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Inspecting a house: Plumbing system checklist.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1982 (v.5#8) pg. 43

Renovating a basement. Part 6. Plumbing. Tips on installing new plumbing in a basement.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Feb 1983 (v.6#5) pg. 47

Plumbing tips. (1) Replacing or mending leaky faucets. (2) Fixing faulty toilets. (3) Unblocking drains and traps. (4) Sealing leaky pipes or joints. (5) Clearing frozen pipes.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1992 (v.15#4) pg. 10

Three simple defrosting techniques for frozen water pipes.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jan 1998 (v.21#4) pg. 42
Added Info CANADIAN WORKSHOP Mar 1998 (v.21#6) pg. 8

Tip: Plumbing and wiring centers inside walls should be provided with access panels made of sheet metal.
COST CUTS May 1987 (v.4#6) pg. 4

Preventing interior water damage. Tips on installing plumbing to avoid leaks, building floors to contain leaks, shower curtains, etc.
COST CUTS Sep 1988 (v.5#8) pg. 4

Guide to easy plumbing repairs.
FAMILY CIRCLE May 15 1979 (v.92#7) pg. 145

Plumbing problems and how to handle them.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #115 Mar 1970 (v.20#2) pg. 56

How to make water supply connections.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #193 Oct 1978 (v.28#8) pg. 52

How to control water hammer in your plumbing by installing a water pressure control unit.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #201 Sep 1979 (v.29#7) pg. 109

How to handle plumbing emergencies.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #202 Oct 1979 (v.29#8) pg. 92

A collection of tips from experienced carpenters, plumbers, electricians and handymen.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #204 Dec 1979 (v.29#10) pg. 6

Troubleshooting plumbing problems. A quick reference guide to common household plumbing problems and ways to solve them without a plumber. Covers water heaters, tubs, showers, and toilet tanks.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #206 Feb 1980 (v.30#2) pg. 72

How to take things apart. Tips on working with fasteners, nails, plumbing, appliances, etc.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #222 Oct 1981 (v.31#8) pg. 68

Professional advice: How to fix plumbing breakdowns.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #245 Jan 1984 (v.34#1) pg. 80

The ten most-asked questions about home plumbing.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #269 May-Jun 1986 (v.36#5) pg. 80

Do-it-yourself plumbing is made easier with new materials and repair kits. Looks at toilet tank repair kits, flexible water supply connectors, plastic pipe, tub/shower surrounds, etc.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #273 Nov 1986 (v.36#9) pg. 34

Stopping water hammer. Some tips.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #279 May-Jun 1987 (v.37#5) pg. 88

Hydrogen peroxide is a cheap alternative for over-the-counter lime removers.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #290 Jul-Aug 1988 (v.38#6) pg. 96

Tip on draining all of your water lines and then refilling in order to quiet water hammer.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #291 Sep 1988 (v.38#7) pg. 112

Proper sequence for draining your home's water lines.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #302 Oct 1989 (v.39#9) pg. 6
Added Info FAMILY HANDYMAN #304 Jan 1990 (v.40#1) pg. 6

Tip on using Teflon tape between hot water pipes and pipe hangers to reduce noises caused by expansion and contraction of the pipes.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #350 Jul-Aug 1994 (v.44#7) pg. 68

Tips on silencing noisy water pipes.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #36 Dec 1986-Jan 1987 pg. 10

Framing with the plumber in mind. Tips to help you keep wood and nails out of the way of plumbing lines.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #49 Oct-Nov 1988 pg. 51

Tip on using a continuity tester to find which nail has punctured a waterpipe in a wall.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #56 Oct-Nov 1989 pg. 26

Tip on freezing the water inside a water line prior to cutting the line to install a fitting.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #76 Aug-Sep 1992 pg. 28

Tips on preventing frozen pipes in a vacation cabin which is not normally heated during the week.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #92 Dec 1994-Jan 1995 pg. 16

Ten common plumbing mistakes. A building inspector reviews the most frequent violations of the plumbing code.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #126 Oct-Nov 1999 pg. 70

A look at the basic special tools needed for plumbing repairs.
HANDY ANDY Sep 1978 (v.2#10) pg. 60

Plumbing noises and how to stop them.
HANDY ANDY Sep 1979 (v.3#10) pg. 95

Preventive maintenance for plumbing. 12 quick and easy fixes to avoid plumbing-related problems.
HOME MECHANIX #693 Jan 1986 (v.82) pg. 54

Stop banging water lines by installing air chambers (mufflers). Some tips.
HOME MECHANIX #703 Nov 1986 (v.82) pg. 18

How to determine if there is a lead or cadmium danger in your home and what you can do about it.
HOME MECHANIX #714 Oct 1987 (v.83) pg. 56

Plumbing secrets. 18 tips and techniques for easy, foolproof repairs.
HOME MECHANIX #753 Mar 1991 (v.87) pg. 60

How to plumb air chambers to prevent water hammer.
HOMEOWNER Jan-Feb 1984 (v.9#1) pg. 60

Tip: How to determine if household water-supply pipes are leaking underneath a concrete slab.
HOMEOWNER Mar 1984 (v.9#2) pg. 8

Coping with odd-ball plumbing problems. (1) Grumbling water heater. (2) Chattering faucets. (3). Rippling water in toilet bowl. (4) Waste backs up through a floor drain. (5) Rushing noises from a vertical drainpipe. (6) Whistling sounds when the water is running. (7) Water hammer, the pounding heard when a faucet is turned off. (8) Sewer-gas odors released by plumbing fixtures. (9) Inadequate water pressure. (10) Toilet bowl that does not fill properly. (11) Excessive water pressure. (12) Sewer gases emanating from a basement floor drain. (13) Banging in the walls.
HOMEOWNER Nov 1985 (v.10#9) pg. 61

Be your own house contractor. SPECIAL GUIDE to the PBS television series "Hometime". (1) How to work with designers, choose contractors and coordinate schedules. (2) Foundation options. (3) Framing fundamentals. (4) Mechanical systems (plumbing, heating, electrical). (5) Finishing the shell (roofing, siding, windows). (6) Energy efficiency. (7) Interior finishing. (8) Choosing & installing cabinets.
HOMEOWNER Jan-Feb 1989 (v.14#1) pg. 19
Correction HOMEOWNER Mar 1989 (v.14#2) pg. 4
Added Info HOMEOWNER Apr 1989 (v.14#3) pg. 7

How to silence plumbing noises. Installing air cushions in existing plumbing lines and anchoring pipes to eliminate rattling.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO #1 Spring 1976 (v.1#1) pg. 100

Tip shows how to end "water hammer" noise caused by the banging of water inside pipes when a faucet is turned off abruptly by installing a "T" air cushion.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Jan-Feb 1978 (v.3#1) pg. 30

Detailed information on the plumbing involved in adding a half bath in a basement.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Mar-Apr 1978 (v.3#2) pg. 56

How to plumb an add-on bathroom.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Nov-Dec 1978 (v.3#6) pg. 88

Diagrams of typical plumbing for hot and cold water supply, drainage and vent piping for a bathroom.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO May-Jun 1980 (v.5#3) pg. 38

Plumbing for a concrete slab. Here are the dimensions and precautions to take when rough-plumbing a slab for a bathroom addition.
HOMEOWNERS HOW TO Mar-Apr 1983 (v.8#2) pg. 78

Plumbing you can do. Techniques and tools.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #425 Oct 1963 (v.59) pg. 94

Guide to installing plumbing in a cottage or vacation home, including both water supply and septic system.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #484 Sep 1968 (v.64) pg. 70

Seven plumbing repairs anyone can do.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #512 Jan 1971 (v.67) pg. 84

How to install a check valve on the cold water line to your hot water heater. This will prevent warm water from backing up into low-pressure cold water lines (most likely in a well water system).
NEW SHELTER Mar 1983 (v.4#3) pg. 54
Added Info NEW SHELTER May-Jun 1983 (v.4#5) pg. 16

How to cure your pipes of "water hammer".
NEW SHELTER Sep 1983 (v.4#7) pg. 24

Tips from a plumber for avoiding common plumbing emergencies.
NEW SHELTER May-Jun 1986 (v.7#5) pg. 86

How to catalogue your house's "secret passages", the voids and tunnels inside the walls of an old house that extend through floors and simplify the stringing of wire and pipe. Includes tip on how to replace an old register with an electric outlet.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jan 1974 (v.2#1) pg. 1
Added Info OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Feb 1974 (v.2#2) pg. 2

Co-existing with old plumbing. Characteristics of old plumbing systems and ways to get the most mileage out of antique pipes.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Feb 1976 (v.4#2) pg. 1

Caring for antique plumbing fixtures.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Apr 1977 (v.5#4) pg. 39

Things you should know about old-house plumbing. How to determine the safety of plumbing in old houses.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Aug-Sep 1983 (v.11#7) pg. 133

How to back-flush a waterline to a sink.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1988 (v.16#6) pg. 16

Tips on eliminating "singing" water pipes.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1990 (v.18#5) pg. 18

Tip on using solder to simulate nickel plating on old plumbing fixtures.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Jul-Aug 1992 (v.20#4) pg. 22

Tip on preventing galvanic corrosion in plumbing pipe and fixtures.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov-Dec 1994 (v.22#7) pg. 14

Tip on how to backflush a hot-water line at a bathroom sink.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Sep-Oct 1997 (v.25#5) pg. 18

How to silence plumbing noises.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1974 (v.141#2) pg. 80

Build an air-chamber to eliminate air-lock noise (water hammer).
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1980 (v.153#4) pg. 82

Silence those noisy water pipes. How to eliminate water hammer.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jan 1984 (v.161#1) pg. 72

Tips on simple plumbing fixes for the older house.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1986 (v.163#12) pg. 46

Basic plumbing toolkit. What should be included and tips on their uses.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1990 (v.167#7) pg. 63

How to pipe water to your outdoors.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1967 (v.191#2) pg. 113

Plumbing without tears. Tips on working with local building codes and building inspectors.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jun 1983 (v.222#6) pg. 98

Features and problems of older plumbing systems. Includes instructions for working with cast-iron piping, replacing rusted pipe, quieting water hammer and installing replacement plastic piping.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Oct 1986 (v.1#2) pg. 58

Twelve ways to stop knocks in water pipes.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Sep 1964 (v.35#9) pg. 76

Tips on plumbing repairs you can do yourself.
SCIENCE & MECHANICS Feb 1971 (v.42#2) pg. 42

Tip shows a way to silence noisy water pipes using pipe strap and rubber.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #814 Apr 1997 (v.93) pg. 30

How to hire a qualified plumber.
TODAY'S HOMEOWNER #834 Apr 1999 (v.95) pg. 22

Do-It-Yourself plumbing. A basic guide to home plumbing systems and a troubleshooting chart for typical problems. Includes diagrams of typical valves and fittings.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1975 (v.31#3) pg. 34