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How to repair damaged porcelain. Covers selection of the proper glue, making the repair, and preventative measures.
AMERICANA May-Jun 1980 (v.8#2) pg. 28

Pouring porcelain. Introduction to casting a mold using porcelain slip. Tips on pouring, removing, cleaning, firing and finishing.
CERAMICS Mar 1994 (v.30#7) pg. 31

A five-step process for embellishing a basket with artificial fruit or flowers that have been coated with a special mixture and painted to create the effect of porcelain.
DECORATIVE ARTIST'S WORKBOOK May-Jun 1991 (v.18#3) pg. 39

Tips on firing porcelain. (1) When to switch from slow to fast firing. (2) How to avoid getting a glossy shine during firing.
DOLL CRAFTER Oct 1994 (v.10#6) pg. 20

Tips on repairing chips in porcelain enamel.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #301 Sep 1989 (v.39#8) pg. 52

Repairing chips in porcelain sinks, tubs and appliances. Use of a two-part epoxy product described.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #364 Dec 1995-Jan 1996 (v.46#1) pg. 14

Two basic methods of refinishing porcelain and vitreous china are noted.
FINE HOMEBUILDING #44 Feb-Mar 1988 pg. 10

Refinishing a porcelain bathtub. Both commercial and do-it-yourself methods are described.
HOME MECHANIX #774 Apr 1993 (v.89) pg. 26

Tip: Simulated porcelain spokes for faucet handles can be fabricated from "plumber's putty" that is painted with refrigerator touch-up enamel.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Feb 1981 (v.9#2) pg. 41

Tip: Gel-Gloss works to clean, polish old porcelain.
OLD-HOUSE JOURNAL Nov 1986 (v.14#9) pg. 416

More on lace draping. A look at likely problems when coating synthetic laces (rayon, nylon and polyester) with porcelain.
POPULAR CERAMICS #533 Jan 1994 (v.44#6) pg. 18

Porcelain greenware suitable for lace draping. Differences between wet and dry greenware.
POPULAR CERAMICS #534 Feb 1994 (v.44#7) pg. 18

The challenges faced in lace drapping 018, 06, and cone 6 porcelain dolls.
POPULAR CERAMICS #535 Mar 1994 (v.44#8) pg. 16

Cone 6 lace draping. A technique that can be used for both mending and regular lace draping. Tips on mending bisque dolls.
POPULAR CERAMICS #536 Apr 1994 (v.44#9) pg. 18

Cone 6 lace draping. A technique that can be used for both mending and regular lace draping. Tips on mending glazed dolls, the toughest mending problem there is.
POPULAR CERAMICS #537 May 1994 (v.44#10) pg. 20

Getting started with the actual process of lace draping a porcelain doll.
POPULAR CERAMICS #539 Jul 1994 (v.44#12) pg. 23

Lace draping. Using colored porcelain slip. How to test slip for the correct consistency.
POPULAR CERAMICS #540 Aug 1994 (v.45#1) pg. 22

Lace draping. Adding the underskirt and bonding the parts together.
POPULAR CERAMICS #541 Sep 1994 (v.45#2) pg. 16

Lace draping. Processing the lace. Two methods of saturating cotton lace for draping on a doll.
POPULAR CERAMICS #542 Oct 1994 (v.45#3) pg. 16

Lace draping. Pleating lace and fabricating the petticoat row.
POPULAR CERAMICS #543 Nov 1994 (v.45#4) pg. 12

Repairing chipped porcelain. Some tips.
POPULAR MECHANICS Apr 1987 (v.164#4) pg. 137