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xx   HOUSE

How to make an oval door number sign.
APARTMENT LIFE Dec 1978 (v.10#12) pg. 60, 111

Photo shows a house number/light box made from lumber scraps and fiberglass panels. Large numbers are cut from wood. Unit is 9" square and any height desired. Est. cost: $17.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1973 (v.51#7) pg. 64

How to make a house number from acrylic plastic to fit over a porch light bulb.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jan 1979 (v.57#1) pg. F12 (140+)

House number do's and don'ts. Tips on making your house number easily visible.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Sep 1979 (v.57#9) pg. M4 (168+)

Decorate your home with a family nameplate. Tips on designing, carving, and painting.
BOYS' LIFE Dec 1995 (v.85#12) pg. 49

Address plaque. Three glazed ceramic tiles are china painted with a house number surrounded with colorful flowers and leaves. The tiles are attached to a simple wooden frame. Gridded patterns for numerals and flowers included.
CERAMIC ARTS & CRAFTS Jul 1994 (v.39#11) pg. 75

House numbers are painted on colorful clay pots and set on the front porch steps.
CRAFTS Jun-Jul 1999 (v.22#5) pg. 60

Solar powered house number incorporates rechargeable batteries. Unit turns on at dusk and off six hours later. An array of 30 high-intensity LEDs. provide the backlight for the numbers.

Solar powered house number. Two rechargeable batteries power up to 30 high-intensity LED's that backlight a house number plaque. Unit switches on at dusk and off six hours later.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Jan 1987 (v.4#1) pg. 51

House number board consists of decorative ceramic tiles set in a simple wooden frame. Est. cost: $20.
HOME MECHANIX #687 Jul 1985 (v.81) pg. 59

House sign incorporates house number and family name. It is painted and decorated with an "old fashion" garden scene.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #631 Dec 1980 (v.76) pg. 49

An LED street number sign automatically turns itself on at dusk and off in the morning.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Mar 1985 (v.1#6) pg. 56

Gilding with gold leaf. Emphasis is on glass gilding a house number.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Dec 1979 (v.7#12) pg. 140

House number display is replica of a keymaker's sign.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1971 (v.135#2) pg. 133

Lighted house number is powered by the same doorbell circuit that powers lighted doorbells.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1975 (v.144#5) pg. 152

Light up your house number. A 12-volt or 110-volt lighted sign using Panelescent lamps manufactured by Sylvania. Est. cost: $6 to $9.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1967 (v.190#2) pg. 152

How to build a house-number lamp post. The square column has a globe light behind Plexiglas panels in the top, a large number routed in the front, a planter box beneath the number and a birdhouse inside. One of 12 winning designs from the PS/APA Single-Sheet Plywood Project contest.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1977 (v.211#2) pg. 107

Simple wooden box equipped with an electric light is used to illuminate house numbers from behind.
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1981 (v.219#4) pg. 148

Easy outdoor accents. Wrought-iron house numbers that stand out from a wall.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1989 (v.4#5) pg. 16

Photo shows how an electrical circuit box and meter on the outside of a house can be covered by a cedar paneled door that serves as a backdrop for large-size house numbers.
SUNSET Sep 1977 (v.159#3) pg. 114

Tip on how to make a simple house number sign by hammering aluminum roofing nails into a 1x10 redwood board.
SUNSET Dec 1977 (v.159#6) pg. 91

How to make a back-lit house number.
SUNSET May 1978 (v.160#5) pg. 172

Photo shows how to paint giant house numbers on a door. Remaining area is covered with lath strips.
SUNSET Jun 1979 (v.162#6) pg. 126

Tip: Box-style bench edges a deck. At the entry end of the bench, a built-in light box illuminates the deck at foot level. House numbers, cut into the facing, are lighted at night.
SUNSET Jun 1986 (v.176#6) pg. 169

Five design rules for readable house numbers.
SUNSET Oct 1994 (v.193#4) pg. 123

Cedar house number sign features a decorative duck. Overall dimensions: 15"x5" (frame) plus the 4"x7" duck profile. The numbers can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #4 Jul 1988 (v.1#4) pg. 4

Wooden house numbers atop a "Welcome" plaque are backlighted with 12-volt bulbs.
WEEKEND WOODWORKING (PROJECTS) #22 Jul 1991 (v.4#4) pg. 20

Ideas on how to display the numbers of your house.
WOMAN'S DAY Apr 3 1984 (v.47#8) pg. 39, 133

Painted pine nameplate to adorn gate is shaped like a pineapple.
WOMAN'S DAY Jun 12 1984 (v.47#11) pg. 113, 144

Street-smart house sign. Decorative wooden frame is backed with copper sheeting that is decorated using salt and ammonia fumes. Your house number and/or name are fashioned from wooden letters and outlined by the frame.
WOOD MAGAZINE #134 Aug 2001 (v.18#5) pg. 60, Insert

Lawn sign features large raised house numbers cut into a wooden sign using a router. Two simple and decorative posts support the sign.
WOODSMITH #94 Aug 1994 (v.16) pg. 16, 19, 14

Personalized home plaque is routed with name or street address.
WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL Mar-Apr 1997 (v.21#2) pg. 60

Carving a house sign. Tips on preparing the pattern for the incised letters, selecting a wood, transferring the pattern, carving the letters, adding a carved motif, etc.
WOODWORKING TODAY #31 May 1992 pg. 54

Carve an attractive nameplate or house-number sign for your home.
WORKBENCH Jul-Aug 1988 (v.44#4) pg. 66

Driveway marker (sign) prominently displays your house number. 2x4 posts support a "Colonial-style" signboard with a shaped top rail and bottom rail supporting a rectangular center panel with large numbers painted on.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1994 (v.50#3) pg. 47

Decorative sign post and hanging sign says "Welcome" or displays your name, house number, etc.
WORKBENCH Aug-Sep 1995 (v.51#4) pg. 34

Decorative wooden house number plaque is made using a router. The numbers can be raised above the background or routed into the background.
WORKBENCH #252 Mar-Apr 1999 (v.55#2) pg. 61