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How to machine-embroider bath towels with logos from elegant hotels. Patterns for the following logos are included: the Hong Kong Hilton, the Plaza, the Grand Hotel, the Ritz, and the Savoy.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Nov 1975 (v.53#11) pg. 52, 99

Projects to make with your sewing machine. Includes how to machine embroider fabric.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Mar 1977 (v.55#3) pg. 98, 140

Creative machine stitchery. Techniques for imitating satin stitch, couching, needle weaving and cutwork using a sewing machine. Includes instructions for: (1) Lily napkin and bread linen, (2) Geometric cutwork napkin and bread linen, (3) Floral placemat, (4) Floral lampshade, and (5) Table runner with open areas of drawn threadwork edged with braid insets.
BETTER HOMES & GARDENS Jan 1987 (v.65#1) pg. 46

How to make decorative embroidery with a sewing machine. Six patterns are included, along with complete instructions.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS May 1977 (v.8#4) pg. 18

How to do free-needle machine stitchery. Patterns for two pictures, a house and a tree, included.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS May 1978 (v.9#4) pg. 74, 40

How to do cutwork machine embroidery.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Sep 1979 (v.10#7) pg. 86

Getting started in machine embroidery.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS Mar 1981 (v.12#2) pg. 48

Thirty-two gifts to make that are personalized with the embroidery of the name of the recipient or names of friends. Tips on hand and machine embroidery.
FAMILY CIRCLE Nov 20 1978 (v.91#13) pg. 113, 205

How to do circular embroidery on a sewing machine. Instructions for embroidering circles of metallic thread on a cocoon jacket sewn from a Vogue pattern.
LADIES HOME JOURNAL NEEDLE & CRAFT Spring-Summer 1978 (v.8#2) pg. 83, 113

How to embroider and applique using a sewing machine.
NEEDLE & THREAD May-Jun 1981 (v.1#2) pg. 5

How to do "chicken scratch" embroidery on the sewing machine.
NEEDLE & THREAD Mar-Apr 1985 (v.5#2) pg. 5

Machine zigzagging over double-pointed knitting needles (or small bamboo skewers) produces a stitch that looks like corduroy or rows of satin stitch. Cross-stitch charts are used for the pattern. A charted design for a pair of Teddy bears included. Also includes instructions for using any simple embroidery design and suggests how to use machine-embroidered bands to decorate handtowels.
NEEDLE & THREAD May-Jun 1986 (v.6#3) pg. 4

Shisha mirror embroidery to do using a zigzag stitch on a sewing machine. Small (up to 1" in diameter) mirrors are embroidered into foundation fabric and then used to decorate clothing in the style used in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.
THREADS #1 Oct-Nov 1985 pg. 63

Drawing a line with a sewing machine. A guide to free-motion embroidery for creative quilting.
THREADS #20 Dec 1988-Jan 1989 pg. 30

Automatic sewing machine embroidery. An explanation of the mechanics of stitching patterns, selecting materials and an example of using grids to create programmable motifs. Insert explains how to program the Pfaff 1473-CD machine.
THREADS #31 Oct-Nov 1990 pg. 74
Added Info THREADS #35 Jun-Jul 1991 pg. 6

Machine embroidery by the yard. How to create allover surface patterns using the decorative stitches in a computerized sewing machine.
THREADS #34 Apr-May 1991 pg. 65

Using soluble stabilizers for machine embroidery. A choice of fabrics, using the material, stitching hints and the disolving process.
THREADS #36 Aug-Sep 1991 pg. 46
Added Info THREADS #38 Dec 1991-Jan 1992 pg. 6

Animating applique. The process for adding appliqued designs in free-motion machine embroidery.
THREADS #37 Oct-Nov 1991 pg. 44

Paints, brushes and stitches. The basics of using machine embroidery as an art tool.
THREADS #38 Dec 1991-Jan 1992 pg. 75

Decorative stitching on felted fabric. How to do double-needle stitching that mimics intricate textured knitting.
THREADS #42 Aug-Sep 1992 pg. 42

Machines for heirloom sewing. A checklist of features that make delicate machine embroidery easy to achieve.
THREADS #49 Oct-Nov 1993 pg. 48
Added Info THREADS #51 Feb-Mar 1994 pg. 4

Using vanishing muslin to stabilize fabric for use during machine embroidery.
THREADS #50 Dec 1993-Jan 1994 pg. 12

Tip on using a spring needle when sewing free-motion machine embroidery without a presser foot.
THREADS #53 Jun-Jul 1994 pg. 20

The secrets of professional machine applique. An overview of equipment and techniques.
THREADS #53 Jun-Jul 1994 pg. 70

Allover machine embroidery design and techniques.
THREADS #58 Apr-May 1995 pg. 40

Hidden embroidery in every machine. A guide to using a variety of threads, needles and stitch settings to multiply the embroidery possibilities of machine stitches.
THREADS #63 Feb-Mar 1996 pg. 36
Added Info THREADS #65 Jun-Jul 1996 pg. 6

Machine-embroidery stabilizers. A helpful guide to selecting the right one.
THREADS #66 Aug-Sep 1996 pg. 63
Added Info THREADS #69 Feb-Mar 1997 pg. 6

Silk-ribbon embroidery by machine. Details stem stitch, leaf stitch, knot, cabbage rose, ruffle, bullion, three-stitch fuchsia and two-stitch lazy-daisy bullion.
THREADS #68 Dec 1996-Jan 1997 pg. 62

Introducing the circle maker sewing machine attachment. Includes description for making one. How to use one to make circles, cables, S-curves and spirals.
THREADS #72 Aug-Sep 1997 pg. 50

Cutwork for knits. How to develop a pattern and machine-embroider the edges of the cut-away spaces.
THREADS #72 Aug-Sep 1997 pg. 57

Double-take on embroidery. Technique for machine-embroidered flowers and leaves that have a sense of depth. How to create a fluffed flower center.
THREADS #76 Apr-May 1998 pg. 46

How to make mock pin-tucks with a double needle on a sewing machine to create curves, angles and motifs on all type of fabrics.
THREADS #78 Aug-Sep 1998 pg. 28
Correction THREADS #79 Oct-Nov 1998 pg. 8
Added Info THREADS #81 Feb-Mar 1999 pg. 6

A guide to embroidery machines. How to determine the kind of embroidery you want to do and some simple comparative tests.
THREADS #80 Dec 1998-Jan 1999 pg. 48
Added Info THREADS #82 Apr-May 1999 pg. 8

A design workshop for free-motion machine embroidery.
THREADS #81 Feb-Mar 1999 pg. 62

Machine-stitch Sashiko the easy way. How to sew patterns of repeated lines which are continuous, using mirror-imaging and rotating.
THREADS #82 Apr-May 1999 pg. 64