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Advantages of interchangable focusing screens on SLR cameras are discussed.
CAMERA 35 Jul 1980 (v.25#7) pg. 14
Correction CAMERA 35 Sep 1980 (v.25#9) pg. 6

Positioning of a Fresnel focusing lens in large format cameras is discussed.

Non-SLR cameras. Part 1. Advantages and disadvantages of SLR and non-SLR cameras, composition, and continual viewing.

Large-format groundglass and bright screens. Explanation of the various means of "brightening" a groundglass image.

Tip: Use "Velcro" to hold focusing cloth to your view camera.
DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY Sep 1986 (v.8#5) pg. 14

Guide to problems, both big and small, that can occur with a single-lens reflex viewfinder.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1970 (v.34#4) pg. 16

Putting a corrective lens over a SLR's eyepiece can make focusing possible for people with eyesight problems.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1974 (v.38#2) pg. 100

Cleaning the viewing system of your SLR camera.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY May 1976 (v.40#5) pg. 102

Focusing cloth for view camera has a built-in fastener which keeps the cloth from falling off or getting in the way of the lens.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1979 (v.43#2) pg. 108

Make a simple magnifying view hood for a 4x5 camera from cardboard boxes and a +4 close-up lens. Will magnify the ground glass image to almost twice normal size for critical focusing.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1980 (v.44#10) pg. 113

Focus on focusing. Suggestions on when and how to use each of the SLR focusing aids (split-image rangefinder, microprism ring, outer focusing screen).
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Feb 1983 (v.47#2) pg. 78

How to adapt an old reflex finder to fit into the accessory shoe of an SLR camera.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1984 (v.48#11) pg. 88

Make a clear center spot focusing screen for your camera. Useful in high magnification photography, including photography with microscope.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1985 (v.49#3) pg. 54

All about installing brighter focusing screens in your SLR camera. Explains the impact on built-in metering systems from changing your focusing screen.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY May 1986 (v.50#5) pg. 30

Tip: Use a small camera as the "viewfinder" for a press or view camera which has to be framed and focused quickly.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1987 (v.51#1) pg. 25

Tip: Use aluminized fabric as a focusing cloth in order to reduce heat buildup.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1987 (v.51#1) pg. 34

Crop in your viewfinder for special formats. Use removable charting tape to mark your focusing screen for the special format.
MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1987 (v.51#6) pg. 45

Tip: How to select a supplementary eyepiece correction lens for camera users who wear eyeglasses.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Aug 1978 (v.7#4) pg. 124

Focusing problems with your camera may be overcome by changing your focusing screen. What is available and tips on their use.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Nov 1983 (v.12#7) pg. 97

Make this cardboard shield for the back of your 35mm camera which makes it easier for people with glasses to focus.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Feb 1984 (v.12#10) pg. 94

Understanding and using the wide variey of camera accessories. Covering winders, motor drives, motor drive accessories, data backs, interchangeable viewfinders, cable releases, tele-converters, matte boxes, in-camera multiple exposures, tripods and other camera supports.
PHOTOGRAPHIC Sep 1989 (v.18#5) pg. 48+

Make a low-level view finder for low-angle shots with 35mm.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1966 (v.58#3) pg. 68

Using a critical focusing magnifier for SLR's which can flip up out of the way for normal use.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1974 (v.74#3) pg. 32

Prevent stray light in viewfinder caused by eyeglasses by using rubber eyecup, wide-brimmed hat or a change in corrective lenses.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Nov 1981 (v.88#11) pg. 15

Tip for using a watchband spring bar to keep rubber eyecups from falling off a Minolta Maxxum camera viewfinder.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1991 (v.98#3) pg. 25

Tip on using a rubber lenshood to form a large viewfinder eyecup. Ideal for eyeglass users.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1993 (v.57#2) pg. 116

How to determine the percentage of image seen in the viewfinder of your camera compared with the actual film image.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY May 1994 (v.58#5) pg. 16

The truth about SLR viewfinders. How they work, why they differ, limitations, etc.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jun 1994 (v.58#6) pg. 40

How to clean SLR finder systems.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1995 (v.59#10) pg. 42

How to determine the exact proportions to give your viewfinder image in order to achieve a specific final print size. Includes an idea for marking your viewfinder.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Jan 1996 (v.60#1) pg. 110

Debunking the fairytale that SLR viewfinders show you what you get. How to perform a simple test to see how much image area actually is recorded on the film.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Mar 1997 (v.61#3) pg. 20

Cleaning dust and goop out of an SLR viewfinder system.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Apr 1998 (v.62#4) pg. 14

Best how-to tips for camera care. (1) Clean SLR finder system. (2) Check your focus.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1998 (v.62#10) pg. 82, 90

How to determine the differences between what you see in a camera viewfinder, what a commercial print shows, and what actually exists on the negative.
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Oct 1999 (v.63#10) pg. 91

Tip on attaching a diode laser to a Leica M3 rangefinder and using it to focus without having to look through the viewfinder. Included in an article on the Leica M3 viewfinder.
SHUTTERBUG #297 Jun 1995 (v.24#8) pg. 137

Advantages of rangefinder cameras in some types of photography is explored.
SHUTTERBUG #308 May 1996 (v.25#7) pg. 44

Finding your way. An overview of viewfinder options and some of their benefits.
SHUTTERBUG #333 Jun 1998 (v.27#8) pg. 182

Tip: Make corrective lenses for binoculars, telescope eyepieces, etc. by cutting them from old eyeglasses which have been ground to your prescription.
SKY & TELESCOPE May 1983 (v.65#5) pg. 465