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xx   BOAT

Tips on painting the fiberglass deck of a boat using a roller.
BOAT JOURNAL #73 Jun-Jul 1990 pg. 14

Teak finishing techniques for boat trim.
BOAT JOURNAL #76 Dec 1990-Jan 1991 pg. 46

Tip on removing and replacing the decorative accent and waterline tapes found on boats.
BOATING WORLD #83 Feb-Mar 1992 pg. 113

Instructions for preparing a pattern for painting the name on the transom of a boat. Includes 20 tips on selecting paint, brushes, application, etc.
BOATING WORLD #108 Apr 1995 pg. 85

Boat paint or varnish "touch-up kit" consists of a nail-polish bottle and sandpaper.
BOATING WORLD #123 Nov 1996 pg. 79

Tips on sanding and applying fresh bottom paint to a fiberglass hull.
BOATING WORLD #148 Apr 1999 pg. 94

Twenty expert tips to help make painting your boat faster and easier.
BOATING WORLD #163 Nov 2000 pg. 99

Painting your boat name. Prepare a custom design on your computer, transfer it to a paper pattern, and paint by hand using the "paint-by-number" approach.
BOATING WORLD Apr 2002 (v.23#4) pg. 46

Step-by-step guide to refinishing the non-slip surface molded into the cockpit and deck of a fiberglass boat.
BOATING WORLD May 2002 (v.23#5) pg. 94

Advice on choosing a long-lasting finish for a sailboat mast.
FINE WOODWORKING #92 Jan-Feb 1992 pg. 28

Tips on using either tung oil or linseed oil finishes to protect teak wood on boats.
FINE WOODWORKING #98 Jan-Feb 1993 pg. 32

Tips on selecting a bottom paint for your boat.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #529 Jun 1972 (v.68) pg. 94

How to paint a fiberglass boat. Describes preparation of the surface, how to repair nicks and scratches and applying the paint.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #587 Apr 1977 (v.73) pg. 12

Basic facts on bottom paints. Tips on selection and application.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #599 Apr 1978 (v.74) pg. 32

Improvised striping tool.
POPULAR MECHANICS Aug 1963 (v.120#2) pg. 164

Painting a fiberglass boat.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1964 (v.121#5) pg. 134

How to pick the right paint for the job. All about boat finishes.
POPULAR SCIENCE Mar 1965 (v.186#3) pg. 100

Tip: Test your boat painting scheme on a projected image of your boat before you actually apply any paint.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #49 Jun-Jul 1986 pg. 94

Tip: How to paint on a non-slip finish for a boat using salt and two-part polyurethane paint.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #50 Aug-Sep 1986 pg. 86

Understanding, choosing and applying marine bottom paints.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #54 Apr-May 1987 pg. 35

Varnishing secrets. The work is in the preparation. Emphasis is on varnishing wooden boats.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #60 Apr-May 1988 pg. 41
Added Info SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #62 Aug-Sep 1988 pg. 7

Restoring deck seams. Emphasis is on achieving the straight white seams which elegantly set off a varnished mahogany deck.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #68 Aug-Sep 1989 pg. 53

Tip on sealing plywood in boat construction to keep it from checking. Tips on which plywoods are best to use.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #69 Oct-Nov 1989 pg. 16

Tips on applying boat varnish to achieve a professional-looking finish.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #69 Oct-Nov 1989 pg. 54

Painting like a pro. A master boatbuilder shares his secret to achieving a perfect finish on wood and fiberglass boats.
SMALL BOAT JOURNAL #72 Apr-May 1990 pg. 48

Looking good again. Photos and text illustrate the step-by-step process for refurbishing a 12-ft (waterline) wooden boat. Covers paint removal, scribing waterline, stripping and sanding brightwork, painting, varnishing, etc.
WOODENBOAT #40 May-Jun 1981 pg. 56

Mast protection. Tips on refinishing the mast of the larger sailboat.
WOODENBOAT #42 Sep-Oct 1981 pg. 27

The finishing touch. Talking about boat paint with the professionals. Looks at stripping, seams, sanding, priming, paints, tools, techniques, etc.
WOODENBOAT #46 May-Jun 1982 pg. 66

Quick steps to spring painting. Part 1. The hull.
WOODENBOAT #63 Mar-Apr 1985 pg. 87
Added Info WOODENBOAT #64 May-Jun 1985 pg. 4
Added Info WOODENBOAT #65 Jul-Aug 1985 pg. 6

Quick steps to spring painting. Part 2. Above the rail.
WOODENBOAT #64 May-Jun 1985 pg. 58

Hot-weather varnishing. How to varnish a boat during hot and humid weather. Tips on stripping, priming, sanding, brushing technique, types of varnish, etc.
WOODENBOAT #76 May-Jun 1987 pg. 22

Linear polyurethanes. Space-age finishes for your boat. What is available and tips on their use.
WOODENBOAT #78 Sep-Oct 1987 pg. 21

Tip on touching up the paint on "liveaboard" boats during the winter.
WOODENBOAT #80 Jan-Feb 1988 pg. 87

Rolling and tipping, the efficient painting alternative.
WOODENBOAT #81 Mar-Apr 1988 pg. 78

The art of brightwork. Part 1. Four effective methods for removing finishes from wooden boats.
WOODENBOAT #81 Mar-Apr 1988 pg. 88
Correction WOODENBOAT #82 May-Jun 1988 pg. 95

The art of brightwork. Part 2. Sanding.
WOODENBOAT #82 May-Jun 1988 pg. 88

The art of brightwork, Part 3. A professional's approach to finish application.
WOODENBOAT #83 Jul-Aug 1988 pg. 66

Painting for decoration. Eight different color schemes are shown on a variety of boats. Includes tips on selecting the design, color, color mixing, etc.
WOODENBOAT #93 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 42

Painting for longevity. Selecting and using paint as a construction technique, to prevent decay, to slow down dimensional change, etc.
WOODENBOAT #93 Mar-Apr 1990 pg. 70

Advice on improving the compatibility and adhesion between wood and paint in boats.
WOODENBOAT #98 Jan-Feb 1991 pg. 113

Name in gold, hail in black. A well-known "Yankee Painter" shows how to apply a boat's name and port of hail using a combination of gold leaf and black paint.
WOODENBOAT #99 Mar-Apr 1991 pg. 54

A lasting finish. What goes into a good paint or varnish finish for a boat, and what makes that finish last.
WOODENBOAT #99 Mar-Apr 1991 pg. 66

An update on antifouling paints. The basic types and choosing the appropriate protection for your boat.
WOODENBOAT #105 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 120

Removing boat finishes using chemical strippers. What is available and some comparison tests.
WOODENBOAT #105 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 124

What's new in bottom paints. Some advice on selection, application, removal, and cost.
WOODENBOAT #111 Mar-Apr 1993 pg. 64

Quick steps to springtime varnishing. Some thoughts and procedures for routine exterior varnishing that can help keep down the cost of annual maintenance.
WOODENBOAT #111 Mar-Apr 1993 pg. 87
Added Info WOODENBOAT #113 Jul-Aug 1993 pg. 4

The pros and cons of two-part varnishes for boats.
WOODENBOAT #117 Mar-Apr 1994 pg. 44
Added Info WOODENBOAT #119 Jul-Aug 1994 pg. 8

How not to varnish. Dispelling the myths about boat varnishing.
WOODENBOAT #135 Mar-Apr 1997 pg. 59
Added Info WOODENBOAT #137 Jul-Aug 1997 pg. 9
Added Info WOODENBOAT #138 Sep-Oct 1997 pg. 9

Removing an old finish to get down to bare wood when refinishing a boat. Various techniques viewed.
WOODENBOAT #149 Jul-Aug 1999 pg. 82

Tips on finishing a wooden boat with water-repellent preservative stain.
WOODWORKER #1034 Jan 1980 (v.84) pg. 54