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Sliding storage rack for tools and hardware is suspended from the ceiling using heavy-duty sliding door track and rollers.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #43 Feb 1995 pg. 26

Portable hardware box has two trays that nest inside a main box (12"x10"x23") that has a carrying handle.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #64 Feb 1998 pg. 104

Wooden fasteners caddy has sections of plastic pipe cemented to a plywood base to hold a supply of fasteners.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #65 Apr 1998 pg. 34

Tip on using plastic beverage bottles to store hardware and fasteners. The bottles are suspended on perf-board hooks.
AMERICAN WOODWORKER #89 Oct 2001 pg. 32

A cache-and-carry storage system. Wooden boxes, in a variety of shapes and sizes, hang on the wall from a beveled ledger strip. They may be taken down when needed. Ideal for records & tapes, slide projectors, tools, etc.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Dec 1984 (v.62#12) pg. F8

Organizer for nails and screws is made from 6 tuna or pet food cans, a piece of wood for the base, and a length of coathanger wire for a handle.
BOYS' LIFE Aug 1979 (v.69#8) pg. 59

Flat funnels. A tapered piece of wood with sides is used to return hardware to storage jars after sorting.
CANADIAN HOME WORKSHOP Apr 1999 (v.22#6) pg. 23

Hardware sorting tray is patterned after a pharmachist's pill tray.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Aug 1988 (v.11#11) pg. 17

Wall-hung cabinet is designed to conceal two ready-made multi-drawer parts storage cabinets behind frame-and-panel doors. It is topped with dentil molding and has three small drawers across the bottom.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Dec 1993 (v.17#3) pg. 58

Plywood caddy for nails, screws, washers, etc. Each compartmentalized drawer is removable. Each drawer also has a sliding top to keep the contents from spilling and to serve as a carrying handle.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Sep 1995 (v.18#12) pg. 9

Nineteen things you can make from coffee cans. Includes several styles of storage containers.
FAMILY CIRCLE Oct 9 1979 (v.92#14) pg. 108, 158

Shop hardware storage rack consists of tin cans hung on a slanted rack.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #245 Jan 1984 (v.34#1) pg. 86

Tip: Make storage bins for screws, bolts, nails, etc. from the new style (rectangular) plastic oil containers.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #287 Mar 1988 (v.38#3) pg. 89

Tip: Use shower curtain rings to store nuts, washers, etc.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #296 Mar 1989 (v.39#3) pg. 87

Tip: Label boxes of nails, screws, etc. by attaching a sample to the outside using a glue gun.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #299 Jun 1989 (v.39#6) pg. 108

Tip shows how to make a nail organizer from old plastic bleach bottles.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #332 Oct 1992 (v.42#9) pg. 60

Wordless Workshop suggests how to make a rack to hold nails (or other small hardware items) from a length of PVC pipe, divided into sections by wooden disks.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #339 Jun 1993 (v.43#6) pg. 92

Tip suggests using foam meat trays as organizers for small parts to be used in a project.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #343 Nov-Dec 1993 (v.43#10) pg. 75

Tip on storing small fasteners in a magnetic paper clip dispenser.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #348 May 1994 (v.44#5) pg. 87

Wordless Workshop shows how to create a rack to hang plastic zipper-top bags.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #376 Mar 1997 (v.47#3) pg. 60

Tip: Convert 5-gal. plastic buckets into "nail pails" that are easier to carry and stack.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #46 Apr-May 1988 pg. 26

Tip: Nail caddy made from coffee cans and plywood.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #49 Oct-Nov 1988 pg. 28

Use empty plastic oil bottles to organize your nail pouch.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #63 Oct-Nov 1990 pg. 28

Tip on making storage drawers from 1-gallon metal cans.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #89 Jun-Jul 1994 pg. 30

Tip on using clear plastic tennis-ball cans to store a variety of items.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #90 Aug-Sep 1994 pg. 34

Making round, divided storage trays that stack inside a 5-gal. plastic bucket.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #92 Dec 1994-Jan 1995 pg. 28

Two tips for keeping small screws right at hand and ready for use without fumbling in your pockets.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #122 Apr-May 1999 pg. 30

Sorting pan has a built-in funnel to pour the contents back into a storage container.
FINE WOODWORKING #60 Sep-Oct 1986 pg. 12

Looped-cord storage system is used to hang tools, bags of hardware, or tin cans holding small parts.
FINE WOODWORKING #70 May-Jun 1988 pg. 8

Tip on making a parts storage cabinet consisting of muffin tin "drawers" inside a simple cabinet.
FINE WOODWORKING #92 Jan-Feb 1992 pg. 16

Brad storage boxes (circa 1907) which hang on wall. The brads are easily accessible from an open area when the box is laid flat on a bench.
FINE WOODWORKING #129 Mar-Apr 1998 pg. 32

Storage system consists of coffee cans, baby food jars, and cardboard boxes.
HOME MECHANIX #714 Oct 1987 (v.83) pg. 135

Tip: Parts bin made from gutter and wood.
HOMEOWNER Sep 1988 (v.13#7) pg. 66

Convert old muffin tins into a multi-drawer storage bin for hardware.
HOMEOWNER Mar 1989 (v.14#2) pg. 70

Storage rack for small hardware is made from plastic pill containers.
HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1990 (v.15#6) pg. 56

Photos illustrate well arranged school shop tool storage including a small parts bin made from tin cans.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Apr 1980 (v.69#4) pg. 24

Small parts storage box. Made from tin plate, this small drawer has a cover over one-half of its top, plus a semi-circular handle. It may be stored horizontally or vertically without spilling contents.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Apr 1983 (v.72#4) pg. 29

Tip: Convert pocket-size pill containers into storage containers for small gemstones, etc.
JEWELRY MAKING, GEMS & MINERALS #523 May 1981 pg. 26

Shop storage bins have solid wood ends with metal plaster lathe sides and bottoms. Also shows how to build a rack for stacking seven bins vertically. Est. cost: $2 per bin.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #546 Nov 1973 (v.69) pg. 100

Make storage bins that have wooden ends with hand-hold cutouts and expanded metal lath for the sides and bottom. Holds most items, but lets dust and dirt fall through.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #598 Mar 1978 (v.74) pg. 145

Portable storage bins (drawers) for tools and supplies is made from scrap wood and expanded-metal plaster lath.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #649 Jun 1982 (v.78) pg. 66I

Handy tote for nails and screws is made from a piece of wood and four tin cans.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #55 Jan-Feb 1979 pg. 161

Tip: Make a nail storage container from old 1-gallon lantern fuel cans.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1984 (v.12#1) pg. 33

Tip on using a magnetic paper clip dispenser to store and dispense glazing points.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jan-Feb 1998 (v.26#1) pg. 18

Lazy susan hardware rack holds 80 jars.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1963 (v.120#4) pg. 171

Rotating small parts storage rack is made from a paint can top (5-10 gallon) and baby food jars.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1966 (v.126#1) pg. 163

Small-parts cabinet is made from aluminum TV-dinner trays.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1970 (v.133#4) pg. 199

The egg-shaped plastic containers from L'eggs panty hose are inserted into holes in a wall-mounted shelf to serve to hold nails and other small items.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1974 (v.142#1) pg. 138

Tip: Tin can equipped with wire hooks is used to store washers.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1980 (v.153#1) pg. 58

Shop organizer. Hardboard cabinet holds many small drawers. Drawers are plastic boxes, sardine cans, etc. (whatever you can get in quantity).
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1980 (v.153#1) pg. 103

Super storage for your workshop hardware. Wooden cabinet with storage in doors holds many baby food jars full of hardware. Larger jars and boxes are also accommodated.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1980 (v.154#1) pg. 104

Funnel-stand assembly makes quick work of returning hardware to storage jars.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1980 (v.154#5) pg. 138

9 ways a professional keeps his shop organized. Includes many ideas for tool storage, hardware storage, tool tables, etc.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1981 (v.155#4) pg. 118

5 shop-storage ideas from master craftsmen.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1981 (v.156#5) pg. 122

Tip: Use baby food jars to store small parts by cutting a "keyhole" slot in the cover and hanging the jars on a small screw.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1983 (v.160#2) pg. 26

Tip: How to convert metal bread loaf pans into sturdy workshop storage drawers.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1983 (v.160#5) pg. 176

Tip: Join two multidrawer storage cabinets together with hinges and latches. This will allow the units to be closed up and carried without any drawers falling out.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1984 (v.161#4) pg. 72

Build a woodworker's supershop. Combines a rugged 32"x80" workbench, with a roll-around tool cabinet, wall-hung power tool cabinet, clamp organizer and a 26-drawer small-parts cabinet. Built of maple and maple plywood. The entire shop system requires only 27 sq.ft. of floor space.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1984 (v.161#11) pg. 124

Stylish, easy-to-build small-parts storage cabinet utilizes clear plastic cups for storing nails, screws, nuts, etc. Cabinet houses 120 cups in 6 pullout trays. The cabinet also features a retractable outfeed roller. Overall dimensions: 22" wide, 24" deep, 29" high.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1987 (v.164#7) pg. 142

Wall-hung small parts bins are removable to carry to job.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1964 (v.184#1) pg. 164

Tin can containers for shop storage.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1964 (v.185#5) pg. 129

Small parts storage drawer is made by soldering tin can halves together.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1966 (v.188#2) pg. 220

A simple wood box with cutoff corners is used to sort nails, screws, etc. and then "pour" them back into storage containers.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1984 (v.225#5) pg. 126

Wooden frame encloses a small-parts cabinet (with multiple plastic drawers). The frame has a sturdy carrying handle. A slide-in front keeps the drawers from spilling in event the cabinet is knocked over.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1988 (v.232#4) pg. 124

Nail storage cabinet uses 24 coffee cans on two lazy susans to store hardware.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #78 May 1994 (v.13#6) pg. 67

Ferris wheel caddy for storage of small parts uses 35 mm film canisters to hold the parts.
POPULAR WOODWORKING #89 Mar 1996 (v.16#1) pg. 54, 33

Workshop organizing and storage ideas from master carpenter Norm Abram. Includes a router caddy, under-stair nail storage cabinet, rack to hold caulking cartridges, wood scrap storage rack, etc.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Feb 1987 (v.2#2) pg. 56

Make a small-parts storage cabinet by gluing pocket-size matchboxes together.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jun 1978 (v.49#6) pg. 118

Shop storage system. Removable bins of various sizes lock into a wall-mounted rail system. A separate carrier can hold several bins being taken to a jobsite. Built from plywood and hardboard.
SHOPNOTES #2 Mar 1992 (v.1) pg. 16

Shop tote. Wooden trays with divided compartments for supplies of nails and other quantities of hardware. Each tray measures 14"x10"x5" deep. A unique handle design allows two trays to be stacked together and carried.
SHOPNOTES #15 May 1994 (v.3) pg. 10

Hardware bin. A small, plain chest of drawers (14"x12"x9" deep) incorporates 5 drawers which are built quickly using a router jig.
SHOPNOTES #18 Nov 1994 (v.3) pg. 10

Compact revolving parts bin with 32 compartments.
SHOPNOTES #29 Sep 1996 (v.5) pg. 4

Wall-hung parts cabinet features a drop-down sorting tray that doubles as the door of the cabinet. Inside, there are 20 plastic jars attached to lids which are screwed on the underside of the shelves.
SHOPNOTES #37 Jan 1998 (v.7) pg. 4

Simple caddy for holding 35mm film containers that are used to store small parts.
SHOPNOTES #42 Nov 1998 (v.7) pg. 4

Modular system of tilt-out storage bins for small parts. The bins are made in various sizes from a combination of wood and clear plastic.
SHOPNOTES #48 Nov 1999 (v.8) pg. 16

Small parts storage system uses plastic cutlery trays as drawers.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #163 Feb 1990 (v.14#7) pg. 26

Tip: Storage system for drawing equipment or workshop materials is a simple wooden box with eleven plastic cutlery trays used as divided drawers.
SUNSET Apr 1979 (v.162#4) pg. 148

Tip: Make storage drawers from 1-gal. rectangular metal cans.
WOOD MAGAZINE #23 Jun 1988 (v.5#3) pg. 18

Storage bins made from one-gallon cans (the metal, rectangular style).
WOOD MAGAZINE #35 Jun 1990 (v.7#3) pg. 16

Six tin cans are joined together to form a totable organizer for hardware.
WOOD MAGAZINE #54 Sep 1992 (v.9#6) pg. 12

Handy hardware organizer and tote holds recycled margarine tubs in a two-level plywood frame.
WOOD MAGAZINE #61 Jun 1993 (v.10#4) pg. 16

Space-saving hardware organizer. Angled shelves hold 20 coffee cans.
WOOD MAGAZINE #105 Apr 1998 (v.15#3) pg. 26

Multiple bins for holding and dispensing bulk quantities of screws, nails, etc. Made from wood and acrylic.
WOOD MAGAZINE #115 Jun 1999 (v.16#4) pg. 34

Tip on modifying an old cookie sheet to sort through and return fasteners to coffee cans.
WOOD MAGAZINE #133 May-Jun 2001 (v.18#4) pg. 34

Box building basics. Step-by-step for a simple set of shelves. Add small drawers to form a set of storage drawers for nails and other small parts (apothecary style). Vary the dimensions to make any size unit.
WOODSMITH #4 Jul 1979 pg. 4

Shop storage cabinet. Cabinet consists of many small drawers designed to hold tools, hardware, etc. The case is built to any desired size. Special jig speeds up fabrication of drawers.
WOODSMITH #15 May 1981 pg. 14, 3

Shop storage cabinet features 12 drawers of various depths. Each drawer is divided up into 2 to 16 compartments for tools or hardware. Built primarily of plywood and hardboard. Dimensions: 17" wide, 16" deep, 35" tall.
WOODSMITH #25 Jan-Feb 1983 pg. 4

Two hardware storage projects. (1) A small rack to hold open top plastic storage bins. (2) A small closable case to hold two stacks of those plastic containers with small compartments and a snap top.
WOODSMITH #102 Dec 1995 (v.17) pg. 22

Wooden boxes (5"x7"x8" tall) with an open top and handhold are used to store fasteners in bulk. The boxes are placed on tilted shelves so that the contents are visible.
WOODSMITH #115 Feb 1998 (v.20) pg. 33

Hardware storage system features several side-by-side vertical "drawers" (compartments) that pull out to reveal adjustable shelves. Boxes or containers placed on the shelves are all equally accessible.
WOODSMITH #121 Feb 1999 (v.21) pg. 28, 19

Tip on making storage containers from plastic pipe fitted with wooden bottoms and tops.
WOODTURNING #56 Oct 1997 pg. 76

Tip on using a strip of magnetic tape inside the cap of hardware storage jars to access a few items without emptying the entire jar.
WOODWORK #17 Sep-Oct 1992 pg. 8

Fix-it holdall. Storage chest made of plywood has removable trays with small compartments. Use it to store fasteners, small tools, etc. Overall dimensions: 600mm x 300mm x 300mm tall (24"x12"x12").
WOODWORKER Jun 1988 (v.92#6) pg. 522

Tip: Converting plastic bottles into storage containers for nails and screws. The bottles have built-in funnels.
WOODWORKER Sep 1989 (v.93#9) pg. 808

Sorting tray for hardware (screws, nuts, bolts, etc.) makes it easier to return them to their storage container (glass jars, tin cans, etc).
WOODWORKER Nov 1990 (v.94#11) pg. 1144

Sorting rack made from wood is designed for dumping out a container of hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) and then easily returning the contents to a can or jar.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1989 (v.13#6) pg. 74

Tip shows how to build a simple nail tray with compartments for different sized nails.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1978 (v.34#4) pg. 9

Handy shop storage cabinet consists of a plywood case fitted with sliding plywood shelves. Tin cans are attached to the shelves to hold items being stored.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1983 (v.39#2) pg. 97

How to make cardboard storage bins and simple shelves to hold them.
WORKBENCH Sep-Oct 1983 (v.39#5) pg. 81

Handy small parts cabinet made from scrap materials. A frame of wood and hardboard is filled with divided drawers made from cardboard.
WORKBENCH Mar-Apr 1984 (v.40#2) pg. 98

Store small parts in empty 35mm film containers. Two racks for holding the containers are shown. One is a shelf style and the second is a "ferris wheel" style.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1984 (v.40#6) pg. 51

Washer-go-round. A rotating, pyramid-shaped storage rack is studded with finishing nails to hold washers, nuts, small tools, etc.
WORKBENCH Nov-Dec 1989 (v.45#6) pg. 68

Simple carrier (tray) fitted with recycled six-ounce food cans is a good way to carry a selection of nails and screws to a work site.
WORKBENCH Feb-Mar 1995 (v.51#1) pg. 20