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Learning to use transistors. Part 5. Semiconductor diodes.
AUDIO AMATEUR 2/1971 [Nov 1971] (v.2#2) pg. 19

Learning to use transistors. Part 6. Diodes in action.
AUDIO AMATEUR 3/1971 [Apr 1972] (v.2#3) pg. 14

Tip for bending the wire leads on glass diodes without breaking the diode.
AUDIO AMATEUR 1/1973 [Dec 1973] (v.4#1) pg. 16

Technique for selecting the zener components in a simple voltage stabilizer.
AUDIO AMATEUR 4/1979 [Oct 1979] (v.10#4) pg. 43

Tip on using higher-rated diodes in audio applications.
AUDIO AMATEUR 1/1980 [Jan 1980] (v.11#1) pg. 41

Tip on filtering all zeners (including 3-terminal regulators) to reduce RFI.
AUDIO AMATEUR 2/1990 [Apr 1990] (v.21#2) pg. 59

Using transistors as diodes. Simple circuits which use transistors for regulator and VVC (voltage variable capacitor) applications and cost less than VVC or Zener diodes.
CQ. THE RADIO AMATEUR'S JOURNAL Nov 1996 (v.52#11) pg. 76

Diodes, their theory and their use in a 12-volt to 9-volt shunt-type regulator to drive a transistor radio from a car battery.
ELECTRONICS ILLUSTRATED Jul 1966 (v.9#4) pg. 70

Varactor diode applications.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jun 1966 (v.75#6) pg. 43

Special section on solid-state diodes. All types discussed.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jul 1966 (v.76#1) pg. 37

Using transistors as negative-resistance devices. How to simulate four-layer diodes, SCRs and UJTs.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jun 1969 (v.81#6) pg. 38

Special section on solid-state diodes.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jul 1969 (v.82#1) pg. 35

Using low-cost epoxy silicon transistors for good performance as low-voltage zener diodes.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jan 1970 (v.83#1) pg. 86

Small, low-power Zener plus transistor can stimulate large, expensive high-power Zeners.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Sep 1970 (v.84#3) pg. 42

Circuit uses transistor base-emitter junctions in place of Zener diodes for voltage regulation.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Sep 1970 (v.84#3) pg. 90

Simple circuit is a variable voltage replacement for a specific Zener diode voltage which you may not have on hand. Voltage may be varied over a 2-volt range.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Feb 1971 (v.85#2) pg. 72

Three-terminal device provides a variable Zener voltage.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jun 1971 (v.85#6) pg. 60

Zener diode voltage-regulator nomograms simplify selection of components.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jul 1971 (v.86#1) pg. 32

Basic operation and specifications of Zener diodes along with simple design technique for using them as shunt regulators.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Dec 1971 (v.86#6) pg. 32

Using zener diodes as voltage regulators.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Jul-Aug 1966 (v.2#3) pg. 77

Explanation of how varactor diode tuning is replacing conventional variable capacitor tuning.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Jul-Aug 1968 (v.6#3) pg. 49

An electronic project builds basic insight into op-amp and diode circuits. A variety of circuits in which an operational amplifier and diode are used together so that the amplifier can extract ideal performance from the diode.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Nov-Dec 1974 (v.14#6) pg. 47

Basic course in electricity and electronics. The use of diodes and rectifiers.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS May-Jun 1976 (v.16#3) pg. 81

Basic course in electricity and electronics. Understanding diodes.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Mar-Apr 1979 (v.19#2) pg. 79

Chart for identifying the leads and types of diodes.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Mar-Apr 1980 (v.20#2) pg. 28

Explanation of "breakover" (barrier voltage) as it applies to diodes.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Jul-Aug 1986 (v.3#4) pg. 16

Zener diodes. How they work, how diodes are formed, important Zener-diode specifications, and Zener applications.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Jan 1987 (v.4#1) pg. 48

Electronic fundamentals. Diodes and transistors.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Apr 1987 (v.4#4) pg. 75

Characteristics of a diode are simulated by a circuit using two JFET transistors.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Apr 1987 (v.4#4) pg. 88

Diode switching circuits to switch audio from one point to another.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Aug 1988 (v.5#8) pg. 94

How to get started in electronics. Part 1: Inside semiconductors. Looks at the diode, transistor, SCRs, LEDs, light detectors, etc.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1984 (v.1#1) pg. 44

Cartridge diode mount from phone jack.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Aug 1964 (v.21#2) pg. 82

Learning to stack silicon diodes to get all the power supply voltage you need.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jul 1965 (v.23#1) pg. 58

Getting know the zener diode. Several typical application circuits shown.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Nov 1968 (v.29#5) pg. 51.

The whys and wherefores of voltage-variable capacitance (varicap) diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] May 1969 (v.30#5) pg. 69

Build a Zener diode substitution box that simulates a Zener diode from 1.2 to 18 volts with power dissipation to 6 watts.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Oct 1972 (v.2#4) pg. 36

Put a Zener diode to work and design your own voltage regulators. Basic formulas and circuit for Zener control.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Apr 1973 (v.3#4) pg. 76

The Zener diode, theory and applications. How a Zener diode works and how to put it to work for you.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jul 1973 (v.4#1) pg. 40

A tailor-made Zener diode. design your own variable-voltage Zener.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Oct 1973 (v.4#4) pg. 56

Tips and circuits which can use surplus diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Aug 1974 (v.6#2) pg. 89

Using diodes in power supplies. Design considerations when building power supplies.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Oct 1975 (v.8#4) pg. 100

Circuit quiz on the function of diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Feb 1976 (v.9#2) pg. 73

Circuit shows the common way of connecting a zener voltage regulator.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jul 1976 (v.10#1) pg. 30

A look at some rare semiconductor devices. The constant-current diode, the photo-Darlington, and the LM387 preamplifier.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Nov 1976 (v.10#5) pg. 89

Inside basic electronics. The semiconductor diode, basic operating principles and a few diode applications.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Apr 1977 (v.11#4) pg. 101

The four-layer diode. What it is and some typical circuits.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Aug 1977 (v.12#2) pg. 82

Switching RF, IF, and audio frequencies using PIN diodes. Includes several circuits.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1994 (v.11#12) pg. 40
Correction POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1995 (v.12#3) pg. 4

Zener-diode simulator circuit has an adjustable voltage of 1.5 to 6.5 and is more stable than a Zener over a wide range of temperatures.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1996 (v.13#3) pg. 68
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jul 1998 (v.15#7) pg. 16

Simple diode circuits. (1) Bridge rectifier. (2) Sound-level (audio signal) limiter circuit never exceeds 1.5-volts peak-to-peak. (3) DC polarity or AC indicator circuit. (4) Kick-back voltage limiter for inductive loads. (5) Steering circuit controls relays based on voltage polarity. (6) Simple temperature sensor. (7) Circuit for selecting matching diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] May 1996 (v.13#5) pg. 64

More diode circuits. (1) Clamping circuits for either the positive or negative portion of an AC signal. (2) Protective circuits prevent reverse-voltage damage. (3) Meter guard circuit limits maximum voltage that can reach a meter. (4) Noise generator and amplified noise generator circuit uses a Zener diode. (5) Circuit to monitor the symmetry of an AC waveform. (6) RF switching circuit, antenna switcher, and transceiver switch for connecting radio equipment to an antenna.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jun 1996 (v.13#6) pg. 66
Correction POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1996 (v.13#12) pg. 6

Semiconductor diode guidebook. A simple guide to understanding diode characteristics and their use in circuit design.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jun 1997 (v.14#6) pg. 51

Circuit that can replace high-power Zener diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1997 (v.14#12) pg. 63
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jul 1998 (v.15#7) pg. 16

Point-contact diodes. What they are and typical applications.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jun 1998 (v.15#6) pg. 17

Construction and applications of the Schottky diode.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jul 1998 (v.15#7) pg. 13

Characteristics and applications of Zener or voltage reference diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Aug 1998 (v.15#8) pg. 49

Operation of the special semiconductor diode called a varactor (variable reactance), varicap (variable capacitance), or tuning diode.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Sep 1998 (v.15#9) pg. 62
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1998 (v.15#12) pg. 64

Operation and application of PIN (positive-intrinsic-negative) diodes.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1998 (v.15#10) pg. 54

Introduction to operation and applications of the Gunn diode.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1998 (v.15#12) pg. 61

Fast recovery diodes. What they are and how they work.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jan 1977 (v.48#1) pg. 75

A look at zener diodes. What they are and how they work.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jun 1979 (v.50#6) pg. 70

How to design analog circuits. Part 2. Junction diodes (rectifiers and zeners).
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jun 1982 (v.53#6) pg. 54

How to design analog circuits. Part 3. Special purpose diodes, including varactor and tunnel diodes.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jul 1982 (v.53#7) pg. 72

Introduction to the concept of electronic tuning of a resonant circuit to a desired frequency using a varactor (varactor diode, silicon capacitor, voltage-controlled capacitor, voltage-variable capacitor).
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jun 1991 (v.62#6) pg. 65

Theory of the Zener diode and how to design your own Zener diode-controlled power supply.
RADIO-TV EXPERIMENTER Aug-Sep 1967 (v.23#1) pg. 53