamond shaped inlay pattern. Dimensions: 6"x8"x1".
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1980 (v.36#6) pg. 126

Carousel caddy equipped with 5 wooden canisters may be used to hold spices, desk accessories, etc.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1981 (v.37#6) pg. 24

Bill/letter organizer. Vertical partitions set in a block of wood form compartments for organizing envelopes.
WORKBENCH Jan-Feb 1984 (v.40#1) pg. 50

Desk organizer. This 36"x13"x11" rack sits on top of your desk and provides pigeon holes and a shelf to hold books, mail, office supplies, etc.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1987 (v.43#3) pg. 46

Teen desk set. (1) Sturdy bookends with uprights that look like leather-bound books. (2) Notepad caddy keeps self-adhesive notepads and a pencil within reach. (3) File holder made from hoops of polished bronze brazing rods and wooden dowels. (4) Wooden pencil box.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1989 (v.45#2) pg. 53
Added Info WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1989 (v.45#5) pg. 8

Combination bookrack and desk organizer. This slanted shelf features built-in storage compartments in the bookend and a small storage drawer in the base. Holds about 16" worth of books.
WORKBENCH Feb-Mar 1992 (v.48#1) pg. 30