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Title ---------------------------- MICROCOMPUTER JOURNAL
Previous title --------------- COMPUTERCRAFT.  Dec 1993
Title changed to ----------
Ceased publication -----
Indexing notes ------------ Computer-user magazines dropped from HTDI. Other indexes covering this topic are available.

 Whole Issue No.  Volume & Issue           Issue Date           NLE Holding    Indexed   
v.1  #1Jan-Feb 1994 Orig
v.1  #2Mar-Apr 1994 Orig
v.1  #3May-Jun 1994 Orig
v.1  #4Jul-Aug 1994 Orig
v.1  #5Sep-Oct 1994 Orig
v.1  #6Nov-Dec 1994 Orig
v.2  #1Jan-Feb 1995 Orig
v.2  #2Mar-Apr 1995 Orig
v.2  #3May-Jun 1995 Orig
v.2  #4Jul-Aug 1995 Orig
v.2  #5Sep-Oct 1995 Orig