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xx   LAWN

Photo shows how to use railroad ties in a distinctive flower-bed border.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jul 1971 (v.49#7) pg. 18

How to lay out circular concrete curbs for a flower bed.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1985 (v.8#9) pg. 50

Beautify your backyard with masonry and concrete projects. Part 2. (1) Making a garden pool and waterfall. (2) Building a brick planter and garden light. (3) Building a stone wall planter/seat. (4) Laying decorative brick edgings.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #127 Jun 1971 (v.21#5) pg. 37

Save trimming time with lawnmower strips. Strips of brick, masonry, crushed stone, etc. set flush with your lawn will eliminate the need to mow grass tight against a building, wall, garden, etc.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #227 Mar 1982 (v.32#3) pg. 74

Use precut wood cedar shakes for edging around plants and flower beds.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #310 Jul-Aug 1990 (v.40#7) pg. 88

Tip on installing plastic lawn edging by pushing on the frost-heave ledge (instead of the top edge).
FAMILY HANDYMAN #352 Oct 1994 (v.44#9) pg. 55

Technique for deep shovel edging between turf areas and garden areas.
FINE GARDENING #2 Jul-Aug 1988 pg. 6

Choosing and installing professional-grade strip edgings.
FINE GARDENING #2 Jul-Aug 1988 pg. 60

Tip: Concrete patio blocks, topped with a wood frame, are used to make a permanent edging around raised beds.
FINE GARDENING #3 Sep-Oct 1988 pg. 6

Make flexible garden edging from 8" cedar boards with plastic strap stapled to the back.
FINE GARDENING #13 May-Jun 1990 pg. 10

Tip shows how to make a garden border edging from tongue-and-groove lumber that can be installed without digging trenches.
FINE GARDENING #20 Jul-Aug 1991 pg. 10
Added Info FINE GARDENING #24 Mar-Apr 1992 pg. 10

Tip suggests recycling paving fragments as garden path edgers.
FINE GARDENING #25 May-Jun 1992 pg. 10

Tip for cutting a perfect border edge in sod.
FINE GARDENING #26 Jul-Aug 1992 pg. 10

Tip shows how the reverse side of broken pieces of concrete sidewalk can make an attractive edging for raised beds.
FINE GARDENING #29 Jan-Feb 1993 pg. 8

The basics of easy, effective lawn edging using a Dutch half-moon tool and then laying a border of rocks.
FINE GARDENING #32 Jul-Aug 1993 pg. 12

Tip suggests using a pizza cutting tool for edging small areas.
FINE GARDENING #53 Jan-Feb 1997 pg. 8

Tip suggests treated 4x4s as practical edging in the garden.
FINE GARDENING #53 Jan-Feb 1997 pg. 8

Edging, more than a finishing touch. A look at materials and techniques.
FINE GARDENING #63 Sep-Oct 1998 pg. 48

Rings cut from discarded plastic garbage can recommended as way to contain roots of spreading plants.
FINE GARDENING #66 Mar-Apr 1999 pg. 12

How to build a mulch edging (frame) for trees which will last. Built of 4x4 treated wood.
FLOWER & GARDEN Jun-Jul 1981 (v.25#4) pg. 50

Tips on installing a weed barrier to keep grass from invading a garden.
GARDEN GATE #2 Apr-May 1995 pg. 4

Two tips for recycling tree and shrub prunings (1) as plant supports and (2) as a rustic edging for garden beds.
GARDEN GATE #7 Feb 1996 pg. 5

On edging. A summary of edging styles and materials, costs, tips on buying wisely and on installation.
GARDEN GATE #17 Oct 1997 pg. 32

Tip suggests burying sections of rain gutter in a trench next to a drive way and then planting it with flowers.
GARDEN GATE #19 Feb 1998 pg. 5

How to create a low-maintenance edging from gravel cement.
GARDEN GATE #25 Feb 1999 pg. 6

How to edge your lawn with mowing strips of brick, concrete or other solid material to eliminate hand clipping.
HANDY ANDY Jul 1978 (v.2#9) pg. 14

How to make brick, wood, concrete, and fiberglass garden edgings.
HANDY ANDY Sep 1980 (v.4#10) pg. 36

A word in edgewise. A primer on garden edging materials. Photos show how to install both plastic edging and brick edging.
HARROWSMITH COUNTRY LIFE #134 May-Jun 1997 (v.21) pg. 62

Tip shows how to make a wee willow fence, rustic edging for a low-growing border.
HERB COMPANION Apr-May 1993 (v.5#4) pg. 39

Ideas for edging around garden beds. Includes flue tile, flagstone, brick, etc.
HOMEOWNER Jul-Aug 1988 (v.13#6) pg. 72

Tip on using bowling balls as garden borders.
HOMEOWNER Nov 1989 (v.14#9) pg. 8

Surrounding raised bed with strip of pavers makes mowing next to the bed easier.
KITCHEN GARDEN #2 Apr-May 1996 pg. 8

Old telephone poles cut into random lengths can be used for borders around flower beds.
MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED #579 Aug 1976 (v.72) pg. 24

Tip: Concrete edging prevents weeds from growing up along fence rows.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #75 May-Jun 1982 pg. 78

Borders for the garden. Clever ways to manage the spaces between your crops. Looks at paths, mulch, edgings, etc.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #111 May-Jun 1988 pg. 102

Tip: Make sturdy landscape edging from short lengths of lumber attached to commercial aluminum or plastic lawn edging.
ORGANIC GARDENING Mar 1986 (v.33#3) pg. 20

A guide to landscape edgings. Selected plants that are neat and require minimum upkeep.
POPULAR MECHANICS Mar 1979 (v.151#3) pg. 138

Get an edge on lawn care. A crisp, attractive edging of wood or masonry can eliminate hand trimming.
POPULAR MECHANICS Jul 1985 (v.162#7) pg. 100

Make a flexible garden border system from short pieces of pressure-treated lumber.
POPULAR MECHANICS Dec 1990 (v.167#12) pg. 52

Edging your lawn four ways. Concrete blocks, corrugated steel, long hardwood strips, and short tongue and groove wood.
POPULAR SCIENCE Aug 1966 (v.189#2) pg. 145

Build a tree box to surround one or more trees. Fill the box with mulch.
PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Sep 1988 (v.3#7) pg. 70
Added Info PRACTICAL HOMEOWNER Feb 1989 (v.4#1) pg. 6

How to install edging boards around planting beds and lawns.
SUNSET Feb 1985 (v.174#2) pg. 204

When a yard needs a hard, trim edge. Mowing strips made from brick, concrete, wood and steel are viewed.
SUNSET Oct 1988 (v.181#4) pg. 199

Garden border (low fence) is made of pressure-treated pine scraps in various lengths. The resulting profile simulates a city skyline.
WORKBENCH Jun-Jul 1995 (v.51#3) pg. 24