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Garden markers feature wooden shapes painted like the fruit or vegetable being marked, plus the name of the plant, both attached to a wooden stake.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP May 1987 (v.10#8) pg. 66

Garden planting sticks identify various vegetables using both profile shapes and color.
CANADIAN WORKSHOP Jun 1990 (v.13#9) pg. 36

Tip on making permanent plant markers from aluminum cans and wire coat hangers.
COUNTRYSIDE & SMALL STOCK JOURNAL May-Jun 1996 (v.80#3) pg. 43

Oak leaves, maple leaves, and acorn motifs (needlepointed on plastic canvas) are used for several home decorations. (1) Coasters and holder. (2) Plant pot cover and plant poke. (3) Welcome doorknob sign. (4) Covered brick door stop.
CRAFTS Oct 1993 (v.16#10) pg. 46, 59

Tip on making plant pokes from paint stirring sticks.
CRAFTS Apr 1995 (v.18#4) pg. 38

Trio of plant pokes to cross-stitch on brown perforated paper. (1) Don't Bug Me. (2) Ladybug. (3) Green bug.
CRAFTS Jul 1997 (v.20#7) pg. 82, 39

Garden plant pokes in six shapes (tomato, corn, pea pod, carrot, potato and name sign) to make from craft foam and dowels. A project for kids ages 6 and up.
CRAFTS Apr 1998 (v.21#4) pg. 56, 39

A trio of decorative plant pokes (bumble bee, ladybug and butterfly).
CRAFTS Aug 1998 (v.21#8) pg. 56, 39

Crocheted heart-shaped plant pokes. Red hearts are backed by 2" white Battenberg heart-shaped doilies.
CRAFTS Feb 1999 (v.22#1) pg. 68

Personalized garden. How to make a wood-carved sign with vegetables, two bunnies and your name. Also gives instructions for carving a scarecrow to set among the plants.
DECORATING & CRAFT IDEAS May 1979 (v.10#4) pg. 44

Tip shows how to make all-weather identification tags for plants.
FAMILY HANDYMAN #367 Apr 1996 (v.46#4) pg. 105

One gardener's search for the perfect plant labels and markers.
FINE GARDENING #4 Nov-Dec 1988 pg. 73

Tip on using colored yarn to mark the flower color of plants (while they are growing) for later transplanting and regrouping by color.
FINE GARDENING #13 May-Jun 1990 pg. 10

Labels and markers for your plants. Both commercial and homemade markers are described.
FINE GARDENING #13 May-Jun 1990 pg. 60

Tip describes how to use wide plastic plant ties to label plant's name, color, etc.
FINE GARDENING #20 Jul-Aug 1991 pg. 10

Tip suggests information to write on both sides of metal plant markers.
FINE GARDENING #25 May-Jun 1992 pg. 12

Tip describes how to make plant markers from stones.
FINE GARDENING #28 Nov-Dec 1992 pg. 8

How to recycle the white plastic plant labels that come with purchased plants.
FINE GARDENING #33 Sep-Oct 1993 pg. 8

Plant label ideas. (1) Vinyl mini-blind slats. (2) Plastic label tape on zinc labels. (3) Plant "scorecards" made from sections of plastic yogurt cups.
FINE GARDENING #35 Jan-Feb 1994 pg. 10

Tip on "flagging" plants that need special care.
FINE GARDENING #37 May-Jun 1994 pg. 10

Tip on making plant tags from birch bark.
FINE GARDENING #44 Jul-Aug 1995 pg. 8

Cut-up aluminum pans make inexpensive plant tags.
FINE GARDENING #47 Jan-Feb 1996 pg. 10

Tip tells how to use plastic spoons or forks as bulb markers.
FINE GARDENING #47 Jan-Feb 1996 pg. 10

Tip describes how to color-code plant tages to identify basic chores.
FINE GARDENING #48 Mar-Apr 1996 pg. 10

Tip explains how to use plastic tent stakes for plant markers.
FINE GARDENING #48 Mar-Apr 1996 pg. 10

Use allium and grape hyacinth bulbs as markers for flowering bulbs and plants that die back.
FINE GARDENING #54 Mar-Apr 1997 pg. 10

Tip shows how to make dimunitive labels for seedlings.
FINE GARDENING #56 Jul-Aug 1997 pg. 8

Making plant labels from plastic grocery bags described.
FINE GARDENING #57 Sep-Oct 1997 pg. 8

How to protect the writing on metal plant markers.
FINE GARDENING #68 Jul-Aug 1999 pg. 11

Bulb markers to make from bread-bag plastic closures.
FINE GARDENING #69 Sep-Oct 1999 pg. 8

Discarded slats from mini-blinds recommended as plant markers.
FINE GARDENING #69 Sep-Oct 1999 pg. 8

Make garden labels from aluminum clothesline wire, scrap plastic, and a Dymo or similar tape marker.
FLOWER & GARDEN Dec 1982-Jan 1983 (v.27#1) pg. 7

Tip: Labels for spring seedlings are made from paper clips and masking tape.
FLOWER & GARDEN Feb-Mar 1986 (v.30#2) pg. 14

Tip: Use excess slats of mini-blinds for plant markers.
FLOWER & GARDEN Dec 1987-Jan 1988 (v.32#1) pg. 12

Tip: Make permanent labels for plants from disposable aluminum pans.
FLOWER & GARDEN Apr-May 1988 (v.32#3) pg. 14

Tip: Use plastic knives as plant labels.
FLOWER & GARDEN Aug-Sep 1988 (v.32#5) pg. 20

The fine art of plant labels. A look at what is available commercially, some homemade options and advice on placement in the garden.
FLOWER & GARDEN May-Jun 1998 (v.42#3) pg. 40

Hand-crafted, brightly painted vegetable garden stakes. Patterns included for corn, radishes, eggplant, tomato and green pepper.
FLOWER & GARDEN [CRAFTS EDITION] Jul-Aug 1997 (v.41#4) pg. 22

The fine art of plant labels. A look at what is available commercially and ideas for homemade varieties.
FLOWER & GARDEN [CRAFTS EDITION] Mar-Apr 1998 (v.42#2) pg. 28

Birdhouse plant pokes made from small scraps of wood and craft sticks. (1) Sunflower Diner. (2) Ivy Cottage. (3) Star Lite Inn. (4) Early Bird Cafe.
FLOWER & GARDEN [CRAFTS EDITION] Mar-Apr 1998 (v.42#2) pg. 44

Tip on making plant markers from old mini-blind slats.
GARDEN GATE #4 Aug-Sep 1995 pg. 5

Suggestion on using colorful electrical wire to color-code a perennial garden.
GARDEN GATE #6 Dec 1995-Jan 1996 pg. 4

Tip for marking perennials so new spring growth can be distinguished from weeds.
GARDEN GATE #7 Feb 1996 pg. 4

How to make a waterproof plant marker from laminated photos and galvanized wire.
GARDEN GATE #13 Feb 1997 pg. 5

Garden markers, a guide to what to consider. Form and function, durability and maintenance, and cost compared.
GARDEN GATE #16 Aug 1997 pg. 36

Simple garden sign design. Tips on making them from old tools and found items and how to do professional-looking lettering.
HERB COMPANION Aug-Sep 1998 (v.10#6) pg. 56

Plastic picnic knives recommended for use as plant labels.
KITCHEN GARDEN #6 Dec 1996-Jan 1997 pg. 8

Tip on reusing wooden garden markers.
KITCHEN GARDEN #12 Dec 1997-Jan 1998 pg. 14

Tip describes an easy way to make labels for seeds and seedlings from plastic tubs.
KITCHEN GARDEN #14 Apr-May 1998 pg. 18

How to make a long-lasting row marker that will hold empty seed packets.
KITCHEN GARDENER #20 Apr-May 1999 pg. 7

"Pussycat" plant poke. A painted wooden cat, mounted on a dowel, is inserted into a flower pot for decoration.
McCALLS NEEDLEWORK & CRAFTS Jun 1987 (v.32#3) pg. 46

Vegetable garden row markers are cut from wood in the shape of various vegetables and painted with faces. Use them yourself or make them to sell. An ideal childrens project.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #69 May-Jun 1981 pg. 30

Tip: Make garden markers from scrap vinyl siding.
MOTHER EARTH NEWS #110 Mar-Apr 1988 pg. 16

Tip: Make wire clips to hold empty seed packets for use as row tags.
ORGANIC GARDENING Mar 1981 (v.28#3) pg. 22

Tip on making plant labels from aluminum pie plates and pans.
ORGANIC GARDENING Nov 1990 (v.37#8) pg. 69

Tip: Make waterproof outdoor labels from the thin aluminum found in beverage cans.
POPULAR MECHANICS May 1984 (v.161#5) pg. 60

Tip: Make labels for your plants from strips of aluminum beverage cans.
SUNSET Jun 1982 (v.168#6) pg. 207

A guide to buying or making plant labels that withstand sun, rain and wind.
SUNSET Mar 1986 (v.176#3) pg. 266

Labels to keep track of plants. Suggestions on materials for homemade labels, as well as notes on those that you can purchase.
SUNSET Feb 1989 (v.182#2) pg. 168

Make plant labels from mini-blind slats.
SUNSET Apr 1990 (v.184#4) pg. 235

Self-hardening clay cutouts attached to stiff pieces of wire are used as plant markers.
SUNSET Mar 1992 (v.188#3) pg. 130

Garden markers. Scroll sawn wooden signs show what's growing where.
WOOD MAGAZINE #114 Apr 1999 (v.16#3) pg. 62, Insert

Plant poke consists of a popsicle-stick "fence" and a yellow sun inscribed with an appropriate message.
WORKBASKET Dec 1994-Jan 1995 (v.60#2) pg. 92

Striking block for use when driving thin wooden stakes into the ground.
WORKBENCH May-Jun 1979 (v.35#3) pg. 9