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A practical transistor ignition based on construction and reliability.
ELECTRONICS ILLUSTRATED May 1965 (v.8#3) pg. 88

A proven transistor ignition system tested over 60,000 miles. Est. cost: $25-$35.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jan 1966 (v.75#1) pg. 47

Low-cost capacitive-discharge igniton system. Circuit details and performance expectations of a simple, non-critical, capacitive-discharge system. Unit will cut ignition system maintenance and give older cars new pep.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Nov 1967 (v.78#5) pg. 30
Added Info ELECTRONICS WORLD May 1968 (v.79#5) pg. 22

Capacitor-discharge automobile ignition system for 12-volt, negative ground gives improved performance.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jan 1969 (v.81#1) pg. 45

Electronic auto ignition system employs a special storage choke coil and pulse transformer to generate the high spark-coil voltage.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Jul 1969 (v.82#1) pg. 32

Improved circuit for capacitive-discharge ignition system.
ELECTRONICS WORLD Feb 1971 (v.85#2) pg. 78

Understanding and maintaining your car's ignition system.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS #763 Winter 1965 pg. 47

How to install a gas-saving capacitive-discharge ignition system. Photos and text illustrate the installation of the "Tiger 500" system. Estimated cost: $54.
ELEMENTARY ELECTRONICS Jul-Aug 1975 (v.15#4) pg. 48

Three simple checks to make if a car becomes hard to start, begins to run poorly or uses more gas.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #340 Jul-Aug 1993 (v.43#7) pg. 72

Auto ignition systems, from points to computers. Ignition theory, from the battery to the spark-plugs, in clear, concise steps.
HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Jul-Aug 1986 (v.3#4) pg. 29
Correction HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS Dec 1986 (v.3#7) pg. 4

How to replace points and adjust timing in your car.
HANDY ANDY May 1978 (v.2#8) pg. 34
Correction HANDY ANDY Dec 1978 (v.3#3) pg. 13

Keep your ignition system troublefree. Tips on inspection, maintenance and basic adjustments.
HOME MECHANIX #685 May 1985 (v.81) pg. 38

Tips on making a yearly ignition-system checkup of your car.
HOME MECHANIX #726 Oct 1988 (v.84) pg. 20

Troubleshooting code 42 problems in the electronic spark timing circuit of a 1986 Oldsmobile.
HOME MECHANIX #757 Jul-Aug 1991 (v.87) pg. 82

Checking the electrical contact between a carburetor solenoid and the throttle lever on a 1981 Plymouth which controls spark advance.
HOME MECHANIX #765 May 1992 (v.88) pg. 83

Procedure for testing Chevy Citation ignition modules using an ohmmeter.
HOME MECHANIX #770 Nov 1992 (v.88) pg. 96

Tip: Maintenance to prevent driving snow and rain from soaking ignition wires.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1979 (v.4#3) pg. 27

Tip: How to find electrical test sockets in late-model GM cars.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Jul-Aug 1979 (v.4#4) pg. 17

How to check for damaged spark plug cables and boots which may cause hard starting and misfiring.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Sep-Oct 1981 (v.6#5) pg. 94

Electronic ignition system. Diagrams help clear up some of the mystery surrounding this new system.
INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION Mar 1981 (v.70#3) pg. 48

Transistorized ignition installation.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #424 Sep 1963 (v.59) pg. 110

Tips on accurate ignition timing.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #441 Feb 1965 (v.61) pg. 108

Distributor servicing guide.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #481 Jun 1968 (v.64) pg. 76

How to troubleshoot a car that won't start, a look at the spark.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #508 Sep 1970 (v.66) pg. 94

How to replace ignition points.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #518 Jul 1971 (v.67) pg. 82

Proper tools and techniques for timing an engine.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #526 Mar 1972 (v.68) pg. 120

Fixing electronic ignition systems.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #550 Mar 1974 (v.70) pg. 97

Should you install electronic ignition on your car? A discussion of the types and advantages.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #572 Jan 1976 (v.72) pg. 76

Learning to handle and troubleshoot spark plug wires can save expensive replacement costs.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #579 Aug 1976 (v.72) pg. 64

How to tune your car to save fuel.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #591 Aug 1977 (v.73) pg. 96

How to service electronic ignitions.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #625 Jun 1980 (v.76) pg. 79

Distributor cap and spark plug wires. How to check them for cracks, breaks, etc.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #635 Apr 1981 (v.77) pg. 38

Car care. Underneath the distributor cap. Maintenance tips for cars with electronic ignition.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #637 Jun 1981 (v.77) pg. 42

How to troubleshoot a car which keeps stalling.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #657 Feb 1983 (v.79) pg. 30

An emergency electronic ignition device will get your car running long enough to drive it to a service center.
MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Oct 1988 (v.5#10) pg. 44
Correction MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1988 (v.5#12) pg. 62
Correction MODERN ELECTRONICS [2] Feb 1989 (v.6#2) pg. 7

Don't let corrosion rob auto engine performance. Tips on keeping your ignition system clean.
PARENTS HOME Sep 1981 (v.5#10) pg. 65

Build Simplex transistorized ignition.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Feb 1964 (v.20#2) pg. 45

Relay switching for transistor ignition.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] May 1964 (v.20#5) pg. 90

Transistorized ignition circuit for 12-volt negative ground.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jul 1964 (v.21#1) pg. 66

Transistorized capacitor discharge ignition system.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jun 1965 (v.22#6) pg. 43

Transistor ignition fits 12- or 6-volt cars including positive ground ignition.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Oct 1965 (v.23#4) pg. 69

"Compac", a solid-state capacitor discharge (CD) ignition system for a 12-volt, negative ground, conventional ignition coil auto.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Nov 1966 (v.25#5) pg. 53

Dwell extender for automobile ignition system increases spark plug energy at high engine speeds. Est. cost: $10.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Oct 1969 (v.31#4) pg. 51

Stopping engine run-on (dieseling) by adding a silicon diode to basic ignition circuit.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Mar 1973 (v.3#3) pg. 50

Understanding electronic ignition systems. How to service and maintain them.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [1] Jul 1981 (v.19#7) pg. 61

Build a high-energy electronic ignition system for your car.
POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Sep 1992 (v.9#9) pg. 31
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Dec 1992 (v.9#12) pg. 3
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Jan 1993 (v.10#1) pg. 3
Added Info POPULAR ELECTRONICS [2] Apr 1993 (v.10#4) pg. 3

All about transistorized ignition.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1963 (v.120#3) pg. 172

Controlling your car's control center. Part 1. Distributor maintainance.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1964 (v.122#6) pg. 158

Controlling your car's control center. Part 2. Locating trouble and adjusting the ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1965 (v.123#1) pg. 174

Build your own capacitive-discharge electronic ignition.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1965 (v.124#4) pg. 196

Examine ignition problems. Avoid unneccessary tune-ups that don't solve the problem.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1965 (v.124#5) pg. 183

Capacitive-discharge ignition system for an inboard motor boat or auto.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1966 (v.125#3) pg. 200

Fifteen ways to cure rough idle.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1967 (v.127#2) pg. 140

Techniques for timing the ignition of your car.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1967 (v.127#4) pg. 166

Solving electrical and ignition problems. Troubleshooting involves checking first things first. Some illustrations of complex problems which had simple solutions.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1967 (v.127#5) pg. 144

How to solve hard starting. If it isn't your battery or starter, it's ignition or fuel system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1967 (v.128#1) pg. 118

How to cure power loss during acceleration.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1967 (v.128#3) pg. 122

Simple spring tune-up adjustments to make to your spark plugs, distributor, and carburetor.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1968 (v.129#4) pg. 184

How to replace your car's ignition wiring.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1969 (v.131#1) pg. 134

How to check distributor vacuum advance on your automobile engine.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1969 (v.131#5) pg. 152

Ten clues to hidden auto ignition problems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1969 (v.132#3) pg. 182

What you can do to modify your car's ignition system for fuel economy and better performance.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1971 (v.136#4) pg. 128

Ignition timing simplified. Equipment and techniques to do it yourself.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1972 (v.137#2) pg. 116

The simple way to adjust Toyota ignition.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1972 (v.138#6) pg. 144

Car Care Guide. How to service your car's ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1973 (v.139#5) pg. S6

Build a simple pushbutton Pulse Checker for your car. Mounted under the dashboard, this very sensitive, low-voltage meter tests the resistance between ignition contact points to give a continuous average reading.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1973 (v.139#5) pg. 64

All you need to know about electronic ignition systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1974 (v.141#1) pg. 138

Car Care Guide. Servicing the ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1974 (v.141#5) pg. S28 (168+)

How to test and replace ignition cables.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1974 (v.142#1) pg. 134

How to service your ignition system and save up to $40.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1975 (v.143#3) pg. 104

How to troubleshoot and maintain your car's electronic ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1975 (v.143#4) pg. 108

PM 1975 Car Care Guide. Electrical and ignition systems: How they work and how to keep them working.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1975 (v.143#5) pg. 153

How to install an electronic ignition kit on an older car equipped with a regular ignition system. Photos show step-by-step process.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1975 (v.144#1) pg. 82

Tip on crisscrossing ignition wires to prevent crossfire.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1976 (v.145#3) pg. 54

Tip on freeing a frozen distributor housing using an oil filter wrench.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1976 (v.145#4) pg. 22

Troubleshooting electrical and ignition systems. PM 1976 Car Care Guide.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1976 (v.145#5) pg. 139

Tip on how and where to oil the distributor cam.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1976 (v.145#6) pg. 38

Tip on the need to be sure feeler gauge is clean before gapping distributor points.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1976 (v.146#1) pg. 41

All the fine points of a thorough distributor tune-up.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1976 (v.146#5) pg. 112

How to adjust ignition timing.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1976 (v.146#6) pg. 102

Tip: Plug the vacuum line to distributor vacuum advance with a golf tee when timing the engine.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1977 (v.147#1) pg. 42

Fifth Annual Car Care Guide. Part 6. Ignition & Electrical.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1977 (v.147#5) pg. 169

Tip: Proper way to remove sparkplug boot.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1977 (v.147#6) pg. 64

Tip on removing the reluctor from the shaft of a distributor in an electronic ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1977 (v.148#1) pg. 40

Tip: Proper routing of ignition wires is needed to prevent crossfiring.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1977 (v.148#2) pg. 34

What you should know about underhood sparkplug cables and ignition-system primary wiring to and from the ignition coil.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1978 (v.149#2) pg. 116

How to troubleshoot your electronic ignition system. Part 1. American Motors and Chrysler systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1978 (v.149#4) pg. 121

How to troubleshoot your electronic ignition system. Part 2. GM, Ford and International systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1978 (v.149#6) pg. 124

How to inspect and maintain electronic control ignition systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1979 (v.152#4) pg. 156

Tip: Check value of ballast resistor in breaker-point ignition systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1980 (v.153#6) pg. 52

Repairing the General Motors high energy ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1980 (v.154#3) pg. 35

Servicing Chrysler's electronic ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1980 (v.154#5) pg. 35

Troubleshooting Ford's solid state ignition system. Part 1.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1981 (v.156#1) pg. 49

Troubleshooting Ford's solid state ignition system. Part 2.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1981 (v.156#2) pg. 53

Tip on proper way to remove a stuck distributor.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1981 (v.156#4) pg. 44

Troubleshooting your car with a diagnostic oscilloscope. Use for any spark-ignition engine.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1981 (v.156#5) pg. 35

Tip: Be sure a new ignition coil is installed with the correct polarity.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1982 (v.157#2) pg. 44

Timing your engine for performance and economy.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1982 (v.158#3) pg. 35

Troubleshooting Chrysler's electronic ignition system. Part 1.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1982 (v.158#6) pg. 35

Troubleshooting Chrysler's electronic ignition system. Part 2.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1983 (v.159#1) pg. 53

How to install silicone sparkplug wires.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1983 (v.159#5) pg. 159

Tips on protecting your ignition coil, distributor and wiring harness.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1983 (v.159#5) pg. 160, 163

Tip: Need to use electrical-conductive lubricant when replacing a control module in a GM High Energy Ignition distributor.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1983 (v.160#3) pg. 20

Troubleshooting electronic ignition systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1985 (v.162#1) pg. 65

Tip: Check for "frozen" centrifugal advance weights when trying to cure spark knock problems.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jun 1986 (v.163#6) pg. 24

Performance tuning guide. All the how-to you need to get better automobile performance. Covers throttle-body injection, valve job, intake systems, oils, supercharging, tuneup, ignition, fuel injection, and installing a transmission shift kit.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1988 (v.165#5) pg. 94

Tip on replacing the ignition coil on newer electronic ignition systems without reversing the polarity.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1989 (v.166#1) pg. 28

Maintenance tips for modern electronic ignition systems.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1989 (v.166#5) pg. 176

Solving hesitation problems in automobile engines. Troubleshooting tips look at ignition timing, carburetor, fuel injection, etc.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1990 (v.167#1) pg. 101

Tip on using a beverage can pull tab as a .015" feeler gauge to set auto ignition points.
POPULAR MECHANICS Oct 1990 (v.167#10) pg. 106

Troubleshooting your electronic ignition system.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1993 (v.170#8) pg. 73

Transistor ignition. Build your own for $8.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1964 (v.184#3) pg. 106

Build your own capacitor-discharge ignition system for $25.
POPULAR SCIENCE May 1965 (v.186#5) pg. 94

ABC's of keeping your car in tune. Part 2. How to replace and adjust distributor points.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1967 (v.190#6) pg. 91

ABC's of keeping your car in tune. Part 3. How to set ignition timing.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1967 (v.191#1) pg. 115

Electronic dwell extender for your car transforms wasted dwell time into a fatter spark at higher rpm.
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1971 (v.199#4) pg. 104

Using a VOM meter to troubleshoot your car's ignition system.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1972 (v.200#6) pg. 114

Troubleshooting your car's ignition sytem. Part two of a series.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1973 (v.202#2) pg. 98

Installing a diode in your ignition circuit can stop your car from running on after the ignition switch is turned off.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1973 (v.202#6) pg. 114

Troubleshooting those new electronic ignition systems. How they work and tips for professional and amateur troubleshooting.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1973 (v.203#5) pg. 132

Auto-maintenance basics. Part 2. Distributor points.
POPULAR SCIENCE Feb 1976 (v.208#2) pg. 125

Auto-maintenance basics. Part 4. Inspecting and replacing ignition cables.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1976 (v.208#4) pg. 112

Add-on electronic ignition systems. What do they do for you and should you install one.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1976 (v.208#6) pg. 94

How to get more power and MPG by installing electronic ignition. A review of what is available in retrofit ignition systems and what they can do for an older car.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1977 (v.210#6) pg. 118

How to service your car's electronic ignition.
POPULAR SCIENCE May 1979 (v.214#5) pg. 147

Troubleshooting auto ignition systems using an ohmmeter.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1980 (v.216#1) pg. 142

Tip: How to check distributor's vacuum advance without a vacuum pump.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1980 (v.216#1) pg. 148

Tip: Check rotor on GM HEI ignition systems.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1980 (v.216#1) pg. 148

How to troubleshoot your car's electronic ignition system with a voltmeter and ohmmeter.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1980 (v.216#4) pg. 116

How to install a black box knock eliminator in your cars ignition system.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1984 (v.224#1) pg. 110

Guide to understanding and correcting preignition and detonation before knock or ping can damage your car's engine.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1985 (v.226#1) pg. 80
Added Info POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1985 (v.226#6) pg. 6

How to test an ignition coil using an ohmmeter.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jul 1987 (v.231#1) pg. 100

Tip: Check for corrosion on the high tension tower of the ignition coil.
POPULAR SCIENCE Nov 1988 (v.233#5) pg. 134

Simple test for a faulty Profile Ignition Pickup on a mid-1980s Ford.
POPULAR SCIENCE Apr 1989 (v.234#4) pg. 158

Automobile igniton substitute provides a constant power-source for the ignition coil while you troubleshoot.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Feb 1982 (v.53#2) pg. 94
Correction RADIO-ELECTRONICS May 1982 (v.53#5) pg. 36

Circuit for a high-energy ignition system is built around the Motorola MC3334 IC.
RADIO-ELECTRONICS Jun 1985 (v.56#6) pg. 86

Troubleshooting your automobile ignition system with a digital multimeter.
SCIENCE & ELECTRONICS [2] Mar-Apr 1981 (v.21#2) pg. 38

Spark miss detector lets you locate shorted spark plugs or damaged ignition cables without getting anywhere near the high voltage contacts.
SCIENCE & ELECTRONICS [2] May-Jun 1981 (v.21#3) pg. 30

Testing the ignition coil.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Dec 1963 (v.34#12) pg. 101

Adjust your car's vacuum advance (spark advance) to cut fuel waste.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Nov 1965 (v.36#11) pg. 77

Jig and technique for reshaping distorted distributor caps.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #164 Mar 1990 (v.14#8) pg. 29

Tip on proper condenser type and rating for use in an automotive ignition system.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #169 Aug 1990 (v.15#1) pg. 28

A look at the ignition phenomenon called cross fire, induction firing, or sympathetic sparks. What it is, what causes it, how to avoid it, and how it is dealt with in modern engines.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #174 Jan 1991 (v.15#6) pg. 3

Distributor work on and off an engine. (1) How to calibrate distributor advance using a distributor tester or advance timing light. (2) How to synchronize distributor points.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #174 Jan 1991 (v.15#6) pg. 7
Added Info SKINNED KNUCKLES #177 Apr 1991 (v.15#9) pg. 30

Breaker points myths and mysteries. An updated reprint of a technical article.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #174 Jan 1991 (v.15#6) pg. 16

Silver brazing. Part 4. Using silver brazing to renew distributor points.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #174 Jan 1991 (v.15#6) pg. 24

Ignition condensers. Excerpts from a Delco-Remy manual.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #177 Apr 1991 (v.15#9) pg. 17

Conventional automobile ignition systems. Primer on the basic theory. Part 1.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #181 Aug 1991 (v.16#1) pg. 3

Conventional automobile ignition systems. Part 2.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #182 Sep 1991 (v.16#2) pg. 3

Removing a stuck distributor body from a Y-block Ford or similar installation.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #188 Mar 1992 (v.16#8) pg. 27

Troubleshooting the leading causes of ignition system failure.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #194 Sep 1992 (v.17#2) pg. 3

Understanding simple ignition systems. A guide for the layman.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #195 Oct 1992 (v.17#3) pg. 26

Setting distributor cam angle (dwell) on engines fitted with a point-condenser (Kettering) ignition system.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #209 Dec 1993 (v.18#5) pg. 3
Correction SKINNED KNUCKLES #211 Feb 1994 (v.18#7) pg. 3 (Auto-Lite)
Added Info SKINNED KNUCKLES #211 Feb 1994 (v.18#7) pg. 34
Added Info SKINNED KNUCKLES #212 Mar 1994 (v.18#8) pg. 3 (Delco-Remy)

Tip on transferring ignition timer marks to the vibration balancer at the front of the engine.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #212 Mar 1994 (v.18#8) pg. 34

Troubleshooting faulty distributor caps in 1930's autos.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #220 Nov 1994 (v.19#4) pg. 28

Tip on synchronizing distributors that use dual contact points.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #224 Mar 1995 (v.19#8) pg. 20

Cars of the 1930s. Servicing ignition locks.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #227 Jun 1995 (v.19#11) pg. 24

Servicing the postwar Volkswagen Beetle. Part 10. Basics of the ignition system.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #242 Sep 1996 (v.21#2) pg. 23

Ignition coil polarity. A look at the importance of polarity and how to test coil polarity.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #246 Jan 1997 (v.21#6) pg. 5

Basics of dwell and ignition timing.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #256 Nov 1997 (v.22#4) pg. 31
Added Info SKINNED KNUCKLES #257 Dec 1997 (v.22#5) pg. 35

Chevrolet Corvair ignition system servicing.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #279 Oct 1999 (v.24#3) pg. 21

Troubleshooting Electrolocks and Mitchellocks (lockable ignition switches). Part 1. Type 5 Electrolock.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #281 Dec 1999 (v.24#5) pg. 10

Troubleshooting Electrolocks and Mitchellocks (lockable ignition switches). Part 2. Type 9, 14, and 15 Electrolocks.
SKINNED KNUCKLES #282 Jan 2000 (v.24#6) pg. 19