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This report is extracted from the 9000 Section (Corrections for the Record) of the 1979-1980 Edition of LATHROP REPORT ON NEWSPAPER INDEXES: An illustrated guide to published and unpublished newspaper indexes in the United States and Canada.   Either a compiler, publisher or repository indicated they were erroneously cited in another bibliography as having a newspaper index . See the INTRODUCTION for the methodology used in compiling the LATHROP REPORT

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LOCATION or PUBLISHER: Los Angeles Public Library
630 W. Fifth St
Los Angeles CA 90017
  • HARKNESS NEWSPAPER INDEX (WPA) ? CA 1850-1900 (Ireland)
  • EL CLAMOR PUBLICO Los Angeles CA 1855-1859 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS Los Angeles CA 1860-1873 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES EXPRESS Los Angeles CA 1871-1931 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES HERALD Los Angeles CA 1873-1931 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES SEMI-WEEKLY NEWS Los Angeles CA 1863-1869 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES SOUTHERN VINEYARD Los Angeles CA 1858-1860 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES STAR Los Angeles CA 1851-1864;1868-1879 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES Los Angeles CA 1881 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES TRI-WEEKLY NEWS Los Angeles CA 1865 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • SAN FRANCISCO BULLETIN San Francisco CA 1855-1929 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • SAN FRANCISCO CALL San Francisco CA 1856-1914;1927-1929 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE San Francisco CA 1865 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • VENTURA DEMOCRAT Ventura CA 1883-1915 (Brayer)(Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES HERALD EXAMINER Los Angeles CA 1970(Oct)-Current (Gwinup)
  • LOS ANGELES TIMES Los Angeles CA 1928-Current (Ireland)
NOTE:  "The list of newspaper indexes which you sent to us, with the assumption that these existed at LAPL, is based on erroneous information. All of these titles were indexed in the Harkness file, to which you also refer, with the exception of the Herald-Examiner for which no index exists. The Harkness file itself, which was a WPA project of the thirties, is not a newspaper index. It is a local history index based on the newspapers listed, with highly selective citations. In no sense it it a real index to the papers used, only items considered to be of major local historical interest were picked up. It has been of dubious value to us. The time and effort could have been much better expended in trying to make a reasonably complete index of just one local newspaper, To list the Harkness file in any bibliography of newspaper indexes would hence be inappropriate and misleading."