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xx   PAPER

Tip on using a rotary quilting mat cutter as a cutter for photo paper.
CAMERA & DARKROOM Oct 1993 (v.15#10) pg. 4

Tip: How to prevent paper from buckling when using a paper cutter.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Jul-Aug 1986 (v.8#4) pg. 7

Tip: Use "Scotch Mounting Squares" to attach a removable cutting guide to a paper cutter.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1987 (v.9#6) pg. 8

Tip on aligning photo paper for cutting in the darkroom with a paper cutter.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Jul 1989 (v.11#7) pg. 3

How to overhaul your paper cutter. Includes instructions on sharpening the blade.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1985 (v.49#1) pg. 62

Tip: Use push pins to mark cutting widths when cutting color print paper in total darkness.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1986 (v.50#6) pg. 53

Build a paper cutter/sizer for photographic paper up to 16"x20". Built-in straightedges facilitate cutting 16"x20" paper down to 8"x10" and 5"x7" sizes using a sharp utility knife.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Oct 1986 (v.15#6) pg. 74

Add a hold-down arm to your paper cutter for neat photo trimming.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1971 (v.135#1) pg. 128

How to make a multipurpose cutting board that can handle glass, cardboard, photo mats and roll paper.
POPULAR MECHANICS Sep 1973 (v.140#3) pg. 156

Make a paper guide for a paper cutter. A piece of hardwood with dowels at each end, will fit into corresponding dowel holes drilled at regular intervals in the cutter. Useful for cutting photo paper to the right size, even in dim light.
POPULAR MECHANICS Nov 1975 (v.144#5) pg. 16

How to make a paper cutter. Base is a piece of plywood with an adjustable paper guide. Pieces of aluminum angle form a cutter guide. Cutting is done by running a utility knife through the space between the aluminum angles.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1979 (v.151#4) pg. 133

Large-sheet paper cutter uses a razor blade which slides along a metal bar. The length of the bar and size of the base may be any size desired.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1968 (v.192#3) pg. 154

Make a trimmer for prints up to 24" long.
POPULAR SCIENCE Oct 1970 (v.197#4) pg. 125

Simple jig for cutting a stack of paper into smaller sizes. Based on the principle of the bookbinder's plough, a sharp chisel is used to do the cutting.
WOODWORKER Jun 1994 (v.98#6) pg. 74