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Planning tips on making a well-designed driveway.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Apr 1971 (v.49#4) pg. H18 (142+)

How to use metal edging for an asphalt driveway.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Apr 1971 (v.49#4) pg. 28

Photos show how off-street parking spaces can be made decorative.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Apr 1972 (v.50#4) pg. 181

Checkerboard pattern of concrete pavers and sod (grass) serves as a temporary parking area for automobiles.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jun 1990 (v.68#6) pg. 59

Repair your driveway. Repairs to gravel and asphalt driveways must be done properly to cure problems.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1984 (v.7#9) pg. 21

Suggestions for outdoor concrete projects: driveways, sidewalks, patios and steps. Includes suggestions for interesting visual surface effects.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1986 (v.9#7) pg. 56

Tip: Remove an oil spot from driveway using Portland cement.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1986 (v.9#8) pg. 12

Repairing a blacktop driveway. Patching concrete walkways and driveways.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1988 (v.11#9) pg. 70

Driveway decisions. Choices for driveway installation, care and repair. Gravel, asphalt, paving stones and concrete are compared.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Apr 1993 (v.16#7) pg. 37

Paving the way. A review of the various materials suitable for use as paving material in driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc. and their associated costs.
COST CUTS Nov 1988 (v.5#10) pg. 1

How to remove and replace damaged sections of a driveway.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #208 Apr 1980 (v.30#4) pg. 92

How to build a driveway, sidewalk or patio without concrete or mortar by using paving blocks.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #209 May-Jun 1980 (v.30#5) pg. 94

Green driveways. Three alternatives to asphalt. How to install stone pavers interplanted with clover, "Grass-cel" paving blocks and "Grassrings" grass paving system.
FINE GARDENING #3 Sep-Oct 1988 pg. 31

Information on green driveways and some alternatives suggested.
FINE GARDENING #51 Sep-Oct 1996 pg. 18

All about driveways. Design of handsome, safe and durable driveways which provide room for parking, turning and play. Construction details emphasize the need for a stable, well-drained base.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #118 Aug-Sep 1998 pg. 60
Added Info FINE HOMEBUILDING #119 Oct-Nov 1998 pg. 6

How to build and repair curbs for driveways and sidewalks.
HANDY ANDY May 1978 (v.2#8) pg. 39

Improve the ramp or apron into a garage. Involves hammering nails into an old concrete ramp and applying a portland cement mixture.
HANDY ANDY May 1980 (v.4#8) pg. 60

Designing a country driveway. Guidelines on dimensions, grade, soil types, drainage, surfacing and construction of a lane.
HARROWSMITH #74 Jul-Aug 1987 (v.12#2) pg. 75

How to install a new driveway or improve the one you have. Three suggestions are furnished: stone, stamped concrete to simulate paving stones and creating a turnaround of concrete incorporating decorative redwood dividers.
HOME MECHANIX #685 May 1985 (v.81) pg. 60

Driveway surfaces. Professional advice on selection of concrete vs. asphalt.
HOME MECHANIX #735 Jul 1989 (v.85) pg. 16

How to install a driveway de-icer system.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Jan-Feb 1979 (v.4#1) pg. 90

Installing a gravel driveway with Belgian block liner.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #481 Jun 1968 (v.64) pg. 80

New life for a gravel driveway. Curbing and a new layer of stone will improve the appearance.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #549 Feb 1974 (v.70) pg. 84

How to maintain a gravel driveway.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #92 Mar-Apr 1985 pg. 84

How to design and construct gravel walks and driveways.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL May 1983 (v.11#4) pg. 84

Tips on which paving materials are appropriate for walks, drives and terraces in 18th and 19th century architecture.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1989 (v.17#2) pg. 18

A period approach to walks and drives. A set of guidelines for building walks and drives that are sympathetic to a pre-1900 house without sacrificing convenience.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1997 (v.25#2) pg. 24
Correction OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL May-Jun 1997 (v.25#3) pg. 10

Eight ways to get more off-street parking.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1969 (v.131#3) pg. 148

How to build an 18x60-ft. driveway from brick rubble for under $100.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1969 (v.132#3) pg. 154

Five ways to give your home a lot of parking space.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1964 (v.185#3) pg. 108

Patch up your driveway. How to lay (or re-lay) block edging and how to repair an asphalt driveway.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1981 (v.218#6) pg. 96

Making a driveway interesting. Suggestions from landscape architects on materials that can make a difference and sketches that redesign four typical problem driveways.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Nov 1989 (v.4#8) pg. 68

Keep on the grass. "Turf paving" camouflages a driveway or provides hidden parking. Tips on laying special concrete modules featuring hollow cells which are filled with soil and used to raise grass.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER May-Jun 1990 (v.5#4) pg. 70

Photo shows a lawn planted in the openings of concrete blocks. Looks like a lawn, but it can be driven on with a car. Good for driveway or extra parking.
SUNSET Jun 1977 (v.158#6) pg. 228

Artistry in paving. Eighteen paving ideas using brick, concrete, rock, cobbles, and flagstones.
SUNSET Oct 1980 (v.165#4) pg. 86

Tips on replacing rotted wood headers in concrete paving with mortar, concrete, pebbles, or crushed rock.
SUNSET Feb 1983 (v.170#2) pg. 218

Blacktop and beyond. Renewal and replacement options for your driveway paving.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #828 Sep 1998 (v.94) pg. 57