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xx   BOAT

Tip: Using a French curve as a filleting tool when reinforcing boat seams and joints with a fillet of epoxy.
BOAT JOURNAL #74 Aug-Sep 1990 pg. 52

Practical advice on working with epoxy to repair boats, bond deck hardware, etc.
BOAT JOURNAL #79 Jun-Jul 1991 pg. 45

Fix your own boat. Seven common problems and how to deal with them. (1) Gel coat oxidation. (2) Cleaning teak. (3) Changing oil in the sterndrive lower unit. (4) Troubleshoot battery and starter system. (5) Repair osmotic blistering. (6) Increasing speed. (7) Damping engine compartment noise.
BOATING WORLD #167 Mar 2001 pg. 96

New ways to build a boat. New materials and techniques for the homebuilder.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #481 Jun 1968 (v.64) pg. 64

A review of boats you can build from kits plus a list of manufacturers and their addresses.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #545 Oct 1973 (v.69) pg. 69

Tips on building boats on a budget.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #550 Mar 1974 (v.70) pg. 62

How the new federal regulations on safety and identification affect homebuilt boats.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #551 Apr 1974 (v.70) pg. 50

How to fix a hole, gash or puncture in an aluminum boat.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #645 Feb 1982 (v.78) pg. 54

No-slip floor for your boat.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1964 (v.121#3) pg. 151

Some pointers from an expert on the pros and cons of building your own boat.
POPULAR MECHANICS Feb 1973 (v.139#2) pg. 116

A discussion of boat hulls built from Ferro-cement.
POPULAR SCIENCE Sep 1969 (v.195#3) pg. 110

Build it yourself and get twice as much boat. Names and addresses of some kit manufacturers and suggestions on building your own boat.
POPULAR SCIENCE Jan 1973 (v.202#1) pg. 78

Tip: Use polyethylene welding rod to repair cracks in plastic boat hulls and other items.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #48 Apr-May 1986 pg. 88

Samson posts. How to fabricate and install a proper samson post. This post is used for securing a tow line, securing anchor lines, and to reinforce a deck and give structural support.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #50 Aug-Sep 1986 pg. 78

Tip: Use square plugs to fill old nail holes.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #51 Oct-Nov 1986 pg. 71

Tip on patching holes in the molded nonskid surface of a deck (or some other patterned surface).
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #52 Dec 1986-Jan 1987 pg. 71

Ultralight boatbuilding. Tips on building geodesic boats consisting of a lightweight wooden framework covered with Kevlar roving and aircraft Dacron.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #56 Aug-Sep 1987 pg. 33

Getting professional results with epoxy. Part 1. Sealing and coating.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #56 Aug-Sep 1987 pg. 47
Added Info SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #57 Oct-Nov 1987 pg. 5

Building a kit boat. What is available in kits and bare hulls. Tips on building a kit sailboat.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #56 Aug-Sep 1987 pg. 50, 53

Getting professional results with epoxy. Part 2. Sanding & sheathing.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #57 Oct-Nov 1987 pg. 49

How to make and install ceilings, hull liners and insulation in a single-skin fiberglass or metal boat.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #57 Oct-Nov 1987 pg. 58

Boatbuilder's favorite tools. Lists of tools for basic and advanced boatbuilding. The application and use of 9 different hand and power tools are described.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #62 Aug-Sep 1988 pg. 40

Quick and clean rebuilding. How to fabricate a laminated molding jig inside a derelict hull. A new hull is them built over the mold. Suitable for any hull under 25-ft. Requires no knowledge of lofting nor special tools and materials.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #64 Dec 1988-Jan 1989 pg. 62

Tip on making smooth fillets for taped seam joints.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #66 Apr-May 1989 pg. 94

Kit boats for the eighties. Part 1. What is available in kit boats today.
WOODENBOAT #38 Jan-Feb 1981 pg. 84

Kit boats for the eighties. Part 2.
WOODENBOAT #39 Mar-Apr 1981 pg. 69

How to use a "jogglestick" to layout the curves and miters required when fitting a bulkhead to a boat hull.
WOODENBOAT #39 Mar-Apr 1981 pg. 106

Building the house (trunk cabin, coach roof, deckhouse,...) of a large boat.
WOODENBOAT #42 Sep-Oct 1981 pg. 53

Ceilings. Lining the inside of a hull does more than cover up rough work.
WOODENBOAT #47 Jul_Aug 1982 pg. 69

Suggested tools and materials for building a Norwegian pram.
WOODENBOAT #49 Nov-Dec 1982 pg. 32

The shipsmith's art. Turning your hand to forge work. How to make your own "sheet wye" or "boom bale".
WOODENBOAT #50 Jan-Feb 1983 pg. 46

Photos illustrate the construction of a Swampscott Dory in the shop of Sonny Hodgdon.
WOODENBOAT #51 Mar-Apr 1983 pg. 50

Photos illustrate some of the reconstruction of a burned-out hull of RONDO, a 1950s Typhoon class sloop.
WOODENBOAT #51 Mar-Apr 1983 pg. 59

Projection lofting. Use a slide projector to develop accurate, construction-size station molds for use in boatbuilding.
WOODENBOAT #51 Mar-Apr 1983 pg. 94

Lofting by numbers. A method and the formulae for reducing the yacht designer's offsets from outside of plank to inside of plank and for the determination of the true bevel at any point on the hull.
WOODENBOAT #52 May-Jun 1983 pg. 69

Restoration of Herreshoff 12.5-footers. Part 1.
WOODENBOAT #56 Jan-Feb 1984 pg. 93

Restoration of Herreshoff 12.5-footers. Part 2.
WOODENBOAT #57 Mar-Apr 1984 pg. 93

The beauty of construction models. Don't be stymied by full-size boatbuilding problems. Solve them by first building a scale model.
WOODENBOAT #66 Sep-Oct 1985 pg. 29

Leatherwork for the sailor. Looks at uses of leather aboard a traditional vessel. Includes leather selection, protection, tooling, hand sewing, etc.
WOODENBOAT #68 Jan-Feb 1986 pg. 64

Boat floorboard design and method of construction based on that once used by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co.
WOODENBOAT #75 Mar-Apr 1987 pg. 76

How to canvas a boat deck. Pros and cons of using canvas are discussed.
WOODENBOAT #75 Mar-Apr 1987 pg. 89

Looking at boat plans. Basic knowledge needed to understand and evaluate a set of boat plans.
WOODENBOAT #75 Mar-Apr 1987 pg. 111

Shellac as a boatbuilding material. Tips on using shellac as a temporary coating, sealer, adhesive, bedding compound, etc.
WOODENBOAT #76 May-Jun 1987 pg. 18

Improving the building process for peapod boats. Photo essay shows several building ideas.
WOODENBOAT #77 Jul-Aug 1987 pg. 74

The shipwright's toolbox. Acquisition, care and storage of tools for the boat owner and carpenter.
WOODENBOAT #79 Nov-Dec 1987 pg. 29

To stop a leak. Some quick and simple cures for an insidious leak in an old boat hull.
WOODENBOAT #84 Sep-Oct 1988 pg. 44

Epoxy. Where, when, and how to use it in boatbuilding.
WOODENBOAT #84 Sep-Oct 1988 pg. 49
Added Info WOODENBOAT #85 Nov-Dec 1988 pg. 6

Getting the most out of resorcinol adhesive in boatbuilding.
WOODENBOAT #84 Sep-Oct 1988 pg. 52

Casting lead keels. Making the molds and planning for a successful pour. Several designs illustrated.
WOODENBOAT #89 Jul-Aug 1989 pg. 52

Removing rusted keelbolts.
WOODENBOAT #89 Jul-Aug 1989 pg. 105
Added Info WOODENBOAT #90 Sep-Oct 1989 pg. 6

Arabol, a latex-type adhesive made from milk. Tips on its use in boatbuilding.
WOODENBOAT #91 Nov-Dec 1989 pg. 111
Added Info WOODENBOAT #93 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 9

Quick and dirty repairs for your boat. Peter Spectre shares his secrets for fixing boats using simple techniques, ordinary materials, etc.
WOODENBOAT #93 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 29
Added Info WOODENBOAT #95 Jul-Aug 1990 pg. 4

Boatbuilder, beware. Safety regulations for commercial shops which should also guide every amateur's operation.
WOODENBOAT #93 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 86

Fairing. Getting it true and smooth. How to make a long fairing batten, tips on lofting a boat at full-size, making frames, planking, etc.
WOODENBOAT #94 May-Jun 1990 pg. 29

Final fairing. The finishing touches. Epoxy-based cosmetic fairing and finishing techniques are explained.
WOODENBOAT #94 May-Jun 1990 pg. 35

Build a molded replacement for a coach roof which will result in more headroom by eliminating the need for roof beams.
WOODENBOAT #102 Sep-Oct 1991 pg. 31
Added Info WOODENBOAT #103 Nov-Dec 1991 pg. 4

Using sheetrock screws in boatbuilding. Some advice.
WOODENBOAT #105 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 119
Added Info WOODENBOAT #106 May-Jun 1992 pg. 7, 8
Added Info WOODENBOAT #109 Nov-Dec 1992 pg. 7

Refastening a boat using rivets made from copper nails.
WOODENBOAT #114 Sep-Oct 1993 pg. 78
Added Info WOODENBOAT #115 Nov-Dec 1993 pg. 9

Measuring interior joinery. Dealing with changing bevels and tricky curves.
WOODENBOAT #117 Mar-Apr 1994 pg. 61
Added Info WOODENBOAT #118 May-Jun 1994 pg. 10
Added Info WOODENBOAT #119 Jul-Aug 1994 pg. 4
Added Info WOODENBOAT #120 Sep-Oct 1994 pg. 10

Replacing the toerails on a 38-ft. sloop.
WOODENBOAT #117 Mar-Apr 1994 pg. 81

Efficient backyard boatbuilding. Advice on tools, supplies, choosing a design, setting up a workshop, etc.
WOODENBOAT #123 Mar-Apr 1995 pg. 32

Replacing a keel and centerboard trunk on a Buzzards Bay 15-class sloop is shown in photographs.
WOODENBOAT #124 May-Jun 1995 pg. 51

Rivet & rove. A description of the riveting technique used at Jack Lowther's Spittal Bridge Boatyard (Yorkshire, England).
WOODENBOAT #124 May-Jun 1995 pg. 89
Added Info WOODENBOAT #126 Sep-Oct 1995 pg. 7

Drilling long holes so that they come out at the right place. Utilizes both homemade alignment jigs and careful eyeballing. Covers such boatbuilding boring requirements as found in centerboards, keels, and shaftlogs.
WOODENBOAT #128 Jan-Feb 1996 pg. 32
Added Info WOODENBOAT #129 Mar-Apr 1996 pg. 10

Polyurethane glues for boatbuilding. Part 1. What is available in a highly water-resistant wood adhesive that is easy to use and that sets at room temperature with moderate clamping pressure.
WOODENBOAT #128 Jan-Feb 1996 pg. 85

Polyurethane glues for boatbuilding. Part 2.
WOODENBOAT #129 Mar-Apr 1996 pg. 118
Added Info WOODENBOAT #131 Jul-Aug 1996 pg. 6

Advice on using epoxies in boatbuilding and repair.
WOODENBOAT #130 May-Jun 1996 pg. 118

Building decks and houses. Modern techniques ensure integrity and longevity.
WOODENBOAT #133 Nov-Dec 1996 pg. 48

Mixing business with pleasure. How one itinerate journeyman boatbuilder outfitted a sailboat as a floating workshop. Includes a list of tools.
WOODENBOAT #143 Jul-Aug 1998 pg. 92

Sheathing a small boat with cloth and epoxy. A step-by-step guide to doing the job quickly and calmly.
WOODENBOAT #144 Sep-Oct 1998 pg. 76

What is "museum quality"? A curator looks at boat restoration. Includes advice on documenting and planning for a restoration project.
WOODENBOAT #144 Sep-Oct 1998 pg. 84

Haven 12-1/2 station molds a new way. Description of an alternative method for building station molds that utilizes a shop-built router template.
WOODENBOAT #151 Nov-Dec 1999 pg. 45